When is the starlight festival in prodigy 2022

Bits of stars fall from the sky (known as Star Shards) and occasionally a rare full star will fall from the sky. The most recent event occurred on June 5, 2019…


The Starlight Festival Returns (February 25 to March 23, 2021) – Prodigy Education.

What is the next event in Prodigy 2022?

Springfest has returned to Lamplight Town! Springfest 2022 is coming mid-April for all players. It doesn’t last forever, so make sure you log in to Prodigy to get as many rewards as you can! What exactly is Springfest?

What are all the festivals in Prodigy?


  • Starlight Festival.
  • Springfest.
  • Summerfest.
  • Pumpkinfest.
  • Winterfest.

Who is Mama star in Prodigy?


Mama Star is a trader and an NPC (Non-Playable Character) in Prodigy Math.

What do magic eggs do in Prodigy?

Springfest’s currency is the Magic Egg. The player can find them by going through Lamplight Town once every day or battling monsters around the island. The player may then return them to either the foxes or the bunnies.

When was the last Prodigy update?

10.6 2021-02-14. This release includes a few small fixes, including an update to prevent Prodigy’s dependencies from pulling in a package incompatible with Python 3.6.

How do you get the fox faction mask in Prodigy?

This headgear may be earned by visiting Town Square for the first time during Springfest. The player will obtain this mask from Don Zorro after viewing a cutscene between Don Zorro and Harriet Hood.

What is the new mythical epic in Prodigy 2022?

Mythical Epics

Name Element Release Date
Aquadile Water February 2022
Nebula Storm March 2022
Blast Star Storm April 2022
Lumanight Fire May 2022

Where is the Fox camp in Prodigy?


Fort Fox is a place on Prodigy Math’s island. The player can get there by following the flag path in Lamplight Town during Springfest.

How do you get the Starlight tuxedo in Prodigy?


Starlight Tuxedo

  • Type. Outfits.
  • Rarity. Heroic (Purple)
  • Location(s) Found. Lamplight Town.
  • Purchase for 60 Star Shards during the Starlight Festival.
  • Availability. Member-Only.
  • Level Required. N/A.

How many levels are there in the dark tower in Prodigy?

100 levels

Dark Structure – Explore all 100 levels of this enigmatic tower.

Where is Embershed in Prodigy?


Methods of Obtaining This pet can be encountered in Bonfire Spire’s Garden Getaway along with Burnewt, in the Royal Kitchen, or Volcanic Sanctum. It is also possible to develop from Infernewt.

Where is the unlit pumpkin in Prodigy?

Lamplight Town

Throughout the event, you can earn Candy Corn by: Battling monsters (these arrive as random battle rewards). Find an un-lit pumpkin in Lamplight Town daily for a chance to do battle for more Candy Corn! (Only accessible while playing from home during the tournament.)

How do you get relics in Prodigy?

Relics can be obtained as players complete quests at different locations. The range of all spells obtained from Relic Rings is one. The spells obtainable become slightly more powerful as the tiers progress. There are relics that are simple, sturdy, powerful, and old.

What is the old sock for in Prodigy?

Your feet will benefit from old socks. If you open chests or spin wheels you can get the old sock.

What do stars do in Prodigy?

Battle Stars are utilized to advance through the levels of Prodigy. They are similar to the XP (experience points) in other games, but have a unique naming.

What do starlight shards do?

In Elden Ring, Starlight Shards are a consumable item. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects, or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.

What is the Billyfoot dog in Prodigy?


Billyfoot Squirrel has no role in the Prodigy mythos and is only an Easter Egg. The community came up with the name “Billy.” Due to how “Billy” is the toy squirrel’s foot, it became known as “Billyfoot Dog”, then changed to “Billyfoot Squirrel”.

How many epic eggs can you get in Prodigy?

In Prodigy, there are nine standard Epic pets in all.

How do you get epic pets in Prodigy?

To start the quest, log in to Prodigy Math and open up your pet book in the menu bar. Then, under the Mythical Epics menu, choose your Mythical Epic quest. Each Mythical Epic has an own task. Once the quest and its tasks are complete, you can lure the Mythical Epic out and tame them in battle!

Is there an ELA Prodigy game?

Prodigy English is an ELA learning game marketed as a “life simulation” game that was published on April 20, 2022 by Prodigy Education.

Is Prodigy Math or reading?


Players in Prodigy English complete reading and writing questions to gather energy that enables their in-game character to create their own universe. In Prodigy Math, players answer math questions to help them win battles, complete quests and earn awesome rewards.

How do you get the celestial armor in Prodigy 2022?


Achieve Gold 2 in the Arena’s Arc of Light season (Harmony Island), then collect it from your mail.

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