Varun Sharma’s Exclusive Interview: A Journey Beyond Laughter to Thrillers and Gray Shades

In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Varun Sharma, the versatile actor known for his iconic role as Choocha in the Fukrey franchise, opened up about his journey, the bond with his Fukrey gang, the significance of box office numbers, and his aspirations to explore different genres, especially thrillers and gray shade roles.

The Fukrey Family Bond

I would love to do roles which have shades of grey,

Varun Sharma describes his Fukrey gang as a "hardcore, thick family beyond the camera." Despite shooting in extreme conditions, their camaraderie was unwavering. He explained, "Even in that much heat, we had rallies, we managed to be by each other’s side, and to have a smooth process." Their strong friendship has fans hoping for Fukrey 4, and Varun Sharma is also "manifesting it, throwing it out there in the universe."

Box Office Success: More Than Just Numbers

When asked about the importance of box office success, Varun Sharma emphasized that it’s not just about the numbers. He believes that the box office figures reflect the film’s acceptance and the strength of word-of-mouth. He said, "Box office numbers are important because you reach out to as many people, trying to entertain as much as possible, and gathering that kind of love and spreading happiness and laughter."

The Choocha Connection

Varun Sharma’s journey in the industry began with his iconic role as Choocha in "Fukrey." This character, which he describes as close to his real self, opened doors for him in the film industry. He fondly acknowledges that Choocha’s popularity paved the way for him to star in movies like "Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karoon," "Dolly Ki Doli," and "Roohi." He stated, "I’m very happy that I’m getting a chance to explore different dimensions in the same genre."

Aspirations Beyond Comedy

While Varun Sharma loves the comedy genre, he is also eager to broaden his horizons. He expressed his desire to venture into thrillers and gray shade roles, citing his fascination with these genres. He said, "The constant change is to also look out for different genres and kind of look out to do some thrillers and some gray shade roles because that’s another thing which really fascinates me."

The Impact of Fame

Reflecting on how fame has changed his life, Varun Sharma acknowledges the profound influence of "Fukrey" and Choocha on his career. He stated, "I got the films that I did after ‘Fukrey’ because of Choocha." While he enjoys exploring different dimensions within the comedy genre, he’s also excited about the prospect of delving into other genres.

In summary, Varun Sharma’s journey from Choocha to his latest success with "Fukrey 3" showcases his love for the comedy genre and his desire to explore thrillers and gray shade roles. The box office success of his movies not only represents numerical achievement but also the audience’s acceptance. As he continues to bask in the limelight, his future projects might just take him on an exciting journey into different dimensions of filmmaking.

Varun Sharma’s Transition to Multi-Dimensional Roles

Varun Sharma: ‘I Would Love To Do Roles Which Have Shades Of Grey’

Varun Sharma, renowned for his infectious smile and his iconic role as Choocha, expresses a keen interest in exploring characters with shades of grey. During a recent conversation with IANS, Varun Sharma candidly shared, “I would love to do roles which have shades of grey…"

This statement underscores the actor’s eagerness to diversify his roles and embrace the complexity of grey-shaded characters, offering a promising glimpse into his evolving career ambitions.

Does Varun Sharma want to play grey shades?

In a recent conversation with IANS, beloved actor Varun Sharma, best known for his captivating portrayal of Choocha, expressed his eagerness to delve into characters with shades of grey. He candidly stated, "I would love to do roles which have shades of grey." Varun Sharma’s aspiration to explore more complex and multi-dimensional roles signals an intriguing evolution in his career.

What movies did Varun Sharma acted in?

Between 2013 and 2015, Varun Sharma graced the silver screen in several notable films, including "Rabba Main Kya Karoon," "Warning," and "Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon." In 2015, he made a significant appearance in the blockbuster "Dilwale." Additionally, Varun Sharma reprised his role in the sequel "Fukrey Returns," released in 2017, which further solidified his presence in Indian cinema.

Who is Varun Sharma?

Varun Sharma, celebrated for his iconic portrayal of Choocha in the Fukrey film series, is currently reveling in the triumph of the third installment. With a trademark innocent smile and a knack for comedy, Varun Sharma has solidified his position as a versatile actor in the Indian film industry.

Did Varun Sharma give birth to Choocha?

Varun Sharma introduced the beloved character Choocha to the world a decade ago with his debut in the 2013 film "Fukrey." Over the course of his career, he has brought to life various memorable characters, including Sexa in "Chhichhore," Sidhu Yamatra in "Dilwale," and Kattani in "Roohi," to name a few. While receiving accolades for his diverse roles, Varun has primarily showcased his comedic prowess in the world of cinema.

What impact has Choocha had on Varun Sharma’s career aspirations?

Varun Sharma acknowledges the profound impact of the character Choocha on his career. He candidly states, "Choocha has changed my life, that character has given me everything that I have today." For the actor, the biggest challenge has been gaining audience acceptance, and remarkably, this happened with his very first film. Choocha’s popularity paved the way for a successful and thriving career in the film industry.

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