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Unveiling 1313selah: Oslo’s Dark and Innovative Menswear Brand Launches 13 Unique Looks on Friday the 13th

Photo: Sebastian Rozanski / Courtesy of 1313selah

Nestled in the gloomy winters of Oslo, a new menswear brand emerges, unafraid of the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th. 1313selah, founded by Tomás Silva, Duy Ngo, and Erik Spanne, is set to make a bold debut with their "First Communion" collection, featuring 13 unique looks. In this article, we delve into the unique world of 1313selah and the vision behind their intriguing launch.

Defying Superstitions: A Brand’s Unusual Debut

Introducing 1313selah, a New Menswear Brand From Oslo Launching 13 Looks at the 13th Hour on Friday the 13th | Vogue

True to their distinctive style, the three founders of 1313selah proudly sported black attire during our Zoom conversation. Their plan? To unveil their "First Communion" collection on Friday the 13th at the 13th hour, right in their hometown of Oslo. This choice demonstrates their fearless embrace of the number 13, defying triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number 13.

Dark Aesthetics with a Touch of Religion

Taking a closer look at 1313selah’s collection, one can’t help but notice the elements of darkness interwoven with a subtle touch of Catholic symbolism. The collection features hand-sewn religious icons on a double-breasted suit and a T-shirt adorned with the tearstained face of the Madonna. These elements pay homage to the Catholic imagination, adding a unique twist to their menswear.

A Connection Forged in Darkness

100+] Aesthetic Dark Background s |

The brand’s look book was captured on the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, a nod to Cypress Hill’s "Black Sunday" album cover. The trio found inspiration in the album’s gothic references and the darkness it encapsulates. In the midst of Latino slang in the lyrics and a generally dark atmosphere, they found their "common ground."

Outsiders Unite: The Journey of the Founders

The founders of 1313selah are no strangers to the fashion world. All three are alumni of Holzweiler, a family-run Norwegian ready-to-wear brand, which recently secured significant funding from Sequoia Capital China. Ngo, with Vietnamese and Chinese heritage, is a London College of Fashion graduate and was the head of menswear at Holzweiler. Silva, originally from Chile, made his way to Norway in his childhood and was deeply embedded in Oslo’s club and fashion scenes. He even founded Holzweiler’s in-house content department. Spanne, also known as DJ Drippin and Onleash, is a versatile artist and former head of prints and graphics at Holzweiler.

Their personal losses and the isolation imposed by the pandemic brought them closer and led to profound introspection. Ngo shared that this period "made us really think about what we wanted in life." Together, they aspire to be agents of change in the fashion industry, with a mission to inspire and represent something fresh in the landscape.

A New Beginning in Menswear

For 1313selah, it’s all about being a fresh voice in the industry. "For us, it’s important to be a new beginning and a new voice and represent something that hasn’t been really done here," Silva stated. Their debut collection, featuring 13 distinct looks, is a testament to their dedication to innovation and originality.

In conclusion, 1313selah is set to redefine menswear, embracing darkness and superstition while infusing it with creativity and meaning. Keep an eye out for their "First Communion" collection, launching on Friday the 13th at the 13th hour in Oslo.

Photo: Sebastian Rozanski / Courtesy of 1313selah

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