What to make for mother’s day gift?

Make a special Mother’s Day present for Mom this year that she will adore. As you prepare Mother’s Day presents from the heart, make your own gifts and home décor or choose from our broad collection of home products at Shutterfly. It will make her feel valued and loved to know that you put a special personal addition just for her, such as a note or something that matches her home décor. Find the ideal Mother’s Day present for Mom in our selection below if you’re eager to get creative with handmade Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day is a great time to recognize all that she has done. Mothers deserve to be recognized for all of the efforts they make each and every day to ensure her family is happy and healthy, whether it is balancing her hectic life schedule and taking care of her children, keeping the house orderly, or preparing delectable handmade meals.

Why Make Handmade Gifts For Mom

Homemade presents can sometimes have a bad rap that is unjustified. Some may attempt to convince you that handmade presents appear “cheap” or “insincere,” but we know differently. She’ll appreciate it if you take the time to locate the ideal handmade present that fits your Mom’s attitude. Nothing goes better with a heartfelt Mother’s Day greeting than a handcrafted present. So, when you’re set to discover the ideal motivation for a thoughtful present, commence with our selection below.

Homemade Mother’s Day Ideas

Make one of our one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day presents from the collection below. These Mother’s Day presents are easy for all levels of crafters and enable you to exercise your artistic side. It’s simpler than ever to make a Mother’s Day present with a handmade vibe, and you can be confident that you’ll discover something mom will genuinely appreciate.

1. Make Homemade Bath Bombs

Two cream colored bath bombs featuring a tablespoon of epsom salt and a brush

After a hard day at the workplace or running chores, pamper Mom with handmade bath bubbles made of essential oils and creams to soothe her skin. She’ll enjoy relaxing in the shower while bathing in chamomile, lemongrass, or another favored fragrance to help her unwind and relieve tension.

2. Personalize Keepsake Boxes Mom Will Love

Mom you are amazing personalized keepsake box featuring a gold watch inside
Personalize a memento case that can be displayed on a cabinet, workstation, or ornamental table. Your consideration will be appreciated because she will be able to use this present to arrange and store all of her jewels, including diamond bands, wrist bracelets, memories, and special artifacts from her travels and loved ones.

3. Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts That Spice Things Up

Who says Mother’s Day themes can’t be spiced up? Make your own hot pepper oil with jalapeos or spicy chili peppers if your mother enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. She’ll be pumped! Add your mixtures to adorable vessels with labels for a final touch Mom will adore.

4. Customize a Set of Home Dinner Plate

Make a personalized supper dish for a Mother’s Day present that will warm her heart. She can boldly show it in the kitchen as wall art or use it to serve breakfast, food mixtures, or snacks for the entire family with a customized note conveying how much you love her and handmade picture.

5. Personalize Pillows with Sweet Messages and Styles

Decorative pillows featuring birds butterflies and flower designs
Personalized outdoor cushions will add a unique touch to your terrace or front entrance. These cushions are an excellent discussion starter and memento for any spring, summer, or autumn gathering. You can choose from a variety of distinctive patterns to fit your mother’s style and taste, or you can create your own to make her grin.

6. Fabric Flowers You Can Add to Anything

Fabric blossoms are not only vibrantly gorgeous, but they also last the entire year. Choose her best hues and incorporate them into a barrette, headpiece, cap, or pendant for Mom to wear in her hair on special events.

7. Make a Silhouette Brooch

silhouette brooch
Make pendants for mom with your own unique flair. Use outline forms of her children or grandkids to display at dinner gatherings and community activities, or frame them to display in her house.

8. Clean and Creative Gift Ideas for Mom

Eat well, laugh often, love much yellow placemat featuring a black and white photo of a mother and her son
Custom tablecloths add a splash of color to the dinner table while also keeping things tidy. Mom will appreciate seeing these because she will be able to quickly clear away any kind of debris. Include pictures from enjoyable family holidays, holiday festivities, or park visits to help share your story with life’s most important events.

9. Hand Molds Are a Heartfelt Memory

hand mold
This clay hand sculpture is an excellent handmade present for children to participate in. Allow your children, cousins and nephews, or grandkids to give to a present that will affect mom’s heart and bring a drop to her eye.

