What is das energi festival

Das Energi Festival is a two-day music festival held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Great Saltair, a scenic site located on the outskirts of …

How old do you have to be to go to Das Energi?


Das Energi Festival is an 18+ event, you must show proper identification to enter. CLICK HERE for a list of acceptable forms of identification.

What should I wear to Das Energi?


Layers/Coats/Jackets. Because the temperature on the Salt Flats varies, be prepared for it to grow cooler at night! Layer up with hoodies or faux fur coats; if you forget to bring something, go check out the merchandise area to purchase something warm.

How many people attended Das Energi 2021?

Over 9,000 edm fans gathered beneath the lights officially filled the event’s capacity.

Where is Das Energi located?

Das Energi Festival takes place in Magna Utah’s The Saltair. A big priority is to ensure attendees have a smooth and safe travel experience to Das Energi Festival.

Can you camp at Das Energi?

Das Energi Festival does not provide on-site camping. However, RVers who want to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and booming music culture go here in droves. In Salt Lake City, Utah, there are several RV parks and campsites to select from.

Is Das Energi all ages?

VIP permits are only available to those above the age of 21. VIP passes for Das Energi 2022 include: a VIP only queue at the front gates, as well as speedy and smooth access inside the event. VIP Lounge at Synergy Station – A private VIP-only bar with relax spaces.

How many people attended Das Energi?

10,000 people

Around 10,000 people attended the enormous event to watch EDM superstars such as Kaskade, Flux Pavillion, Morgan Page, Seven Lions, Andy C, Slander, and more. The Das Energi Festival was Utah’s biggest event of the year, if not the decade.

How old do you have to be to go to a rave in California?

What is the minimum age to enter The Rave/Eagles Club? The majority of our concerts are all ages, so anybody may come. However, you must be 21 to consume alcohol. Throughout the year, a few concerts are 17+, 18+, or 21+, and those shows will be prominently listed on our calendar.

Does the rave allow Vapes?

According to state legislation, no smoking or vaping is permitted within the facility. Smoking/vaping is permitted, for those of age, in the Penthouse Lounge. NO audio or video recording devices/accessories of any kind, including GoPros. Professional photography equipment is not permitted without a tour ticket.

Can you bring pepper spray to a rave?

Prohibited Items
NO ARMS OF ANY KIND (includes pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)

How long do raves last?

Most underground parties endure one night, or around ten hours. Since raves are seen in a better light nowadays, some open-air raves can last for 24 hours. However, raves are not the same as festivals. Once you’re at a rave, you don’t stop dancing until the music stops.

What is VIP balcony at the rave?

If you’re only paying like $10-20 more than General Admission for what sounds like a VIP Balcony seat — it’s really just general admission with access to the balcony. Nothing special, nothing reserved. The good bundle is much more pricey.

How old do you have to be to go to the Rave in Milwaukee?

Tickets may be purchased at The Rave/Eagles Club box office at 24th and Wisconsin, or by calling 414-342-7283. Tickets are also available at www.eTix.com. What is the minimum age to enter The Rave/Eagles Club? The majority of our concerts are all ages, so anybody may come.

How much is parking at the Rave in Milwaukee?

$10 to $35

Parking at The Rave/Eagles Club Store. Our visitors may park just behind our building at the Rave/Eagles Club. Parking costs between $10 and $35 depending on the performance. On the day of the event, parking is not available for purchase online; however, you may contact the box office at 414-342-7283 to inquire if parking is available.

Can you take deodorant to a festival?

Is it OK for me to carry deodorant? It is strongly advised, but make sure it comes in roll on form or in a cannister which contains less than 250ml, as any aerosols over that limit will be confiscated.

What is PLUR culture?


The 9th of September, 2020. PLUR is a term commonly used by ravers and festival goers that stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Ravers have disseminated a set of ideals and a philosophy across the community.

Does EDC check your shoes?

By buying a ticket, you consent to a complete TSA-style check, which may include emptying your pockets and luggage, having all of your belongings scrutinized, a full pat-down, and potentially removing your shoes. We have the right to deny anybody entrance.

What kind of drugs are at raves?

While techno music and light displays are important components of raves, drugs such as MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), ketamine, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), Rohypnol, and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) have also grown popular.

What do bracelets at raves mean?


Kandi on the right arm are tradeable, while the left arm is not. In general, everything on the right arm is tradeable, whereas anything on the left is not. The ones on the left may be singles the person has received or have special meaning to them.

What should I bring to my first rave?


Whether it’s your first party or you’re a seasoned veteran, here are ten necessary items to pack to feel rave ready. …

Kandi. …Affordable Shoes. …Unique Clothing …Ear Plugs. …Fanny Pack / Backpack …Hydration Pack …Face Mask/Bandana …Rave Glasses

What does VIP general admission mean?

The standard general admission ticket. VIP ticket: A higher-priced ticket that offers attendees something extra and exclusive (examples include, a 1:1 meeting with a high-profile speaker, or access to a unique session).

What neighborhood is the Rave in Milwaukee?

The Rave/Eagles Club (often known as just The Rave, originally known as the Eagles Club and Central Park Athletic Club and Entertainment Center, or simply Central Park Ballroom) is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin performance venue and landmark. …
The Rave/Eagles Club.

Added to NRHP July 29, 1986

How big is the Rave in Milwaukee?


180,000 square foot

The Rave/Eagles Club is a 180,000 square foot, seven-level, live entertainment complex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The structure has eight distinct performance areas with capacities ranging from 400 to 4000 people.

Where do you park for the Rave in Milwaukee?

Nearby Parking Options

Pettibone Mansion Lot, 2051 W Wisconsin Ave. Excellent (111)…659 N 8th St. – Library Lot (801 W Wisconsin Ave). 735 W Wisconsin Ave. – Wells Fargo Center Lot (247) Excellent (329)…1075 N. 8th St. (1046 N. 9th St.) – Trinity Church Lot …Brewery Garage, 1213 N 9th St. Excellent (105) (105)

Where do you park for the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee?


The Rave/Eagles Club/The Eagles Ballroom – Map, Directions and Parking Information. To move around, use the arrow keys. Our parking lots are off of Michigan Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets directly behind The Rave / Eagles Club. Parking may be reserved in advance at eTix.com.

Do festivals check ID?

Most festivals require you to provide some type of identification. This can be used to go in and out of sight, but it may also be used to prove your age while purchasing alcohol if you are fortunate enough to appear under 25. It is best not to bring important papers such as passports or driving licenses in case they are misplaced.

Can you bring water to a festival?

While outside drinks and food may be prohibited at certain events, practically every music festival allows you to carry in a hydration pack. Carrying a water bottle is not only inconvenient, but also out of date. Begin the day with a large glass of water and continue to sip as frequently as possible throughout the day.

Can you take drink to wireless?

c) There will be no drinks, gels, or lotions allowed inside the event. Hand sanitizers and soft drinks/water in sealed containers are included. Sun cream in excess of 100ml will be prohibited.

What is Kandi at a rave?


You don’t have to spend very much time at a rave or (edm) festival to notice the brightly colored beaded bracelets, necklaces, and accessories that many ravers are wearing. These brightly colored decorations are known as kandi, and they are an important component of the rave culture.
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