Unveiling the Hidden Beauty of Faridabad

Sheikh Farid, a prominent 12th-century Sufi saint, gave Faridabad its name. Faridabad has ancient sites and gorgeous lakes.

Although Faridabad has everything to keep visitors entertained, tourists exploring the National Capital Region often restrict themselves to the best places to visit in Delhi and Gurgaon. However, things are changing of late with more and more visitors including a sightseeing tour of Faridabad in their itinerary. In case you too are planning to visit this industrial hub, do explore the following popular places to visit in Faridabad.

Places to Visit in Faridabad (List):

Surajkund Lake Surajkund
Baba Farid’s Tomb Old Faridabad
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Sector 16A
ISKCON Temple Sector 37
CITM Lake Surajkund Road
Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium New Industrial Town
Dhauj Lake Ballabhgarh
Raja Nahar Singh Palace Ballabhgarh
Badkhal Lake Badkhal

1. Surajkund Lake, Faridabad

Surajkund Lake, Faridabad

#1 of 9 Faridabad Attractions: Surajkund Lake

Surajkund (Lake of the Sun), a 10th-century reservoir near Faridabad, is a famous attraction. Suraj Pal, the Tomar dynasty monarch, erected the lake and a Sun temple (now in ruins) on its western bank.

This artificial reservoir with the serene Aravallis in the backdrop has a semi-circular embankment similar to an amphitheatre where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views while picnicking here. It is the venue of the world renowned Surajkund International Crafts Mela, which is held during the first fortnight of February. You can see the finest of Indian traditional handicraft, handloom and folk art, including dance and music – making it a must visit if you are in Faridabad in February.

  • Location : Surajkund, Faridabad
  • Timings : 10:30 am to 8:30 pm

2. Baba Farid’s Tomb, Faridabad

Baba Farid was a revered Sufi saint of the 12th century and the city of Faridabad is believed to have been named after him. Built by the Mughals in the 13th century, the tomb has two gateways – Nuri Darwaza (Gate of Light) in the east and Bahishthi Darwaza (Gate of Paradise) in the west.

There are two graves here – one of the Sufi saint and the other of his elder son. Pilgrims from near and far come to this religious site to pay their homage by offering chaddars and flowers on the graves; however, entry of women is restricted here. Visitors also come in large numbers to attend Mehfil-e-Sama, which is a Qawwali musical programme organised on every Thursday evening.

  • Location : Old Faridabad, Faridabad
  • Timings : 7am–7pm (Thursday Mehfil-e-Sama)

3. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Faridabad

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Faridabad

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple #3 of 9 Best Faridabad Attractions

The Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Faridabad draws people year-round. The white, green, and yellow marble temple with a main shrine and a vast hall covers 3 acres.

The temple features Dwaraka Mayee, Dhuni, and Sri Sai Baba’s 5.25-foot marble statue. Baba’s holy bath is followed by five daily prayers, Satyanarayana Katha, and Sai Naam Jaap. Bhandara (free meal distribution) on Thursdays draws the most temple visitors.

  • Location : Sector 16A, Faridabad
  • Timings : 5 am to 9 pm

4. ISKCON Temple, Faridabad

ISKCON Temple, Faridabad

#4 of 9 Best Faridabad Attractions: ISKCON Temple

Krishna and Radha are worshipped in Sri Radha Govind Temple, popularly known as ISKCON. This temple also worships Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman.

The temple has stunning modern-traditional architecture. Hindu holidays, notably Janmashtami, are religious. After worshiping at the main shrine, you may shop for literature, idols, etc. The temple restaurant serves wonderful vegetarian food.

  • Location : Sector 37, Faridabad
  • Timings : 4:30 am to 1 pm & 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm

5. CITM Lake, Faridabad

CITM Lake, Faridabad

#5 of 9 Best Faridabad Attractions: CITM Lake

Nature enthusiasts and photographers adore Faridabad’s CITM Lake for its beautiful scenery, peaceful environment, and abundant flora and wildlife. Rainwater from the stone mines’ rocky terrain created this tranquil lake with clear blue water. The lake’s jagged sides prevent swimming, but it’s wonderful for cycling.

Picnickers who want to spend time with their loved ones away from the city throng enjoy this place since it has not yet been commercialized. If you wish to avoid packing a picnic lunch, there are a few food kiosks with local delicacies.

  • Location : Surajkund Road, Faridabad
  • Timings : Sunrise to Sunset

6. Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium, Faridabad

Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium, Faridabad

#6 of 9 Best Faridabad Attractions: Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium

Cricket fans visit Faridabad’s Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium year-round. The 1981 stadium, named after the 1857 Indian uprising, has 6 central and 3 practice grounds and seats 25,000.