10. Fleece Blankets Are Wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts to Keep Her Warm

Three hanging fleece photo blankets featuring a mother grandmother and grandchildren
Snuggle up! Make a comfortable fleece blanket for Mom to envelop her with your affection and concern while keeping her toasty on cold days. Choose family pictures from a headshot shoot, a family vacation, or daily living. When your mother sees your invention, she will be overjoyed to put it to use every day.

11. So Fresh and So Clean

so fresh and so clean
Make a handmade linen spritz concoction that she’ll adore to refresh her clothes and drawers. Choose from fragrances such as lavender, mint, or eucalyptus for a wonderfully clean and soothing perfume that will help keep her relaxed on days when she may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

12. Chic Canvas Pouches to Store Her Favorite Items

chic canvas pouch
Make Mom happy by giving her her own customized cloth bag in which she can keep and arrange all of her cosmetics, chapstick, and moisturizer when she gets ready for the day. Because of its fashionable design, she can even use this present as a hand purse when running chores or meeting up with a companion, allowing her to tote fewer possessions.

13. Eco-Friendly Bags for Mom on the Move

Kitchen countertop filled with reusable grocery bags wooden cutting boards and kitchen decor displayed on the walls
These eco-friendly recyclable grocery bags are sure to become Mom’s new go-to. She’ll use it frequently to package her goods, go to the farmers’ market, or get job materials. Even on the busiest of days, she’ll be reminded of your enjoyable moments together if she has her best pictures on hand. She will also be ecologically aware.

14. Make Mom Keychains She’ll Love

Best mama ever personalized keychain featuring a couple and their son and daughter
Make customized keychains for her to keep by her side. Personalize her present by including pictures of the two of you or the family canine. And with these vibrant hues, she’ll never lose track of her keys, whether they’re for the home, her vehicle, or her workplace at work.

15. Painted Prints That Brighten Up a Space

painted print
Commemorate your year with Mom by giving her a drawn imprint or thumbprint painting that she can boldly display in her bedroom or living room from her children or grandchildren. When the grandchildren assist create these, make a note of their birthdays so she can remember the unique year she spent with them.

16. Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Like Ceramic Mugs

Pink and white we heart mom personalized ceramic mug
Give Mom a present that she will use on a daily basis: a porcelain cup that she can fill with her preferred beverage. Select an unforgettable picture of the two of you and a style that reflects her demeanor. She’ll remember you and your kindness every time she drinks her chilled chai coffee or early citrus juice.

17. Sweet Popcorn Makes a Tasty Treat

sweet popcorn
Choose Mother’s Day concepts that are heartfelt and genuine. If mom has a sugary taste, make some caramel corn or buttery popcorn and package it in a cute gift bag. She’ll love this easy-to-grab, delectable refreshment she can eat at home or on her lunch break at work.

18. Personalized Notepads

Personalized notepad with a green botanical border featuring a pink pen
Take heed! Make a notebook for Mom to use for writing gifts, notes, and unique words to friends and family. She’ll grin every time her stylus touches the paper because your picture is on the sheet. She will never have to fear about skipping an important meeting or failing to complete a job again thanks to your unique notebook. Read our step-by-step tutorial on how to make customized notepads.

19. Treat Yo’ Self (or Mom)

treat yo’ self
Allow mom to indulge herself with a leisure and grooming package. This is a present that acknowledges the affection and care she’s given to you over the years for all of the labor she’s done and continues to do. Include important self-care products such as bath salts, hand lotions, conditioner, and bubble water to help her feel refreshed throughout the day.

20. Simple Hairclips for Mom

simple hairclip
This adorable handmade Mother’s Day present can be worn for a variety of informal and formal events, such as running chores, getting coffee with a companion, or attending a charity benefit. She can use a basic floral hairclip over and over again.

21. Make Custom Hanging Artwork

hanging artwork
Using felt, shears, adhesive, and a wooden dowell, make an ornamental hanging piece. Use your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind motif for your mother’s dining room, rear corridor, or guest restroom.

22. Paper Flowers That Add Whimsy

paper flowers
Paper blossoms are inexpensive and make a lovely handmade Mother’s Day present. Arrange various hues such as pink, white, and purple. Find cheap containers for your paper blossoms at local shops and thrift stores.

23. Homemade Stamp and Card

homemade stamp and card
Make a unique letter or memento using okra and an ink paper. Use a variety of hues, such as black, pink, or green. Add these easy accents to your Mother’s Day present, note, or wrapping paper to show Mom how much you care.

