What should I bring to Coachella?

Will you be attending Indio’s annual music and arts event in spring? Stay tuned to find out what Coachella basics you’ll need for an unforgettable experience. We’ll also tell you about the stuff you can’t take. Prepare to have a great, grooving time!

When I go to a festival, I want to be well prepared. Knowing I have everything I need for the festival means I’m prepared for a fantastic time. Check out the best Coachella necessities, which include anything from sunscreen to a comfy travel hammock.

Must-Have Coachella Essentials

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray

sunbum sunscreen

The sun is unavoidable given that Coachella is held in the California desert. Indio’s heat is scorching, and it can do a number on your skin if you don’t protect it.

Sun Bum is a natural, zinc-based lotion that lies on top of the skin to actively shield the sun. It’s chemical-free and lightweight, leaving your skin clean and protected.

The Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray is available for $14.99 here. Other Sun Bum sunscreens are also available.

Fun Sunglasses


As previously said, the sun shines brightly during Coachella! With a pair of unique fun sunglasses, you can keep your eyes secure.

In fact, these Goodr sunglasses are designed to keep runners’ specs from sliding as they run. This means you can dance the day away at Coachella without your sunglasses falling off.

Goodr offers a wide range of trendy and practical sunglasses. They start at $23 and can be bought here.

Ear Plugs

ear plugs

Don’t allow your eardrums suffer from the long-term repercussions of Coachella’s amazing but loud music. These earplugs may provide an excellent acoustic experience while also protecting your ears.

These concert earplugs are almost unnoticeable and quite comfortable. Because they are reusable, you only need to buy one set. The filter technology permits sound into the ear, allowing you to securely enjoy music and other noises. A convenient bag with a keychain clasp makes it simple to transport your earplugs.

EarPeace Concert Ear Plugs are available in two sizes for $29.95 here.

Hands-Free Bag

fanny pack

A hands-free bag will enable you to freely dance and interact. The Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack is so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it all day.

The body fabric, liner, and webbing are all made from 100% recycled materials, making this one of the most unusual Coachella necessities. It’s also weatherproof. The tiny hip pack includes two compartments for organization and stuffs into itself for easy storage.

The Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack is available in a variety of sizes for $29.

BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers

all natural nasal inhalers

BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers can help you feel refreshed and reenergized throughout Coachella. Being on the run may leave you exhausted, agitated, and achy.

BoomBoom inhalers make it easy to smell essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and spearmint oil. These essential oils and other natural components provide a revitalizing boost that feels fantastic!

BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers may be bought here, with a variety pack beginning at $19.95.

Stylish Rain Poncho

rain panchos

While most days in Indio are bright, don’t let the rain ruin your attire.

The fabrics used to make these Vibe rain ponchos are water-resistant and breathable. They’re long, with sleeves and a hood to keep you warm and dry. When the weather is beautiful, it also folds down small enough to put into your bag.

Vibe Reusable Rain Ponchos are available in a variety of designs for $22.97.

Easy-Pitching Tent


Rest is always in order as the night draws to a conclusion after a long day of having fun. There’s no need to go extravagant, but a basic modest tent is useful. Pop-up tents, such as the Regatta Waterproof Outdoor Tent, are great! They’re simple to transport, put up, and take down.

Tents are not permitted at Coachella, however they may be used in camping sites at night.

The Regatta Waterproof Malawi Outdoor Pop-Up Tent is available for $121.99 here.

Travel Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

In a post-pandemic world, we all know how useful hand sanitizer is. The hand sanitizer clip-ons make it simple to ensure that any bacteria are killed. Sinks might be difficult to reach immediately away during music events. It makes things so much simpler to have something clipped directly onto your bag.

PURRELL Hand Sanitizer Variety Pack (sharing is caring) is available for $14.70 here.

Shiny Body Glitter

body glitter

Is your Coachella checklist complete without body glitter? Shimmer, sparkle, and stand out from the crowd with face and body glitter.

Glitter and sparkles may be used to decorate your face, arms, or anywhere else. The iMethod Body Glitter set includes six jars of bright, iridescent cosmetic grade glitter. Dress up for Coachella!

The iMethod Body Glitter is available for $9.97 here.

Electrolyte Hydration Multiplier

liquid iv hydration multiplier

At Coachella, it’s critical to drink plenty of water. We do, after all, need it to keep our bodies running. Along with drinking water, restore electrolytes with a hydration mix, such as Liquid I.V.’s delectable Hydration Multiplier.

