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Unlocking the Seven Toner Method: A Comprehensive Guide to Glowing Skin

In the serene ambiance of Georgia Louise’s Upper East Side Skin Atelier, the world of skincare takes an intriguing turn as the "seven skin method" gains traction, particularly on TikTok. The burning question: Is applying seven toners to your face a skincare revelation or a dubious trend?

Unveiling the Seven Skin Method

Korean 7-Skin Method

Originating from the realms of K-Beauty, the seven skin method involves the application of either seven different toners or seven layers of toner after cleansing. The aim? Achieving that coveted "glass skin" – a smoother, more hydrated complexion.

Understanding Toners

Before delving into the seven toner saga, let’s revisit the basics. Toners, feather-light liquids applied post-cleansing, aid in balancing the skin’s pH. Two main categories exist: exfoliating toners, like Biologique Recherche’s P50, act as facial purifiers, while hydrating toners, exemplified by SK-II’s Pitera and La Mer’s the Treatment Lotion, gently enhance the skin’s radiance.

The Magic Number: Seven?

But why seven? The ideal application is meant to be up to seven times, allowing users to gauge their skin’s needs intuitively. However, facialist Georgia Louise dispels the myth, emphasizing that a single pass of the chosen toner suffices. She likens skincare to medicine, insisting that the formulation is dosed perfectly for effective results.

"Think of your skincare like it’s medicine, because that’s how it’s formulated. It’s dosed to be the right amount of product—and the right amount of ingredients—in a single pass," says Louise.

Pitfalls of Overindulgence

While the seven toner method may sound like a luxurious ritual, caution is advised.

Inquiry into Skincare Trends: Does the Seven Toner Method Deliver on its Promises?

What is a 7-Skin Toner?

In essence (pun intended), the 7-skin toner method involves the strategic application of three to seven layers of toner or a combination of essence and toner. This unconventional skincare practice, known as the "seven-skin method" in Korean beauty, entails the consecutive layering of these products immediately after cleansing. The term "skin" in Korean beauty lexicon refers to products that serve as a hybrid of essence and toner. While it may sound unconventional, there’s a calculated method behind this skincare trend.

But why layer toner multiple times?

  • The goal is to enhance hydration and achieve that coveted "glass skin" glow.
  • Each layer builds on the previous, allowing the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients effectively.

This practice, although seemingly unorthodox, is gaining popularity for its potential to deliver a radiant and well-hydrated complexion.

Why is it called 7 Skin Method?

Wondering about the intriguing nomenclature of the 7 Skin Method? In Korea, toners carry the moniker "skins." Hence, the literal translation of the 7 Skin Method is the "7 Toner Method." This unique terminology reflects the Korean beauty industry’s linguistic approach, where the term "skin" encompasses products that function as a hybrid of toner and essence. So, when you delve into the world of K-Beauty and encounter the 7 Skin Method, remember it’s more than a numerical label – it’s a linguistic nod to the dual nature of toners in Korean skincare.

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How do you use toner?

When it comes to applying toner, the method varies among skincare enthusiasts. Renowned skincare expert Cho, for instance, opts for a hands-on approach, sprinkling toner into her palms and gently tapping it onto her skin. On the flip side, some individuals prefer a more traditional route, dispensing toner onto a cotton pad and delicately swiping it across their faces, moving outward, as Cho explains.

Pro Tip:
For those seeking an extra indulgent skincare ritual, consider embracing the "7 Skin Method." This entails layering toner multiple times for enhanced hydration and a potential radiant complexion.

Do you need a hydrating Toner after 7 layers?

During the summer, particularly for those with oily skin, some find that after applying seven layers of a hydrating toner or essence-toner, additional skincare steps become unnecessary. The core concept behind this technique is to allow the skin to absorb the product thoroughly. This adaptable approach enables individuals to tailor their skincare routine based on personal needs and preferences.

Pro Insight:
For a simplified summer skincare routine, especially beneficial for oily skin types, consider experimenting with the seven-layer application of a hydrating toner. Adjust the technique according to your skin’s unique requirements for a refreshing and uncomplicated regimen.

How to do the 7 Layer Toner?

Achieving the coveted "7 layer toner" look involves a simple yet effective process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start Fresh:
    Apply a light layer of toner to your face using a cotton pad, allowing it to be evenly distributed.

  2. Double Down:
    While your skin retains a slight dampness, pour an equal amount of toner into your hands.

  3. Pat it On:
    Gently pat the toner onto your skin, ensuring even coverage.

  4. Repeat the Ritual:
    Continue this process for up to 7 layers of toner, adjusting based on your skin’s needs.

  5. Pause for Absorption:
    To facilitate absorption without drying out, wait approximately 30-60 seconds between each layer.

This method aims to enhance hydration and absorption, leaving your skin with a refreshed and revitalized feel.

What is the Best Korean Toner for the 7 Skin Method?

When it comes to the "7-Skin Method," choosing the right toner is paramount. Here are some top recommendations:

1. Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner:

  • Known for its simplicity and moisture-boosting properties, Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is a favorite for those diving into the 7 Skin Method.

2. Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner:

  • With a focus on gentle hydration, Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is a popular choice, offering a soothing and moisturizing experience.

3. Whamisa Organic Flower Deep Rich Essence Toner:

  • For an organic touch, Whamisa’s Organic Flower Deep Rich Essence Toner combines natural ingredients for a luxurious and hydrating skincare ritual.

These toners are celebrated for their compatibility with the 7 Skin Method, providing the perfect foundation for achieving the desired radiant and well-hydrated skin.

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