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Unveiling the Visual Extravaganza: PhotoVogue’s September 2023 ‘Pic of the Day’ Collection

Capturing Beauty, Emotion, and Connection through Photography

PhotoVogue’s ‘Pic of the Day’ is a daily celebration of the extraordinary power of photography to capture moments of sheer beauty, raw emotion, and profound human connection. In this article, we delve into what makes PhotoVogue’s September 2023 Collection so special and how you can be a part of this global platform that showcases talented photographers from around the world.

What is ‘Pic of the Day’?

Pic of the Day: A Month in Pictures, PhotoVogue

‘Pic of the Day’ is a daily feature curated by a team of photography experts. It spotlights a unique image captured by a talented photographer, offering a glimpse into the diverse and ever-evolving world of visual storytelling. These photographs showcase the work of both emerging talents and established photographers, making it a true celebration of creativity.

Diversity in Visual Storytelling

PhotoVogue is deeply committed to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives through photography. In a world where visuals speak volumes, they believe that every photograph tells a story. By featuring a wide range of photographers, they capture unique narratives that resonate with a global audience.


Have a passion for photography? Want your work to reach a worldwide audience? PhotoVogue offers you a chance to shine. By submitting your work to PhotoVogue, you stand a chance to be featured as the next ‘Pic of the Day,’ ‘Best of PhotoVogue,’ or in other exciting categories. It’s an opportunity to gain recognition and exposure on a grand scale.

Submission is the Key

PhotoVogue Open Call – THE CURATOR SHIP

To submit your work to PhotoVogue, simply visit their website and follow the straightforward submission guidelines. Your photographs could be the next ones to grace the ‘Pic of the Day’ spot, inspiring others with your unique vision.

> "Photography is a powerful tool for storytelling. Your lens can capture the world in ways words sometimes can’t." – PhotoVogue

Stay Updated

Vogue To Host Photo Expo With AI Images, Infuriating Photographers

Don’t miss out on any captivating moments. Follow PhotoVogue on Instagram and stay tuned for daily doses of visual inspiration.

A Month in Pictures – September 2023

And finally, if you’re curious to see the entire collection of September 2023’s ‘Pics of the Day’ and delve into the world of visual storytelling, you can explore more in the ‘A Month in Pictures’ series.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the world of Pic of the Day: A Month in Pictures, PhotoVogue’s September 2023 Collection. Join the global community of photographers and enthusiasts, and let your lens capture stories that speak to the world.

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How do you get on PhotoVogue?

How to Contribute

To get your work featured on PhotoVogue, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an Account: Start by creating an account on our platform. Fill out the account form, and upon approval from our Editorial staff, you’ll gain access to start uploading your captivating photos.

  2. Choose Your Photo: PhotoVogue welcomes all photographic genres and subject matter. Select the photo that best represents your unique vision and storytelling.

  3. Submit Weekly: Keep the momentum going by submitting your work regularly. Consistent submissions increase your chances of being recognized in our ‘Pic of the Day’ and ‘Best of PhotoVogue’ categories.

Getting your photography showcased on PhotoVogue is a rewarding journey. Join our global community of talented photographers and share your visual stories with the world.

Does Vogue accept submissions?

Yes, Vogue welcomes submissions from photographers worldwide. Your best submissions have the chance to be featured online and/or in print across various Vogue editions globally. Furthermore, selected artists may be offered collaboration opportunities for editorials, both online and in print. The most exceptional talents could even find themselves as part of the prestigious main exhibition at the PhotoVogue Festival 2023 in Milan this November. Vogue offers a platform for photographers to showcase their work on a global scale, making it an exciting opportunity for aspiring and established artists alike.

Is photo vogue the same as vogue?

No, Photo Vogue is not the same as Vogue magazine. Photo Vogue serves as a portfolio section within a broader website. It showcases the diverse work of photographers worldwide, including hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals. However, it’s important to note that the images featured on Photo Vogue are not published in the pages of the traditional Vogue magazine. Photo Vogue offers a platform for photographers to display their work online, making it distinct from the print publication.

Does Vogue pay you?

Yes, Vogue compensates its employees. Salaries at Vogue can vary, with the range spanning from $19,000 a year for those in the bottom 10th percentile to $69,000 for individuals in the top 90th percentile. On average, Vogue pays approximately $17.61 per hour. Compensation levels depend on various factors, including job roles and experience within the organization.

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