This replenisher promotes hydration and tastes great! It’s also excellent for you.

The Hydration Multiplier is available in a variety of tastes, including acai berry and lemon lime. Prices for 16 packets begin at $24.47.

Water Bottle Carrier

water bottle carrier

As previously said, hydration is essential! Water cannot be brought into the Coachella event, although it may be purchased there. With a water bottle carrier, you may dance and drink while keeping your hands free. Isn’t it practical?

For enhanced convenience, this Natural Life Carrier has a mobile phone pocket.

Natural Life Water Bottle Carriers are available for $20.00 here.

Outdoor Blanket

outdoor blanket

When your legs have had enough of dancing and grooving, it’s good to sit back and relax. A folding picnic blanket is a festival must-have (particularly since seats are not permitted at Coachella).

Take a seat, lay down, or socialize with your pals. There are several alternatives for fashionable, travel-friendly blankets.

This waterproof, colorful folding blanket is available for $15.99 here.

Travel Hammock

travel hammock

With a travel-friendly hammock, you can kick back and relax when you need to get off your feet. An ENO hammock is a fantastic way to unwind!

Nowadays, the hammock game is strong, and there are numerous alternatives that roll into a compact, connected bag. This function is also available on the ENO hammock. It’s also lightweight, making it simple to transport.

The ENO SingleNest Hammock is available for $49.95 here.

Essential Oil Energy Roll-On


Music festivals might be exhausting, but an energy roll-on can replenish your energy levels and keep you going ahead.

BoomBoom’s Energy Roll-On is energizing and energizing. It contains natural elements such as Japanese mint, which energizes the mind. It also relieves aches and pains caused by dancing all day. Other oils aim to improve your immune system and lift your spirits.

The BoomBoom Energy Roll-On is available for $14.95 here.

Portable Charger

portable charger

You never know when you’ll need your phone at Coachella, no matter how much fun you’re having. A portable charger will keep it charged. There are several portable chargers that are small and simple to carry. It comes in helpful when you need to charge your phone’s battery.

An Anker portable phone charger may be bought for $24.99.

Things You Can’t Bring to Coachella

Now that you’ve covered all of the Coachella basics, let’s look at some items you should leave at home.

  • Aerosol products
  • Air horns
  • Animals (service animals are allowed)
  • Audio recording devices
  • Chairs
  • Chain, including chain wallets and belts
  • Coolers
  • Professional cameras
  • Drones
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Flammables
  • Flags
  • Flashlight
  • Promotional items
  • Class, metal aluminum, or steel containers
  • Glow sticks
  • Hula hoops
  • Musical instruments
  • Kites
  • Computers
  • Laser pointers
  • Massagers
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Personal vehicles
  • Selfie sticks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • Water or toy guns
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras
  • Walkie talkies
  • Weapons

Final Thoughts

That’s everything for Coachella basics and stuff to leave at home for a great experience.

Check out 25 Essential Self Care Sunday Ideas for 2021 if you need some self-care after the event.

Related Questions

  • What can you not take to Coachella?


    1. NO Aerosol Products. Incl. Sunscreen.
    2. NO Air Horns.
    3. NO Animals. Service Animals Allowed (See ADA Page)
    4. NO Audio Recording Devices.
    5. NO AVPs, Mods, Liquid Refills for Vapes.
    6. NO Chairs. Incl. Inflatable, Folding.
    7. NO Chains. Incl. Chain Wallets.
    8. NO Coolers.
  • Should I bring a backpack to Coachella?

    When completely packed, a medium backpack should measure no more than 18″x13″x8.5″. Bags will have to fit into a box that size, similar to the method used at airports to verify the size of carry-on bags. You will not be permitted to enter the Venue if your luggage does not fit within the box.

  • Can I bring water bottles to Coachella?

    4. Consume Wisely. You are not permitted to bring your own food or drink inside the event, and what is available is both pricey and unhealthy.

  • Is it cold at Coachella at night?

    While you’ll be sweltering in the heat throughout the day, keep in mind that Coachella is in the desert, which means it’ll be freezing at night. While you may believe that the throng will keep you warm and that you’ll be fine in your tiny summer attire, you’ll wish you’d packed a jacket while you’re waiting in line to get back inside.

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