What is Poway, CA known for?

Poway City History

The lovely valley of Poway (Pauwai) gets its name from the Diegueno and Luiseno Indians who lived there for hundreds of years before the Spaniards arrived. Native American traces may still be found.

As early as 1828, documents from Mission San Diego de Alcala mention the valley as “Paguay.” Although there is some debate over the meaning of “Paguay,” the most often accepted translation is “the meeting of little valleys” or “the end of the valley.”

First Settlement

The first white settler in the Poway region is said to have been Philip Crosthwaite. In 1859, he erected an adobe home and began grazing.

By 1869, there were enough residents in the valley to support a post office. Castanos Paine, whose ranch served as a staging location for stages traveling from the north and from San Diego, appealed to Washington for a position as postmaster in 1870. According to the application, there were no post offices between San Diego and San Bernardino at the time. The appointment was approved, but the Postmaster General scratched out “Paine’s Ranch” and replaced “Poway,” establishing the spelling of the name once and for all.

The valley was rich and densely inhabited in the 1880s. Families were establishing themselves on farms, developing orchards and vineyards, and cultivating grain. Dairying and beekeeping were both lucrative. Poway had a population of roughly 800 persons by 1887.

By the early 1900s, the most resilient settlers had overcome drought and transportation issues. They were well settled in their chosen valley and had found a pleasant and fulfilling existence. Poway became well-known for its outstanding peaches and vineyards. Other important items were grain and alfalfa. Poway had a population of less than 1,000 people towards the end of the nineteenth century.

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  • What is Poway famous for?

    It is dubbed “the city in the country” because it is surrounded by 4,700 acres of open space, 25 parks, and 55 miles of trails. A handful of protected areas provide excellent leisure and are favorite hiking destinations for San Diegans.

  • Is Poway CA a nice place to live?

    Poway was ranked #7 in the Best Suburbs to Live in the San Diego Area by The overall rating for the city is an A-. According to a study of Poway residents, 67% believe the city has a strong feeling of community. Another 56% said that a new resident should be aware that there is much to do in Poway with children.

  • What are people from Poway called?

    Poway, California

    • Total 47,811
    • Estimate (2019) 49,323
    • Density 1,262.14/sq mi (487.31/km)
    Demonym Powegian
  • What famous people went to Poway High School?

    Notable alumni
    Charley Hoffman is a member of the PGA Tour. Won the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in 2007, the Deutsche Bank Championship in 2010, the OHL Classic in Mayakoba in 2014, and the Valero Texas Open in 2016. Bobby Lee is a MADtv comedian/actor and the presenter of the TigerBelly and Bad Friends podcasts. Drew Wahlroos is a St. Louis Rams linebacker.

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