Ziwe’s Journey to Icon Status: ‘Black Friend: Essays’ Redefines Celebrity Conversations

Introduction: The Unveiling of an Icon

In 2020, the mononymous comedian Ziwe burst onto the scene with her incendiary Instagram live interviews. These interviews posed questions that couldn’t be ignored, such as "How many Black friends do you have?" The format was so compelling that it caught the attention of A24, leading to a Showtime series where Ziwe continued to ask probing questions, transforming celebrities into unwittingly deep thinkers.

Provocation on a Malibu Barbie Set


On "Ziwe," the comedian delved into contentious subjects like immigration, beauty standards, and Juneteenth while seated on a Malibu Barbie–style set. With an ever-present smirk and razor-sharp wit, she managed to make even the most provocative topics entertaining and insightful.

"Black Friend: Essays": A New Journey

Amazon.com: Black Friend: Essays (Audible Audio Edition): Ziwe, Ziwe, Audible Studios: Books

Fast forward to the release of Black Friend: Essays on October 17, and we see Ziwe take a leap into uncharted territory. In this collection, Ziwe, who had previously been the undisputed captain of her own ship, shifts control into the hands of her audience, allowing them to glimpse an entirely new facet of her life.

Ziwe confesses, "I don’t love sharing anything about me, and I didn’t want it to be personal." However, in a book, there’s nowhere to hide. Through these essays, she exposes herself and her vulnerabilities, something she found to be a bitter pill to swallow.

A Glimpse into Ziwe’s World

Black Friend: Essays offers an intimate portrayal of Ziwe’s upbringing as the child of Nigerian immigrants in Massachusetts. Beyond these personal anecdotes, she traverses topics ranging from Britney Spears to affirmative action to the quirky world of WikiFeet.

The Rigorous Craft of Writing

Ziwe’s process of crafting this collection was nothing short of meticulous. She admits to being a perfectionist, sharing, "I’m really anal. I read my book literally 100 times, changing commas, changing prepositions." Why such meticulousness? Unlike a TV show, a book is permanent; there’s no room for post-production edits.

Ziwe’s Writing Aspirations

In a conversation with Vanity Fair, Ziwe sheds light on her aspiration to be an author. Writing has always been a passion, and her journey includes penning Sailor Moon fan fiction. The pandemic era marked a turning point, with Ziwe selling projects, including her book. The collection of essays came as a revelation, incorporating a level of personal introspection that surprised even the most ardent of Ziwe’s followers.

Conclusion: A New Icon Emerges

With the release of Black Friend: Essays, Ziwe redefines her identity. The provocative interviewer, the comedian, now stands before us as an author who’s unafraid to explore her own life and beliefs.

In conclusion, Ziwe’s evolution into an iconic guest and author is a testament to her unwavering dedication to authenticity and the unrelenting courage to address pressing societal issues. Her collection of essays provides an insightful journey through the mind of a boundary-pushing comedian, leaving us eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

With ‘Black Friend: Essays’, Ziwe Is Finally the Iconic Guest, and her narrative is just beginning.

Ziwe’s Candid Reflections

How did Ziwe become famous?

Ziwe’s path to fame is a multifaceted journey. She initially gained recognition by creating the YouTube comedy show "Baited with Ziwe," which later transitioned into an Instagram Live version. Her creative and provocative content on these platforms captivated audiences.

As a testament to her talent, Ziwe served as a writer on "Desus & Mero" from 2018 to 2020, contributing to the show’s success. During this period, her wit and humor shone, further solidifying her reputation.

In 2018, Ziwe also co-hosted Crooked Media’s "Hysteria" podcast, expanding her reach and establishing herself as a multifaceted entertainer. Through these various platforms and roles, Ziwe’s unique voice and fearless approach made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

What is the point of Ziwe’s show?

ZIWE, the uproarious new variety series, is the brainchild of Ziwe, a prolific writer, comedian, performer, and internet sensation. This show is a fearless concoction of musical performances, engaging interviews, celebrity appearances, and thought-provoking sketches, all with a mission to confront America’s unease with topics like race, politics, and cultural issues head-on.

The essence of ZIWE lies in challenging societal discomfort, sparking discussions, and providing a platform for candid conversations. Ziwe’s show beckons America to embrace these conversations and aspire to be an iconic guest on the journey to understanding and enlightenment.

How do you pronounce Ziwe?

The pronunciation of "Ziwe" is straightforward and phonetic: it’s pronounced as "zee-way," rhyming with "freeway." Ziwe herself, in recalling her experiences, has emphasized this simplicity. She humorously notes that people sometimes find "Ziwe" more challenging to pronounce than complex names like ‘Dostoyevsky’ and ‘Cherkovski,’ despite its straightforward phonetics.

Who is Zee Way?

Ziwe is an American satirical late-night talk show, hosted and executive produced by comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, who is based in New York City. This compelling show made its debut on May 9, 2021, airing on Showtime. Ziwe’s series has garnered attention for its incisive humor and fearless approach to addressing pertinent cultural and societal issues.

Where can I watch full episodes of Ziwe?

You can catch full episodes of ZIWE on Showtime, or you have the option to watch it on Paramount Plus. These platforms provide easy access to Ziwe’s entertaining and thought-provoking content, allowing you to enjoy the show at your convenience.

Is Ziwe still on Showtime?

No, Showtime’s late-night talk show Ziwe, hosted and executive-produced by the talented comedian and fashionista Ziwe, has been canceled by the network after two seasons. This unexpected decision, widely reported by several sources, may be linked to recent changes within the premium cable network. Unfortunately, viewers will no longer find new episodes of Ziwe on Showtime.

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