Unveiling Gagan Dev Riar’s Personal Connection: A Reflection on the Parallel Struggles in ‘Scam 2003’

Gagan Dev Riar’s portrayal of Abdul Karim Telgi in ‘Scam 2003’ has garnered widespread acclaim, leaving audiences captivated by the intricate depiction of Telgi’s life journey. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the seasoned actor delves into the nuances of his success, the challenges faced, and the transformative experience of bringing Telgi to life.

Riding the Wave of Success

Scam 2003: Gagan Dev Riar on Scam 2003: There is a part of Telgi

As the series concludes, Gagan reflects on the overwhelming response, acknowledging the mix of positive feedback and inevitable criticism. "Mostly the responses are very good," he states, recognizing the impossibility of pleasing everyone simultaneously. Yet, he emphasizes the overall positive reception and the enriching experience of being part of this journey.

Parallels of Struggle

In a thought-provoking revelation, Gagan draws parallels between Telgi’s struggles and his own early challenges. He shares, "There is a part of Telgi’s life that resembles my struggle in earlier days." While acknowledging the universal nature of human struggles, Gagan highlights the divergences in decision-making when faced with adversity.

Impactful Dialogues

Discussing the series’ thought-provoking dialogues, Gagan points to a line that resonates with the current socio-political climate: "Main bhi deshbhakt hoon, magar mann mein deshbhakti hone se pet nahi bharta." He underscores the need for genuine well-being over divisive rhetoric, reflecting on the fundamental concerns of happiness and satisfaction.

Physical Transformation for the Role

Kollywood actors who underwent major body transformation for their movie | The Times of India

Gagan shares insights into the physical transformation undertaken for the role. The meticulous preparation included a year-long wait, weight gain, and a challenging meal plan. He humorously describes the experience, saying, "It felt as if I was cooking the entire day."

Winds of Change Post-Scam 2003

With the success of ‘Scam 2003,’ Gagan finds himself inundated with offers, marking a significant shift in his career trajectory. He reflects on the variety of roles presented to him, ranging from those asking him to repeat his performance to projects acknowledging his potential for diversity. Currently in the decision-making phase, Gagan expresses the hope to continue delivering impactful performances.

Immersion in Telgi’s World

Addressing the research process for Abdul Telgi’s character, Gagan reveals that he refrained from external sources, relying solely on the script. He shares his belief in portraying each character as a hero in their own story, emphasizing the importance of exploring the other side of the coin.

Personal Evolution Through Scam 2003

Scam 2003 - Wikipedia

‘Scam 2003’ has not only been a professional success but a personal journey of growth for Gagan. He reflects on the prolonged period spent in the character, learning patience and questioning personal intentions. The experience, he notes, has humbled him and prompted a realization that success is not the end but a new beginning.

Balancing Finances and Artistic Choices

Finding financial success as a creative - CanvasRebel Magazine

As opportunities flood in, Gagan acknowledges the importance of finances in decision-making but also stresses the need to balance it with artistic fulfillment. The actor shares how the success of ‘Scam 2003’ led him to introspect on the next steps in his career, recognizing that it could be just the beginning of a new chapter.

In conclusion, Gagan Dev Riar’s exclusive insights provide a comprehensive look into the multifaceted journey of portraying Abdul Karim Telgi. His reflections on personal growth, artistic choices, and the impact of ‘Scam 2003’ create a narrative that resonates not just with fans of the series but with anyone navigating the complexities of life’s challenges.

Gagan Dev Riar’s Exclusive Take on Scam 2003: Unveiling Personal Parallels

What did Gagan Dev Riar say about ‘Scam 2003’?

Gagan Dev Riar, discussing the series, emphasized its impact on his personal life and shed light on the significance of financial considerations in project selection. He expressed a preference for a comfortable life over materialistic success. Notably, Riar skillfully portrayed Abdul Karim Telgi, narrating the counterfeiter’s life journey in ‘Scam 2003.’

Who plays Abdul Karim Telgi in ‘Scam 2003’?

Actor Gagan Dev Riar takes on the role of Abdul Karim Telgi in the series ‘Scam 2003’ and has garnered positive responses for his portrayal. In an interview, Riar delves into his perspectives on success, struggles, and the meticulous preparation involved in bringing Telgi to life. While acknowledging a connection with Telgi’s struggles, Riar notes a distinction in the decision-making aspect of their respective journeys.

What is Telgi seeking in ‘Scam 2003’?

In ‘Scam 2003,’ Telgi’s aspirations are twofold – he seeks a ‘chhat’ (roof) as eagerly as a ‘chhatra chaaya’ (parasol). This quest is manifested through consistent attempts to influence various figures, from officials and police to politicians. However, the underlying objective is to find a cover. As the narrative unfolds, the walls gradually start closing in around Telgi.

How does Riar relate to Telgi?

Gagan Dev Riar articulates a connection with Telgi’s struggles while highlighting a divergence in their decision-making processes. Discussing the series’ impact on his personal life, Riar emphasizes the significance of financial considerations in project selection. He expresses a preference for a comfortable life over materialistic success, offering insights into his unique perspective on the character and its influence on his own journey.

What challenges did Gagan Dev Riar face portraying Abdul Karim Telgi in ‘Scam 2003’?

Gagan Dev Riar confronted a significant challenge in his portrayal of Abdul Karim Telgi – ensuring a weight gain without compromising his health. With a tight timeframe of six to seven months, the actor had to navigate the delicate balance of transformation, emphasizing the primary goal of gaining weight while safeguarding his well-being.

How did Gagan Dev Riar undergo a physical transformation for the role in ‘Scam 2003’?

Gagan Dev Riar embarked on a rigorous physical transformation to authentically portray Abdul Karim Telgi on screen. The actor, guided by a nutritionist, aimed to gain 18-20 kgs of weight. Despite not being a food enthusiast, he adhered to a disciplined meal plan, consuming five meals daily. This dedicated approach contributed to the actor’s successful portrayal of Telgi’s character.

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