UNLV Campus Shooting: Students’ Courageous Response and Makeshift Barricades

In a shocking turn of events at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), students found themselves in the midst of a terrifying situation when a gunman opened fire on campus. The incident resulted in three tragic deaths, one person critically injured, and the gunman dead.

Swift Response to the Unthinkable

UNLV students build makeshift barricades as gunman opens fire - Los Angeles Times

UNLV students were going about their daily routines, attending cheerleading practice and preparing for final exams, when the unexpected occurred. Law student Carlos Eduardo Espina shared his disbelief, stating, "It’s one of those things that you want to think, it’s not gonna happen." But it did.

Cesar Marquez, a student involved in training political organizers, described the chilling moments when the notification reached them. Immediately, they took action, barricading themselves behind tables in the student union. With uncertainty in the air, they received updates that the shooter was within the vicinity, prompting a tense atmosphere of readiness.

Frantic Moments and Makeshift Barricades

As chaos unfolded, students like Brandon Sanchez, who had just left a class for some study week perks, initially mistook the gunfire for construction noises. The situation escalated rapidly, with police on the scene and students seeking refuge in nearby stores.

Jason Whipple Kelly, a second-year law student, was on his way to a final exam when he received the alert. Sirens blared, and police presence became palpable. His quick thinking and the immediate response from the university’s administration played a crucial role in ensuring safety.

Acts of Courage Amidst Chaos

Jordyn Johnson, a UNLV cheerleader, demonstrated remarkable courage when she and her teammates, upon learning of the active shooter, improvised a makeshift wall using gym mats. The team spent two harrowing hours in the dark, awaiting police assistance.

The emotional toll on families was evident, as Olivia Stabile, a Las Vegas native, desperately communicated with her sister, Bella, who was on campus. Bella, hiding in the student union, faced a heart-wrenching exchange of messages with her family, highlighting the profound impact of such incidents on loved ones.

The Aftermath and Collective Resilience

Resilience: Rising from the Ashes: The Resilience of Heroic Souls - FasterCapital

In the aftermath of the shooting, students expressed a mix of relief and trauma. Many questioned the safety measures on campus, with some, like Brandon Sanchez, hesitant to return until enhanced security measures are implemented.

The UNLV community now grapples with the aftermath, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support and measures to prevent such tragedies in the future. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges campuses face in ensuring the safety and well-being of their students.

UNLV students build makeshift barricades as gunman opens fire, a horrifying experience that has left a lasting impact on the community.

UNLV’s Emergency Response: Students Take Action During Gunman Incident

What Happened at University of Nevada Las Vegas?

Students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), found themselves in a harrowing situation today as an active shooter incident unfolded on campus. Describing moments of panic and uncertainty, students in a campus building immediately took cover, attempting to connect with their loved ones amidst the chaos. The incident disrupted a large class engaged in presentations, with the sudden onset of gunfire and urgent warnings prompting a swift response to shelter in place.

Who is Investigating the UNLV Campus Shooting?

The inquiry into the UNLV campus shooting is under the joint jurisdiction of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the University Police Services – Southern Command. Collaboratively, these law enforcement entities are spearheading the investigation. Furthermore, the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service are lending their assistance, contributing their expertise to ensure a thorough and comprehensive examination of the tragic incident.

Did You Hear Someone Trying to Open the Door at UNLV?

As the UNLV campus faced the threat of an active shooter, students recounted tense moments of building barricades, hiding, running, and desperately reaching out to loved ones. The chilling account includes reports of students hearing someone attempting to open doors, prompting swift and uncertain reactions as they grappled with the unfolding crisis. This firsthand narrative captures the harrowing experience of those on campus during the incident, highlighting the urgency and fear that gripped the UNLV community.

Is There a Threat to UNLV Students?

As of now, authorities have stated that there is no additional threat to UNLV students. Vincent Perez, an English professor at UNLV, shared his experience of sheltering in place amid the gunfire on campus. Despite hearing seven or eight loud shots in quick succession, he attests to the current absence of an ongoing threat. This assurance provides a moment of relief for the UNLV community, offering clarity on the immediate safety status following the tragic incident.

What Happened at UNLV?

UNLV Police issued a social media alert before noon, reporting shots fired in the BEH (Beam Hall) building. Urgently, students and faculty were instructed to evacuate to a secure area, with the campus police emphasizing the protocol: RUN-HIDE-FIGHT. The gravity of the situation drew a swift response from officers across various law enforcement agencies, converging on the campus to address the active shooting incident.

Is UNLV Shooting Suspect Dead?

Las Vegas police confirm that the suspect involved in the UNLV campus shooting on Wednesday is deceased. Metropolitan police, responding to a reported active shooting at the UNLV campus, provided this update, noting the presence of multiple victims. As the investigation unfolds, it has been affirmed that the alleged perpetrator is no longer a threat. The incident has led to the closure of Maryland Parkway near UNLV, heightening awareness of the ongoing situation.

What Happened at a College in Las Vegas?

Students at a Las Vegas college received urgent instructions to "run, hide, fight" amid reports of an active shooter on campus. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department swiftly responded to the incident, acknowledging the presence of multiple victims near BEAM Hall on the UNLV campus. The community is on high alert as law enforcement works to address and contain the unfolding situation.

Did UNLV Police Respond to a ‘Confirmed Active Shooter’ in BEH?

The official UNLV X account confirmed that university police were responding to an active shooter situation in BEH just before noon local time. At 12:19 p.m. PST, the UNLV account further reported "additional" shots fired at the Student Union, located adjacent to BEH on Maryland Parkway. This real-time information reflects the dynamic nature of the incident and the rapid response by UNLV police to address the unfolding emergency.

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