Unlocking the Secrets of Princess Diana’s Timeless Bob: The Helicopter Hairspray

Unlocking the Secrets Behind Princess Diana’s Timeless Hairstyle

The Story Behind Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s famous bob, a symbol of grace and style, left a lasting impact on the world. From her early days in the public eye to her reign as the "People’s Princess," her hair was as iconic as she was. What many didn’t know was that Diana had a secret weapon for keeping that famous bob looking flawless all day.

The Collaborative Effort

While her style appeared effortless, it was actually the result of a dedicated team of beauty professionals. Hairstylist Richard Dalton played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining her signature look for over a decade.

Cosmetic chemist Sheree Ladove Funsch, now the CEO of LaDove Inc, was in her early 20s when she received Diana’s hair specifications from Dalton. Diana’s request was clear – a strong hold hairspray that didn’t leave her hair looking "glued down" or give her a "helmet-head" appearance.

Scientific Ingenuity

To meet Diana’s unique requirements, Ladove Funsch and her team embarked on a journey of scientific ingenuity. They discovered a gum resin from a tree, a key ingredient that would give the hairspray its distinctive qualities.

Ladove Funsch recounts, "I was literally in [the lab] formulating myself, figuring out what’s the melting point of this resin, how do we get it so that it’s not so sticky and tacky? How do we get it so that it doesn’t harden?" After numerous trials, the team achieved their goal – a hairspray that became known as "Helicopter Hairspray."

Special Formulations

Ladove Funsch didn’t stop there. She also created a special hairspray formula designed to prevent residue on jewelry, including the precious tiaras Diana might wear for special occasions. Protecting millions of dollars of jewels on Diana’s head required a unique balance between hold and subtlety.

The Royal Encounter

The bond between Ladove Funsch and Princess Diana extended beyond the lab. Ladove Funsch recalls her visit to Kensington Palace. "The first time, you feel so intimidated. Here’s this, like, American business girl … coming into [her career] and she was just so welcoming and so calming and loving and just very kind."

Precision in Styling

Hairstylist Richard Dalton, one of the three professionals who worked with Diana during her time in the public eye, revealed his approach in a 2018 interview with Town & Country. He emphasized the meticulous care they took with Diana’s hair, cutting it just one-fourth of an inch at a time over several weeks. He knew that "whatever I did to her hair became front page news."

In conclusion, Princess Diana’s famous bob was the result of not only her innate elegance but also the expertise of a dedicated team. Their secret weapon, the "Helicopter Hairspray," played a pivotal role in maintaining her iconic look throughout her public life. It’s a testament to the collaborative efforts of professionals who worked behind the scenes to ensure that her style remained timeless.

Princess Diana Had a Secret Weapon For Keeping That Famous Bob Looking Good All Day.

The Timeless Allure of Diana’s Hairstyle

What was Princess Diana’s secret to maintaining her iconic bob?

Princess Diana’s secret to maintaining her iconic bob was a custom-formulated hairspray meticulously designed to prevent the dreaded "helmet-head" appearance. This special hairspray, known as the "Helicopter Hairspray," was developed by cosmetic chemist Sheree Ladove Funsch to offer a strong hold while leaving Diana’s feathered hair with a light and natural finish. It featured a unique ingredient – a gum resin from a tree – that allowed the hairspray to maintain a perfect hold without becoming sticky or tacky. This secret weapon ensured that Princess Diana’s famous bob looked effortlessly elegant all day, setting a timeless standard for hairstyling.

Why did Princess Diana’s hairstyle become iconic?

Princess Diana’s iconic hairstyle became a symbol of its time due to its alignment with emerging trends in the early ’90s. Renowned hairstylist McKnight explained that although the haircut might have seemed spontaneous, it resonated with the evolving fashion of the new decade. The 1990s marked a shift towards shorter hairstyles, and Diana’s bob was a reflection of this shift. During this period, short hair was in vogue, with many models and celebrities sporting similar styles on runways and magazine covers. Princess Diana’s decision to adopt this look contributed to its iconic status, encapsulating the spirit of the era’s fashion trends.

Did Princess Diana’s haircare routine influence fashion trends?

Princess Diana’s impact on fashion extended beyond her wardrobe choices. In the mid-’80s, her hairstyle became a trendsetting force. While her clothing choices were undoubtedly influential, it was her hair that captured the spotlight and inspired new fashion trends. Princess Diana’s haircare routine and iconic short haircut played a pivotal role in shaping the fashion landscape of the era.

Princess Diana Had a Secret Weapon For Keeping That Famous Bob …

Princess Diana possessed a hidden ace for maintaining her famous bob, ensuring it stayed flawless throughout the day. This secret weapon was a custom-formulated hairspray, expertly designed to prevent the dreaded "helmet-head" appearance. Created by a skilled cosmetic chemist, this exclusive hairspray was a key element in Princess Diana’s impeccable style, keeping her hair looking natural and elegant without any hint of stiffness.

Did Princess Diana have a hairstylist?

Princess Diana certainly had a dedicated hairstylist as part of her team of beauty professionals. Richard Dalton, the skilled hairstylist, collaborated with her for over a decade, playing a crucial role in maintaining her iconic and seemingly effortless style.

Was Princess Diana a fashion icon?

Princess Diana was not only a beloved figure dedicated to social causes but also emerged as a genuine fashion icon, particularly for women during the ’80s and ’90s. Her iconic fashion choices firmly established her as a trendsetter, and her enduring influence on style can be seen in the gallery showcasing her legendary looks.

What made Princess Diana so special?

Princess Diana’s extraordinary appeal lay in her multi-faceted contributions. She was a dedicated advocate for social causes, a beloved figure amongst the public, and an authentic fashion icon who left an indelible mark on the women of her era.

Why is Diana’s Bob so popular today?

The enduring popularity of Diana’s iconic bob, now referred to as the "Modern Diana bob," can be attributed to its timeless appeal. As Suzie McGill, international artistic director at Rainbow Room, notes, Diana’s style remains an eternal inspiration, and the bob haircut, in particular, never loses its fashion relevance. Today, the Modern Diana bob continues to captivate, reflecting the enduring influence of the People’s Princess on contemporary aesthetics.

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