What is the best kind of bag for a concert?

Social gathering restrictions have been lifted, and music fans may now enjoy concerts once again. Attending a live music event should be a pleasant, carefree experience, and it’s a good idea to take the proper measures in concert accessorizing to guarantee you build memorable memories.



For example, if you’re traveling a long distance to attend the event, you’ll want to pack and transport the goods you’ll need for the concert in addition to your travel bags. Carrying a big luggage during a concert is not only difficult; it may also delay or prohibit you from accessing the event venue.

Because most venues have bag-size restrictions, it’s best to keep your travel bags at your hotel or safely in your secured car. Bring just a compact, lockable bag to keep your stuff safe throughout the event.

What To Look for in a Concert Bag


Concerts are generally just a couple hours long, so only bring stuff that you’ll need during that time. Items you should bring to a concert include phones, identification, cash, and credit cards.

There are a few crucial qualities to look for in a concert bag to comply with venue laws, free up your hands during the event, and keep your valuables close at hand:

  • Small size: be conscious of bag size restrictions for the event you’re going (less than 12″ by 12″ is a usual rule).
  • Security: Make certain that the bag zips, snaps, or shuts securely.
  • Transparency: Many (but not all) venues need transparent bags.

Perhaps most crucial, buy a bag that is meant to keep your belongings near to the front of your body. Concerts may be both thrilling and diverting, making it reasonably simple to misplace objects stashed in backpacks or back pockets. When it comes to keeping your belongings safe without having to carry everything in your hands, a crossbody bag is an excellent alternative.

When it comes to choosing the finest concert bag, here are three outstanding possibilities. If you’re wondering what to bring to a concert, here’s our list.

#1- Crossbody Phone Case Bag



What is the best bag for a concert?

Because your phone is one of the most important objects you’ll be carrying during a concert, a phone case that serves as a bag is a wise choice.

Keebos crossbody phone case bags are constructed of robust material and intended to suit many different phone models (both Samsung and iPhone), and they may be worn as a lanyard or a crossbody purse by concertgoers.


Phone case bags not only protect concertgoers’ phones from damage or loss, but the rear panel also has an attached wallet for cash, IDs, and credit cards. Wearing a concert crossbody purse with the wallet side against your body protects your cards.

what to bring to a concert

These phone case bags are also available in a range of hues, including black, woven red, pine green, camo green, gold, and pink. (depending on your phone model).

What is the best kind of bag for a concert?

#2- Clear Crossbody Bag

If you must carry a few additional things, keep them out of your rear pockets. Instead, you may go with a little bigger transparent crossbody purse. This bag type comes in a number of forms and may be closed with a zip or a snap to keep your stuff safe. It’s perfect for attending concerts since your valuables are always within reach.


Clear crossbody purses may be obtained on Amazon for about $20 or for approximately $200 at Kelly Wynne or other designer sites.

#3- Fanny Pack

Finally, if you don’t like having a strap on your shoulder or anything around your neck, you may wear a fanny pack to a performance. This bag style offers the same amount of protection by keeping your belongings secure on the front of your body, but it will also not move about, tangle, or hurt your neck or shoulder.

What is the best kind of bag for a concert?

For some great festival fanny pack ideas, check out this bag by xyco.

When you go to a concert, you probably expect to have a wonderful time, and losing your things to theft or damage will almost certainly sully the happy memories you wish to build. Make every effort to prepare for the event you’re attending. Before attending the event, you may wish to install a few security precautions to your phone (activating your lockscreen, downloading Find My Device, etc.).

Though bag limitations might be inconvenient, there are lots of attractive concert purses and bags that will complement your style while also keeping your belongings secure.

Take a look at our Keebo line if you’re searching for a robust, dependable concert crossbody bag to hold your phone and money! We have a variety of crossbody bags that provide concertgoers with a practical method to keep track of the stuff they need to bring with them throughout the performance.


Related Questions

  • What kind of bag to take to a concert?

    While each venue has distinct laws about the bags that may be brought inside, the general rule of thumb seems to be a transparent plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag that does not exceed 12′′ x 6′′ x 12′′.

  • Should I carry a bag to a concert?

    Each musical venue has its own bag rules (which you can read about here), but a tiny backpack ($24.90) is typically a safe idea. It’s large enough for your basics while yet leaving your hands free to dance. Having tissues and wipes on hand can come in useful if you need to clean your hands after a concert snack.

  • What are stadium approved bags?

    One big transparent bag (either a one-gallon Ziploc type bag or a 12″ by 6″ by 12″ clear bag) and a tiny clutch. The bigger transparent bag must be a standard 12″ x 6″ x 12″ clear PVC vinyl bag that can be readily searched. The one-gallon Ziploc bag is widely accessible, affordable, and simple to find.

  • Are bum bags good for concerts?

    Small waist packs come in helpful in this situation. A music festival fanny pack is the ideal accessory since it can be worn on your body at all times and most include many compartments to store all of your things. Furthermore, it is much more easy to transport than a bag.

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