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Valentino Recreates Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Golden Globes Dress for ‘The Morning Show’: A Fashion Flashback

Drama and High Fashion Collide in ‘The Morning Show’ Season 3

Valentino Re-created Jennifer Aniston

The Morning Show, the hit TV series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, is back with its third season, and it’s more dramatic than ever. As the two central news anchors, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, navigate their high-stakes careers, the future of their network, UBA, hangs in the balance. Amidst romantic conflicts and hidden truths, it’s the high fashion in episode seven that has everyone talking.

Q1: What’s the special fashion moment in ‘The Morning Show’ Season 3?

In the episode titled "Strict Scrutiny," set to air on October 18, there’s a standout fashion scene. The outfits featured in this episode are designed by Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. Notably, Jennifer Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, dons a special custom dress created by Piccioli, inspired by the black Valentino gown she wore to the 2010 Golden Globes.

Q2: What’s the significance of this dress re-creation?

Alex Levy is attending an opulent gala in support of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s scholarship program, hosted by Valentino. It’s a fitting occasion for Aniston’s character to wear a design from the esteemed fashion house. Interestingly, the idea to re-create her 2010 Golden Globes dress came directly from Jennifer Aniston herself.

> "Jennifer thought about the dress [Pierpaolo] had designed for her in 2010, and she loved that dress so much. She thought, Why not just recreate that silhouette?" says ‘The Morning Show’ executive producer Kristin Hahn.

Q3: How does the new dress compare to the original?

The recreated design is a black, one-shoulder silk-cady dress, echoing the essence of the iconic Golden Globes gown. However, Piccioli put his creative touch on the design, adding subtle enhancements. These include pleating at the bust and more ruching at the waistline, offering a fresh perspective on this "iconic moment."

> "I had fun on set—I loved the energy, the atmosphere," says Piccioli. "Jennifer was an amazing host. She and the rest of the team were super supportive, and I felt really at ease."

In ‘The Morning Show,’ this dress not only pays homage to Jennifer Aniston’s memorable fashion moment but also highlights the intersection of high fashion and compelling storytelling.

Image Sources: Getty Images, Courtesy of Apple, Courtesy of Valentino Spa

Behind-the-Scenes of ‘The Morning Show’: Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Style

What did Jennifer Aniston wear to the 2020 Golden Globes?

Jennifer Aniston’s 2020 Golden Globes Red Carpet Look:

Jennifer Aniston made a grand entrance to the 2020 Golden Globes, setting the stage for an exciting award season. Here’s a closer look at her stunning outfit:

  • Outfit: Aniston arrived in a head-turning red carpet ensemble, earning her a place among the night’s fashion highlights.

  • Event: The star attended the prestigious 2020 Golden Globe Awards, adding a touch of glamour to the evening.

  • Showcase: Aniston showcased one of her most memorable red carpet looks, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike.

What did Jennifer Aniston wear on ‘the morning show’?

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Morning Show’ On-Set Look:

On March 10, the celebrated actress was seen on the set of the popular TV series, ‘The Morning Show.’ Here’s a breakdown of her outfit:

  • Outfit: Aniston sported a short-sleeved black overcoat, providing a glimpse of a stylish caramel turtleneck beneath. Complementing this, she donned a pair of well-structured trousers for a chic ensemble.

  • Footwear: The star completed her look with black heeled booties, adding a touch of sophistication to her on-set attire.

  • Accessories: Aniston’s outfit was accessorized with a rose gold watch and a semi-circle black leather handbag, accentuating her fashion-forward style.

What did Jennifer Lopez wear to the Golden Globes?

Jennifer Lopez’s Stunning 2020 Golden Globes Outfit:

On that Sunday evening, Jennifer Lopez, known for her role in ‘The Morning Show,’ graced the 2020 Golden Globes red carpet in a show-stopping ensemble. Here’s a glimpse of her remarkable attire:

  • Dress: Jennifer captivated onlookers in a strapless black gown featuring an elegantly ruffled bodice and an accentuating belt detail.

  • Appearance: While inside The Beverly Hilton, Lopez posed for photographers, exuding confidence in her striking outfit. She later took a front-row seat at the star-studded event, adding to the glamour of the evening.

How did Valentino recreate Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Globes dress for ‘The Morning Show’?

Valentino’s Recreation of Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Globes Dress for ‘The Morning Show’: A Modern Twist

Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, undertook the task of reimagining Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Golden Globes dress for ‘The Morning Show.’ Although the new design closely resembles the original, Piccioli infused contemporary flair into this "iconic moment" by introducing subtle modifications. These included adding delicate pleating at the bust and enhancing the waistline with more ruching. The recreation pays homage to the past while embracing the present, creating a refreshed fashion statement for the character in ‘The Morning Show.’

Who designed Jennifer Aniston’s dress in ‘The Morning Show’ episode ‘Strict Scrutiny’?

In the episode titled "Strict Scrutiny" in ‘The Morning Show,’ the remarkable outfits were brought to life by none other than Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. Among these creations was a bespoke dress specially designed for Jennifer Aniston’s character, Alex Levy. This unique dress was inspired by the black Valentino gown that Aniston had famously worn to the 2010 Golden Globes. The designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, played a pivotal role in fashioning this standout garment, contributing to the episode’s distinctive and memorable style.

Valentino Re-created Jennifer Aniston’s 2010 Golden Globes Dress …

Valentino’s Recreation of Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic 2010 Golden Globes Dress for ‘The Morning Show’

Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, took on the exciting challenge of reimagining Jennifer Aniston’s iconic 2010 Golden Globes dress for its appearance in ‘The Morning Show.’ While the new dress bears a striking resemblance to the original, Piccioli brought his creativity to the fore by making subtle yet significant adjustments. These included adding delicate pleating at the bust and introducing more ruching at the waistline. Piccioli’s fun and contemporary take on this "iconic moment" refreshes the dress for the present day, paying tribute to the past while infusing it with a modern twist.

Who wears a red Valentino?

The Story Behind the Red Valentino: Who Chooses to Wear It?

The iconic Red Valentino has graced the shoulders of models, actresses, and international celebrities. But what’s the intriguing narrative that led to its creation? Valentino, also known as Valentino Garavani, found his inspiration for this iconic fashion statement during a night out as a student in Barcelona. After attending a show at the Barcelona Opera, he spotted a woman in the crowd wearing a striking red dress that left a lasting impression on him, captivated by her perfection. This encounter sparked the inception of the legendary Red Valentino.

Does Jennifer Aniston wear sleepwear on ‘the morning show’?

Jennifer Aniston’s Character in Sleepwear on ‘The Morning Show’: A Style Highlight

In the initial three episodes of ‘The Morning Show,’ sleepwear has been a notable feature. Jennifer Aniston’s character makes a striking statement in the very first episode, adorning striped pajamas akin to designs like the striped cotton-voile pajama set and the striped silk-charmeuse pyjama shirt paired with matching striped silk-charmeuse pyjama trousers. Sleepwear takes the spotlight, adding a distinct touch to her character’s style in the series.

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