Unlocking the Secret: How Princess Diana’s Custom Hairspray Kept Her Bob Perfect All Day

Princess Diana’s effortlessly chic style is legendary, and her famous bob haircut remains an inspiration for many. What most admirers might not know is that she had a secret weapon that helped keep her hair looking perfect all day long.

The Collaborative Effort

The Story Behind Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s iconic look was the result of collaboration with beauty professionals, most notably her hairstylist Richard Dalton. Dalton, who worked with her for over a decade, was instrumental in crafting her timeless hairstyle. However, the key to maintaining her bob’s flawless appearance rested in a custom hairspray formula designed by cosmetic chemist Sheree Ladove Funsch.

Crafting the Perfect Hairspray

Diana, Dalton, and Ladove Funsch had a clear vision: they wanted a hairspray that provided a strong hold without making the hair appear stiff or unnatural. The solution involved a touch of scientific ingenuity. Ladove Funsch shared, "We found this gum resin from a tree, and that’s how we were able to create this formula." Their meticulous work in the lab focused on finding the right balance – a hairspray that wasn’t sticky, tacky, or prone to hardening. The end product was affectionately dubbed the "Helicopter Hairspray" because it could withstand the gusts from helicopter blades without affecting her impeccable style.

Special Formulation for Special Occasions

Photographer Says Princess Diana

Ladove Funsch didn’t stop there. She created a modified version of the hairspray, specially formulated to ensure that it didn’t leave any residue on the valuable jewelry Diana would wear for special occasions, including her iconic tiaras. As Ladove Funsch put it, "When she would wear a tiara, you’re talking about millions and millions of dollars of jewels on her head. We had to create something that wasn’t as potent as a hairspray but that would still give her a bit of hold."

A Unique Encounter

The story of Princess Diana’s secret hairspray is also intertwined with a personal encounter between Ladove Funsch and the princess herself. "It was in England, and it was incredible. I got a big hug from her, and it was just magical," Ladove Funsch reminisced. "The first time, you feel so intimidated. Here’s this, like, American business girl coming into her career, and she was just so welcoming, calming, loving, and very kind."

The Art of Hair Maintenance

While the secret hairspray played a crucial role, Princess Diana’s hairstylist, Richard Dalton, also shared insights into his approach. He acknowledged the immense pressure of styling her hair, which became headline news with every change. To handle this, he took an extraordinarily cautious approach. "Whatever I did to her hair became front page news," Dalton said. "We had to be very careful. We had to do it one-fourth of an inch at a time over several weeks."

In conclusion, Princess Diana’s famous bob didn’t stay impeccable by chance. It was a result of dedication, collaboration, and a little help from a custom hairspray formulated to maintain her style, even amidst the whirl of helicopter blades.

Maintaining Iconic Styles: The Role of Beauty Professionals in Celebrity Looks

What was Princess Diana’s secret to maintaining her famous bob?

Princess Diana’s Secret to an Immaculate Bob

Princess Diana’s renowned bob always appeared flawless, and her secret to maintaining it was a custom-formulated hairspray. This specially designed hairspray, created by a cosmetic chemist, was aimed at avoiding the stiff and unnatural "helmet-head" appearance. It offered a strong hold while leaving a light finish in her feathered hair, ensuring that her iconic look stayed perfect all day long.

Who was Princess Diana’s hairstylist and chemist behind her iconic look?

The Maestro Behind Princess Diana’s Iconic Hair

Princess Diana’s iconic hairstyle was entrusted to hairstylist Sam McKnight, who once jokingly suggested starting afresh by cutting off all of her hair. McKnight played a pivotal role in crafting and maintaining her famous look, showcasing his artistry in transforming her hair into a timeless symbol of elegance and grace.

Who was the stylist for Princess Diana?

Sam McKnight

Princess Diana’s Hairstylist: Sam McKnight

Princess Diana’s trusted hairstylist, Sam McKnight, had the honor of working with her for seven years until her untimely passing in 1997. Notably, he also serves as a contributing beauty editor at British Vogue and is the founder of the renowned hair care line, Hair by Sam McKnight.

Who was Sam the hairdresser to Princess Diana?

Meet Samuel McKnight MBE: The Hairstylist to Icons

Samuel McKnight MBE, born on 13 May 1955, is a renowned hairstylist celebrated for his artistry with celebrities like Princess Diana, Kate Moss, and Lady Gaga. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi, Balmain, and Burberry.

Why did Princess Diana’s hair look like that?

The Transformation of Princess Diana’s Signature Haircut

Princess Diana’s iconic hairstyle, as shaped by hairstylist Sam McKnight in the 1990s, was the result of a significant change in her personal style. McKnight, speaking in the documentary "Diana: Queen of Style," revealed, "I could feel that she wanted to change." In response to her desire for change, he boldly suggested, "I was going to cut it all off. Cut it all off and start over."

Did Princess Diana use hairspray?

Princess Diana’s Specially Crafted Hairspray

In the 1990s, the late Princess Diana maintained her iconic pixie cut with a custom-made hairspray, as revealed by a former royal cosmetic chemist, Sheree Ladove Funsch. This specially formulated hairspray, created when Ladove Funsch was in her early 20s, was designed to prevent the infamous "helicopter hair" and ensured that Diana’s hairstyle stayed impeccably in place.

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