What things should I take to a music festival?


1. Waterproof Everything

Water and Music Festivals simply seem to go together, either because of the weather or that alluring water slide.Bring a waterproof/water-resistant shoe or water sandal rather than a standard sneaker.Instead, choose something with 360-degree toe-to-heel protection, such as Chacos, Tevas, or Keens.It’s a good idea to have a second pair of comfortable/breathable shoes on hand for backup and/or hanging out at your campsite. Money, identification, and your phone are best stored in a waterproof, sealable bag.

What things should I take to a music festival?

2. Re-hydration

Let’s be honest: you’re not going to be well hydrated. To start you moving, boost your rehydration with additional vitamins and electrolytes.Nuun pills may be mixed into water, and Honey Stinger products are a delicious way to rehydrate.Walkabout sells a variety of varieties of Nuun pills as well as Honey Stinger energy chews, gel packs, and waffles.

What things should I take to a music festival?

3. Re-usable Water Bottle, Pint Cup + Accessories

Music events are becoming more environmentally friendly (yeah!). As a result, you must bring your own water bottle, pint cup, etc.There is usually a tent at the event where you can get a reusable pint cup or bring your own.There may be locations to purchase water bottles, but you’d be wise to stock up since they sell out rapidly! Hydro Flask alternatives for both are available at Walkabout Outfitter! We also sell carabiners, silicone pint glasses, and beer blankets to keep your beverages cool and your hands free between sips.

What things should I take to a music festival?

4. Quick Dry Towel

Showering is feasible during a music festival, but a tiny, packable towel that dries fast is useful!A rapid dry towel is readily rung out and dries quickly enough so you don’t have to carry about a wet towel, much alone wait for it to dry. You know we have them as well!Sea to Summit Towels are available in a variety of sizes and can hold up to three times their weight in water!

What things should I take to a music festival?

5. Hammock

If you’re not a glamper and have a camping place in a forested location, consider bringing a hammock! They’re much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and require far less time to set up and take down than a tent. Plus, if you have to park somewhere and bring all of your things in, the lighter the better! Walkabout Outfitter provides ENO hammocks in single and double nest sizes, as well as their straps (yes, they are separate) and even the rain fly to keep you dry if it rains.

What things should I take to a music festival?

6. Solar Powered Everything

No power outlets? Not a problem! Solar power has gone a long way in terms of portability, with firms like Luci light and Goal Zero (more variety of goods in-store at Walkabout) leading the way in portable solar power and producing a wide selection of products for various uses.

What things should I take to a music festival?

7. Headlamp

When you go back to camp, a headlamp might be more useful than you realize. Being able to move about and locate objects in the dark is made easier by having your hands free.Check out our headlamp choices!

What things should I take to a music festival?

8. Sun Protection

Sunny? Cloudy? It makes no difference!At a music event, SPF, hats, and sunglasses are your greatest friends! Trucker hats from companies like Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Free Fly, Duck Head, and The North Face are available at Walkabout! We also sell ecologically friendly and healthful sunblock. Do you need sunglasses? Suncloud and Smith eyewear has polarized lenses for further protection.

What things should I take to a music festival?

9. Bug Repellent

Bug prevention is almost as crucial as sun protection! There are several methods to guard against bugs: insect repellent is essential, but Exofficio BugsAway items with Insect Shield inside the fabric are also available. Insect Shield repels insects using odorless Permethrin that lasts up to 70 washes. Walkabout sells mosquito netting for hammocks, sleeping bags, and even your head!

What things should I take to a music festival?

10. Day Bag

Whether it’s a modest backpack, a sleek KAVU rope sling, or a hip pack, you’ll be grateful you have a pack that can store all you need to get through the day when your campsite seems miles away. Walkabout has a large assortment of KAVU rope bags and day packs.

What things should I take to a music festival?

11. Seat

Carrying your seats from show to stage is tiring fast unless you have a really lightweight Helinox chair. Bring a beach blanket that can be shared and simply folded up in your backpack. If you’re interested in the Helinox chairs, you can find them and Crazy Creeks at any Walkabout!

What things should I take to a music festival?

12. First Aid

This does not have to be your mother’s heavy sturdy tin case that sits in the trunk of the vehicle. Simply pack additional waterproof bandages (see suggestion #1). You’ll be walking a lot, and depending on your shoes, blisters are common.

13. Watches and Walkies

It’s unavoidable that you’ll lose mobile phone service. Bring a watch or walkie-talkies to ensure you’re always at the appropriate stage at the right moment to meet your friends.

14. Location Location Location

Don’t set your tent too close to a stage, a main walkway, or the bottom of a slope. Any pleasant feeling may be ruined by noise, dust/mud, and downhill rain flow.

15. Layer Layer Layer

While the days will be hot and humid, temperatures will undoubtedly fall in the evenings and at night. Pack accordingly so that you may wear tank tops and breezy shirts in the 80°F weather and cozy pullovers in the 40°F evenings.

What things should I take to a music festival?

We want you to be prepared for music and arts events so you can enjoy yourself.

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