The stadium hosted its first ever match in the following year – 1982 Ranji Trophy between Haryana and Services, and the first one-day international (ODI) match in 1987. It was also the venue of the last ODI match of the living cricket legend Kapil Dev – India vs. West Indies in 1994. Currently, renovation work is in progress to get the stadium ready for hosting matches again after a sabbatical of over 13 years.

  • Location : New Industrial Town, Faridabad
  • Timings : 7 am to 6 pm

7. Dhauj Lake, Faridabad

Dhauj Lake, Faridabad

Dhauj Lake | #7 of 9 Faridabad Attractions

Dhauj Lake is one of the greatest spots in the area for rock climbing and hiking, making it popular with adventurers. Nature enthusiasts admire this naturally created lake in the Aravallis for its elegance and serenity. This peaceful place is near Camp Dhauj, which offers eco-lodges and safari tents for unique vacations. Picnicking and camping are popular here.

The lake with a modest constructed dam is best seen during or after monsoons, since it dries up in summer.

  • Location : Near Mangar Village, Faridabad
  • Timings : Sunrise to Sunset

8. Raja Nahar Singh Palace, Faridabad

Raja Nahar Singh Palace, Faridabad

Raja Nahar Singh Palace #8 of 9 Best Faridabad Attractions

Raja Nahar Singh Palace, also known as Ballabhgarh Fort Palace, commemorates the 1857 Indian revolt. The 18th-century Jat ruler Bao Balram started building this double-storey sandstone monument featuring Darbar-e-Aam, Rang Mahal, minarets, and cupolas.

This old home has been turned into a renowned motel-restaurant by famous architectural restorer Aman Nath and his French collaborator Francis Wacziarg. The fall Kartik Cultural Festival at this fort palace draws crowds.

  • Location : Ballabhgarh, Faridabad
  • Timings : 9 am to 11 pm

9. Badkhal Lake, Faridabad

Badkhal Lake, Faridabad

#9: Badkhal Lake, Faridabad

Badkhal Lake was previously a popular recreational location for picnics, kayaking, birding, and more, but only during the monsoon season when precipitation fills the dried-up lake. The lake’s name, Bedkhal, means “far from intervention,” yet unregulated mining dried it out.

However, camel riding, horseback riding, and Peacock Lake exploration are close. Springtime brings the colorful Flower Show.

  • Location : Badkhal, Faridabad
  • Timings : Sunrise to Sunset

Other attractions include Shiva Temple at Sainik Colony in Sector 49, Town Park in Sector 12, and Faridabad’s first golf course, Aravalli Golf Club. Mughal Bridge in Sarai Khwaja, Rose Garden in Sector 17, SSB Museum in Railway Colony, and Parson Temple (Maharishi Parashar Tapo Bhumi) near Badkhal Lake are some prominent Faridabad attractions. Faridabad easily entertains tourists with its many sites.

Related Questions

  • What is the famous of Faridabad?

    Tractors, motorbikes, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tyres, and textiles are Faridabad’s main industrial goods, whereas henna is its agricultural crop.

  • How can I spend my day in Faridabad?

    Popular places to visit

    1. Shirdi Saibaba Temple. Visit Shirdi Sai Baba Temple to learn about Faridabad history.
    2. Crown Plaza.
    3. Badkhal Lake.
    4. Raja Nahar Singh Palace.
    5. Crown Interiorz Mall.
    6. Faridabad Toll Plaza.
    7. Town Park.
    8. Iskcon Faridabad Center.
  • Which is the most expensive area of Faridabad?

    1. Ashoka Enclave, Faridabad. Ashoka Enclave is a luxurious Faridabad neighborhood with contemporary facilities.
    2. Posh Area of Faridabad: Sector 15.
    3. Posh Area of Faridabad: Sector 21.
    4. Posh Area of Faridabad: Sector 14.
  • Which is the oldest place in Faridabad?

    Mangar Bani, a natural forest in Mangar village in Faridabad, Haryana, located on the Delhi-Haryana boundary in NCR.

  • Which food is Faridabad famous for?

    6 Faridabad-Only Dishes

    1. Dosa Chole.
    2. 1.5 Foot Wide Thok Ke Parantha.
    3. Fire Manchurian.
    4. Cheese Bhaji Burger.
    5. Fish Parantha.
    6. Hot Chocolate In Kulhad.
  • Is Faridabad an expensive city?

    Faridabad is 75.4% cheaper than New York (without rent). Faridabad rents average 96.6% less than New York.

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