What does it cost to go to Burning Man?

If you’re even somewhat interested in festivals, you’ve probably heard about Burning Man. The festival to end all festivals…

…and I can attest that this is correct. Though the word “festival” definitely does not adequately characterize Burning Man. It’s a community, an experience, an out-of-this-world transforming experience. It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Burning Man 2022 is on!

If you’re considering about going to Burning Man in 2022, the dates are official: the event will begin on Sunday, August 28 and finish on Monday, September 5. The registration deadline for main sale tickets is March 23rd, and the main sale for Burning Man 2022 tickets begins on March 30th. More details may be found here.

If those times work for you, continue reading! It’s time to start thinking about the price and logistics of attending Burning Man.

I distinctly recall being completely uninformed about what to anticipate from my first visit to Burning Man in 2017. I went into the Nevada desert with friends who had been traveling for years, but nothing they said or told me could have prepared me for what I saw.

Nothing, in my opinion, can ever really prepare you for the Burning Man experience.

Going to Burning Man, as I’m sure you’ve realized, isn’t a simple undertaking. It’s not cheap, it’s in the middle of the Nevada desert, and it’s not something you can throw together last minute (unless you’ve visited previously or have pals in the know).

For Burning Man, you need a plan.

After my first Burn in 2017, I published a Complete Guide to Attending Burning Man and The Ultimate Packing and Shopping List, but now that I’ve visited again, I’m ready to share some more information and some new tips with you.

In this video, I discuss my response at Burning Man 2017.

So let’s get stuck into the first big question.

How much does it cost to go to Burning Man?

To be honest, it depends on so many various things, and there is no “one shoe fits all.” The amount you’ll spend is determined by factors such as:

  • your accommodation choice for the week
  • how much you go to town on outfits
  • whether you’re keen for enhancing your party
  • where you’re travelling in from
  • if you have friends to stay with when you arrive at a foreign airport
  • your eating preferences

In this blog article, I’ll go through all of the expenses I spent on my journey from London to Burning Man 2019. Then you may tweak it and use your creativity to adapt it to yourself and your situation.

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