24. Write Heartfelt Letters to Mom

letters to mom
Make a heartfelt present with a picture and customized note. Spend some time writing a letter that includes tales as well as sincere words about why your mother is important to you. She’ll notice the care and consideration you put into every phrase.

25. Flowers for Mom

flowers for mom
Personalize it with cut flowers, a penned message, and handmade treats like biscuits or candies. The greatest Mother’s Day presents come from the heart, the hands, and occasionally the kitchen.

Shop Related Product

Jigsaw puzzles, photo books, prints, wall art, and fleece photo blankets are all available.

26. Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts for the Garden

for the garden
A shop sign can be added to a potted plant or flowers. Mom will be grateful for the considerate addition to her customized handmade present.

27. Stylish Scarf

stylish scarf
Make a shawl that complements your mother’s style, color choices, and clothing. She’ll keep you near to her heart whenever she wears it to work, out with pals, or at home. Combine this with a cloth backpack purse she can use while shopping or running chores. She can even use the purse to store her shawl if she wants to remove it.

28. Bright Bobby Pins

bright bobby pins
This simple handmade present needs only two items: bobby pins and nail paint. Make a collection of fashionable hairpieces for Mom’s special day. Include a range of hues so she can coordinate them to different ensembles.

29. DIY Earrings

diy earrings
Make your own embroidered jewelry with your creative abilities. Include hues that complement her usual outfit or eye color. If your mother does not wear jewelry, attempt this look with bangles or chains instead.

30. As Sweet As Mom

as sweet as mom
Hand-decorate an outstanding dessert for Mom to be a darling. She’ll appreciate the additional effort you put in to get the design just perfect. Use a packaged cake mix or experiment with various recipes from the internet or your own.

31. Ombre Vases for Mom

ombre vases
Spray paint canisters create lovely floral planters in a variety of hues such as blue, pink, and yellow. Fill them with fresh spring blooms and add a customized message to the bottom for a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day memento.

32. Keepsake Boxes That Hold Her Favorite Memories

keepsake box
Make these adorable Mother’s Day presents at home with paint and white memory cases. In this convenient, hand-crafted case, Mom can keep her jewels, mementos, and trip trinkets.

33. Handmade Bookmarks

handmade bookmarks
These handmade bookmarks will bring a smile to the face of any parent who enjoys reading. Personalize it with pictures, beloved quotations, or a message to Mom.

34. Cork Containers

cork containers
Cover floral containers with cork for a new, fashionable appearance. Personalize this Mother’s Day present by pinning pictures of you and Mom together or penned messages.

35. Make DIY Hair Wraps

diy hair wrap
This handmade hair band will be cherished by your mother. She’ll want to wear it all the time, whether it’s to her reading group, yoga class, or a night out with pals.

36. Custom Photo Magnets

photo magnets
Personalize your own stickers to liven up your desk. Add a picture of each member of the family, and it will serve as a considerate recall to organize schoolwork, invoices, and other items.

37. Stylish Keychains

stylish keychain
Keychains can be designed to fit any style—retro, contemporary, or festive—using only leather and a basic clasp. Mom will appreciate this useful present that will assist her in finding her keys on those busy days.

38. Personalize Wall Art with Favorite Moments

wall art
Create a colorful wall art piece using beloved photographs, quotations, sayings, and other items. A sweet, handmade Mother’s Day present like this will make her smile every time she sees your imaginative, sincere work of art.

39. Make Mom Homemade Perfume

homemade perfume
For Mom’s special day, make a pot of handmade scent (using flowers, vegetables, or seasonings). She’ll be grateful to you when she’s getting dressed in the morning or planning a large night out.

40. Scented Soaps to Help Mom Relax

scented soaps
Homemade fragrant lotions make an ideal present for any mother. Moms deserve some rest, leisure, and relaxing in the pool because they do so much. Scent it with citrus, eucalyptus, or chamomile.

41. Family Monogram

family monogram
Create a family symbol that can be displayed inside or out. Mom will treasure how this symbolizes family and the affection you share. If it’s an outside component, make sure it’s properly sealed.

42. Simple Headbands for Her

simple headband
You can make a charming Mother’s Day necklace out of an outdated t-shirt. She can don it to perform chores, go to the gym, or just hang out at home.

