Virat Kohli’s Sudden Return: Unveiling the Mystery Amidst Anushka Sharma’s Pregnancy Rumors

Rumors are swirling once again as speculations about Anushka Sharma’s second pregnancy with Virat Kohli continue to circulate. The power couple, who first became parents in 2021, has remained tight-lipped about their personal life. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments.

1. The Pregnancy Rumors

Virat Kohli flies back to Mumbai to meet Anushka Sharma due to an emergency amid second pregnancy news

Reports have been buzzing with whispers that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are anticipating the arrival of their second child. The duo, who exchanged vows in 2017, became parents to a daughter in 2021. Their little one has always been a top priority for the couple, and they have been fiercely protective of her. While they have yet to confirm the news themselves, Hindustan Times reports that they plan to follow a similar strategy as they did during their first pregnancy—making a formal announcement at a later stage.

> The couple has even taken the unusual step of requesting the paparazzi to withhold their pictures, promising that they will reveal more in due course.

2. Virat Kohli’s Sudden Departure

Ex-IND cricketer dissects Virat Kohli

Amidst the swirling rumors, Virat Kohli made a surprising move by leaving the Indian cricket team during their preparations for an ODI warm-up match against the Netherlands at Trivandrum Domestic Airport. Instead of joining the team in Trivandrum, Kohli took a detour to Mumbai, citing a personal emergency. According to sources within the Board Of Control For Cricket (BCCI), Kohli is expected to rejoin the team on Monday.

This abrupt departure has raised eyebrows, further fueling the speculation surrounding Anushka’s rumored pregnancy. While the nature of Kohli’s personal emergency remains undisclosed, it has undoubtedly added to the intrigue.

3. Anushka’s Low-Profile Appearance

A Breakdown Of Low-Key Beauty Goddess, Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma was spotted in Mumbai on the same day but made it clear that she wanted to avoid the paparazzi’s attention. She was captured on video in her car, wearing a loose white shirt and gesturing for the photographers not to take her pictures. This unusual behavior from the usually media-friendly actress only intensifies the speculation surrounding the couple’s personal life.

4. Professional Commitments

On the professional front, Anushka Sharma recently wrapped up shooting for ‘Chakda Xpress’ but has not made any new announcements. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is gearing up for the World Cup 2023, set to begin on October 5th.

In summary, the whispers about Anushka Sharma’s second pregnancy and Virat Kohli’s sudden departure due to a personal emergency continue to intrigue fans and the media alike. While the couple remains tight-lipped, their actions and the mounting rumors keep the spotlight firmly on them. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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Amidst swirling rumors of Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy, Virat Kohli’s sudden flight to Mumbai has raised questions about the reason behind his ‘personal emergency.’ The exact nature of this emergency remains undisclosed, with both Anushka and Virat maintaining silence on the matter. Virat Kohli’s unplanned trip to Mumbai only adds to the intrigue surrounding the ongoing speculation regarding Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy.

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Why did Anushka Sharma fly to Mumbai? The renowned batsman made an unexpected journey to the city after seeking permission from the team management, citing a ‘personal emergency.’ However, the precise details of this ’emergency’ remain undisclosed. In the midst of these developments, rumors continue to swirl about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli expecting their second child.

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