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Okay, I made a vow not to disclose anything, but some of you need to hear this type of information.

It’s not a con, however. I fully believe this will be ok.

  • Is there a chance that it will be a shit show? – Yes. Any music festival or performance you purchase tickets for carries the same risk. I can at least claim I was there if it ends up being a catastrophe. I’m prepared to pull the lever and take a chance, just like in Vegas.

  • “Having all these bands perform on the same day is mathematically impossible.” No, it is not. Many of you are fixated on the notion of the “three steps.” Have you guys ever attended events like Riot Fest, Taste of Chaos, or Warped Tour? They had many “levels,” but in reality there were really TWO stages that had been divided in half, along with a few more “small” stages. Taste of Chaos only had ONE stage, thus once the previous band finished playing, if not immediately, then the next band would get ready on the other side of the stage and begin playing. When the next band finished playing, the next one would take the stage on Riot Fest’s TWO major stages, which were divided in half (creating 4 total stages). Additionally, stages might change and more could be added or announced. You all need to relax and have faith that Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter in the globe, will sort it out. There are literally 10 months till the show. Some bands perform for 25 minutes, some for 30 to 35 minutes, and yet others for an hour. The worst that can happen is that you won’t get to see all the bands you want to see. Very reasonable if you don’t want to take that chance.

  • “Yeah but Fyre Fest?” – You mean that festival not promoted by Live Nation and held by a nobody that promised $1,400 all expenses paid villa lifestyle on a “private island” for 3 days? not the same

  • “Yeah but Astroworld?” You mean the event that was organized by the greatest asshole in the music business, who has a track record of letting supporters overrun the entrances? Think it won’t happen here again.

  • “It’s really expensive” – It is, really. My wife and I plan to make the whole trip out of it. We haven’t visited Vegas before and want to stay longer than simply the music festival. We can do such actions because we are DINKs. Due to COIVD, we have already postponed a number of trips during the last two years that would have cost at least as much. It doesn’t really give you the right to be a jerk to others who want to attend if you can’t afford to go. Be considerate. You may decide whether or not to spend the money. I personally would pay the regular GA price to see 5 of those bands in a year, so why not pay the same amount to see a bunch of other bands that I like in one day, while also going to a new city that I have never been to before?

  • “Yeah, but it isn’t refundable” None of your tickets to the show are. They can choose to do so if they please, but they aren’t going to give you a refund if your grandma died or you got sick. Their fault is not that. Do you people really think you wouldn’t get your money back if they canceled the entire thing? Doubtful. Want to avoid taking that chance? Okay, don’t purchase a ticket. Issue is resolved

  • Yes, but I went to [whatever the fuck fest] and it was horrible because people did [whatever]. – Cool. I’m sorry you had a negative experience at another event. Anecdotal situations you were a part of do not apply here.

If none of that convinces you, that’s fine. Stop going. I’m not attempting to persuade you. Don’t harass anyone who want to leave. Feel free to follow me and laugh at me if it turns out to be lame. Hell, I may even chuckle! I can at least vouch for my presence.

I get the impression that some of you are seeking for a nice conspiracy theory. Nothing makes me happier than an old-fashioned conspiracy. But without FACTS, you cannot make a statement. It doesn’t always follow that anything bad happened to you, your cousin, the baby’s mother, or your wife’s lover, and that it is thus real.


Some other fun points that were brought up:

  • “Why are you defending Live Nation?” – Let me be very clear: FUCK TICKETMASTER and FUCK LIVE NATION. But to say they don’t know how to put on a concert and that they are just winging some half-ass festival is completely asinine. I’ll say it again: To assume that Live Nation doesn’t understand how to put on a concert is foolish and untrue You don’t want to assist them, do you? For that, I am all in. I personally would find that really hard since they pretty much own the industry, but you do you.

  • “[Some band] said they weren’t aware of the event previously,” – NO. That was not the case. You are interpreting things too strongly. AAR was only surprised at the lineup. It’s likely that they were unaware of it beforehand, which is typical. Someone was asking TBS about if they knew how the sets were gonna work and they said no. Do you really believe that they would know 10 months before the performance takes place, please? No.

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