43. Jewelry Organizers for Her Favorite Pieces

jewelry organizer
Make organizing her beloved earrings enjoyable by making this handmade earring organizer. Paint it in Mom’s preferred hue or with a motif. She’ll remember you every time she uses it, which could be every day!

44. Welcome Rug for the Home

welcome rug
Make a blanket for Mom that lets all visitors know they are welcome. She’ll be thrilled to show off this one-of-a-kind present. Paint the greeting lines in various languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italian, for added amusement.

45. Add Her Favorite Lyrics to Personalized Gifts

favorite lyric
Make an embroidery of a statement, quotation, or music line that will make Mom’s day. Frame your needlework with timber and paint it for added flair.

46. Gift Card Holder

gift card holder
Tired of coming up with Mother’s Day ideas? Make a gift card receptacle out of paper or cardboard and leave the rest to the store or internet retailer.

47. ‘Why I Love Mom’

why i love mom
Using this clever concept, shower Mom with words of affection and encouragement. Make a key band out of all the reasons she’s the greatest parent for you. Personalize your image with note cards, colored pencils, and stickers.

48. Power Balls

power balls
Gourmet Gab’s nut butter tea cookies are a delicious way to get on Mom’s good side. The component of affection you put to the delectable dough will let her know you care.

49. Cloth Napkins With Thoughtful Details

cloth napkins
Make washable fabric towels that complement Mom’s cooking décor. She can use these for gatherings and daily use while understanding she’s helping the earth.

50. Sweets for Mom

sweets for mom
Make handmade candies with coconut, peanut butter, or caramel filling. Choose heart-shaped molds to show Mom how much you care this Mother’s Day.

51. Stylish Glass Jars

glass jars as a great homemade mother's day gift

These lovely glass vessels can be used to store anything from fresh made products to holiday ornaments. To show your Mom how much you care, personalize one with a statement or expression she is known for.

52. Personalized Cutting Board

A cutting board as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Cutting boards are frequently neglected, but these customized presents will rapidly become the center of attention in the kitchen. They make wonderful presents for a mother who is well-known for her cooking skills. Cutting boards can also be used as ornamentation on the kitchen table.

53. Elegant Tea Towels

Tea Towel as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Tea napkins add refined ornamental accents to kitchens in any house. Personalize one or more with unique pictures or statements just for Mom.

54. Love Grows Here

Flower pot as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Is your mother a verdant thumb? Or does she enjoy growing her own plants for cooking? If so, a personalized floral container could be the perfect Mother’s Day present.

55. Make Mom Breakfast in Bed

We love you, mom! Cropped image of attractive young woman is sitting on bed at home. Top view of breakfast in bed with a children postcard on Mother's Day.

Breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day tradition. However, planning early is still necessary to ensure that you get the most out of this Mom-favorite dinner. Visit our brunch in bed ideas website for more inspiration.

56. Homemade Preserves

fresh jam and toast as a great homemade mother's day gift

Breakfast fans will appreciate homemade jams as a Mother’s Day present. Simply select her favored fruits and follow a formula to make a marmalade that will soon be consumed.

57. Personalized Trivet

Trivet as a great homemade mother's day gift.

This colorful and functional home décor piece is ideal for family meals and would make an excellent Mother’s Day present. When you customize the plate with her best pictures, your Mom will be searching for any reason to showcase it.

58. Cute Travel Mug

Travel Mug as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Is your mother always on the go or a coffee addict? Perhaps she wants a more recyclable receptacle for her everyday coffee. Whatever the cause, these personalized travel cups are guaranteed to make her happy.

59. Special Photo Cube

Photo cube as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Photo boxes look fantastic on desks and nightstands and can be filled with your best photographs of you and your mother.

60. Fresh Baked Cookies

Homemade cookies as a great homemade mother's day gift.

Nothing screams “I Love You” quite like freshly made biscuits. Make a quantity of her fave or make an assortment of various types for her to sample throughout the week (or day!)

Resources Related to Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Remember, there are hundreds of methods to express “Happy Mother’s Day”; just remember that whatever you make should originate from the heart.

Looking for more inventive Mother’s Day present ideas or DIY Mother’s Day gifts? Then check out our extra tools or take our Mom giving survey. If you’re just looking for ideas for your Mother’s Day present, check out our Mother’s Day quotations or Mother’s Day Bible passages guidelines.

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