Unveiling the Digital Realm: A Comprehensive Review of ‘Extremely Online’ by Taylor Lorenz

In the digital age, where social media dominates our lives, Taylor Lorenz’s book, ‘Extremely Online,’ takes a deep dive into the world of influencers, fame, and power on the internet. With 384 pages of exploration, this book comes at a price of $30, but does it deliver on its promise to unravel the untold story of online influence?

A Sunnier Perspective

Taylor Lorenz offers a new history of the

Taylor Lorenz paints a vivid picture of how social media platforms have transformed the internet. She describes a world once marred by bad graphics and clunky paragraphs, now filled with delightful memes and entertaining videos created by the youthful and creative minds thriving on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Lorenz, known for her work as a technology reporter for renowned publications like The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, provides an insider’s view of these digital realms. She argues that these platforms are saving humanity from the clutches of "legacy media," which she characterizes as a malevolent cabal of paragraph-peddlers.

A Peculiar Perspective

However, not everyone may see the digital landscape through Lorenz’s sunny lens. For those who have followed the darker side of social media – stories of child predators on Instagram, young radicalization on YouTube, or the tragic consequences of TikTok on young lives – Lorenz’s perspective may seem strangely optimistic.

To put ‘Extremely Online’ into context, one might consider it in comparison to works like Siddharth Kara’s ‘Cobalt Red,’ which exposes the exploitation of Congolese laborers in the mining industry that powers our devices. This contrast raises questions about the overall impact of our extremely online culture.

A Character Study

Review: Taylor Lorenz

One notable aspect of ‘Extremely Online’ is its focus on the individuals who inhabit this digital world. Lorenz introduces a cast of characters, from vlogger Bree Avery to former MTV executive Fred Seibert and even the iconic Grumpy Cat, who once graced the internet with her distinctive frowning expression.

However, for some readers, these characters may remain enigmatic, described primarily in terms of marketing deals and social media followers. In a landscape where influencers multiply like mushrooms after a rainstorm, ‘Extremely Online’ leaves some craving for more depth and substance.

Seeking Deeper Insights

While Lorenz’s book offers a unique perspective on the internet, it’s essential to note that the quest for understanding this digital realm doesn’t end here. There are other insightful pieces of writing that delve into various facets of online culture.

For instance, Kaitlyn Tiffany’s Atlantic essay, "How the Snowflakes Won," explores the ongoing influence of Tumblr in shaping internet discourse. Amanda Hess’ "This Is Your Brain on Peloton" offers a captivating examination of online fandom through the lens of exercise influencer Cody Rigsby. Both pieces provide essential insights into the digital landscape.

Parting Thoughts

Taylor Lorenz

In ‘Extremely Online,’ Taylor Lorenz champions the democratizing potential of social media and celebrates the influencers and creators who have emerged as powerful figures in the digital realm. However, the book’s emphasis on marketing deals and social media metrics may leave some readers wanting a more profound exploration of this fascinating world.

While Lorenz’s work provides a valuable perspective, it’s just one piece of the puzzle in understanding the complex and multifaceted landscape of online influence. To fully grasp the intricacies of our extremely online culture, readers may need to explore additional sources and voices in the digital conversation.

In the end, ‘Extremely Online’ invites readers to reflect on the profound changes the internet has brought to our lives and the individuals who have harnessed its power for fame and influence.

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What is the story with Taylor Lorenz?

Taylor Lorenz: What’s the story?

In August 2021, Taylor Lorenz and The New York Times faced a defamation lawsuit filed by influencer talent agent Ariadna Jacob. This legal action stemmed from a 2020 article in which Jacob’s company, Influences, was discussed.

Legal Developments:
In September 2022, a judge initially dismissed several claims in the lawsuit. However, Jacob was granted the opportunity to amend her complaint, indicating that the legal battle continues.

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“What is the central theme of Taylor Lorenz’s book ‘Extremely Online’?”

What lies at the heart of Taylor Lorenz’s book ‘Extremely Online’? This insightful work delves into the evolution of content creation, tracing its journey from the early days of the blogosphere to the present digital age. Lorenz’s narrative revolves around the internet phenomena that have significantly influenced the 21st century. However, what sets this exploration apart is its emphasis on the individuals behind the content, rather than just the platforms themselves. In ‘Extremely Online,’ the spotlight shines on the users, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of online culture.

“How does Taylor Lorenz explore the impact of social media in her book?”

Exploring Social Media’s Impact in Taylor Lorenz’s Book

How does Taylor Lorenz dissect the impact of social media in her book? Lorenz navigates the transformative influence of the internet on our desires and the means by which we fulfill them. In ‘Extremely Online,’ she uncovers how power users of social platforms have fundamentally reshaped our expectations in various domains – from the content we consume to our methods of connection, purchasing behavior, and even perceptions of power dynamics.

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