Unlocking Creativity: Exploring Getty’s ‘PST Art’ Programming and Exhibitions in 2024

In the vibrant landscape of Southern California’s art scene, a monumental event is on the horizon: Getty’s ‘PST Art’ programming and exhibitions set for 2024. This ambitious venture, previously known as Pacific Standard Time, is reborn as “PST Art: Art & Science Collide,” slated for a grand debut in September next year. The project boasts a fusion of culture, education, science, and community, bringing together renowned organizations like the Los Angeles Philharmonic, CalTechLive, and LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab.

Unveiling a Tapestry of Themes


The heart of this initiative lies in the exploration of diverse themes. With an astounding lineup of 60 exhibitions and over 800 artists, the event delves into intriguing subjects such as ancient cosmology, artificial intelligence, Indigenous science fiction, and environmental justice. Notably, a pivotal focus emerges on the pressing issue of climate change, with participants envisioning a sustainable future rooted in tradition and indigeneity.

Embracing Optimism Amidst Challenges

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Despite the gravity of climate change discourse, optimism prevails among participants. Organizations like The Huntington are pioneering efforts, hosting a youth summit dedicated to sustainability and climate change. Moreover, the legacy of the late Afrofuturist luminary, Octavia E. Butler, takes center stage. LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab pays homage with “The Monophobic Response,” a performance intertwining Butler’s vision with contemporary challenges, bridging the past and the future.

A Festival of Festivals: Engaging the Public

Termed a “festival of festivals,” PST Art opens its doors wide to the public. One exciting entry in this category is the PST Art x Science Family Festival, slated for November 2024. In collaboration with Edinburgh Science, this three-day extravaganza promises hands-on workshops, demonstrations, performances, and culinary delights, tailored for families and young minds aged 4 to 14.

Where Art and Science Converge

Public participation takes center stage throughout the programming. The Music Center transforms its outdoor plaza into a captivating “reading room”, blending live music and digital presentations. This unique experience sheds light on astrophysics through storytelling, creating an immersive fusion of art and science. As described by Joan Weinstein, Getty Foundation Director, this event exemplifies the natural convergence of art and science in addressing our modern complexities.

Building Community through Collaboration

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At its core, PST Art is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Southern California’s arts community. By fostering togetherness, organizers create a space where diverse viewpoints harmonize under the overarching theme. Katherine E. Fleming, President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust, emphasizes the inclusive nature of this initiative. Community hubs established by organizations like La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, LA Commons, and the Lancaster Museum of Art and History serve as catalysts, bringing art and science programs to various neighborhoods.

In essence, Getty’s ‘PST Art’ programming and exhibitions set for 2024 stand as a beacon of collaboration, optimism, and creativity. Through a tapestry of themes, engaging public events, and the fusion of art and science, this event promises an enriching experience for all, underscoring the power of collective imagination in shaping a better future.

Diving Deeper: PST Art’s Thought-Provoking Themes

How much did Getty invest in 2024’s PST art?

In a significant move, Getty unveiled its substantial investment for 2024’s PST Art programming. The announcement coincided with the revelation of a fresh round of Getty grants. These grants collectively elevate Getty’s financial commitment to a staggering $19 million for the upcoming PST Art event. This substantial funding underscores Getty’s dedication to fostering a rich tapestry of art, science, and community engagement, promising an event of unparalleled magnitude and impact.

What is PST Art?

PST Art, the latest iteration of Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative, represents a groundbreaking fusion of science and art. Formerly known as Pacific Standard Time, this innovative project delves into the collaborative efforts between scientists and artists to tackle contemporary challenges. With a focus on addressing some of society’s most pressing issues, PST Art serves as a platform where the worlds of science and art converge, fostering creative solutions and interdisciplinary dialogue. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, exploring novel ways to navigate the complexities of our time through the synergy of artistic expression and scientific inquiry.

What is on Display at the Getty Museum?

The Getty Museum promises a diverse and captivating array of exhibits spanning centuries and cultures. Anticipated presentations will showcase a wide range of artifacts, from medieval Islamic illustrated books to Mesoamerican ceramics and textiles. Visitors can explore ancient Aboriginal drawings alongside cutting-edge displays featuring films, videos, computer art, and artificial intelligence technology. The museum has organized these exhibits into eight distinct themes, offering a rich tapestry of artistic and cultural experiences for all visitors.

How much did the Getty Foundation Invest in a New Project?

In a significant move, the Getty Foundation has made substantial investments in two groundbreaking initiatives. The Foundation’s grant investment for these projects amounted to $11.4 million and $16.3 million respectively. These funds signify the Foundation’s commitment to fostering innovative and impactful artistic endeavors. One notable project includes Carolina Caycedo’s “Fuel to Fire” (2023), featured in the Vincent Price Art Museum’s PST Art presentation, titled “We Place Life at the Center,” exemplifying the Foundation’s dedication to supporting diverse and enriching artistic expressions.

What is PST Getty?

PST Getty, under the leadership of the Getty organization, stands as a collaborative endeavor supported by Foundation grants benefiting various cultural organizations across Southern California. This initiative, a part of Pacific Standard Time, encompasses a network of over 50 cultural and education organizations within the region. These grants serve as a testament to the diverse and extensive partnerships forged under the PST Getty umbrella, highlighting the collaborative spirit of cultural and educational institutions in Southern California.

What is Pacific Standard Time Art in Los Angeles?

Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A., 1945–1980 epitomizes a scholarly initiative generously funded by the J. Paul Getty Trust. This initiative serves a vital purpose: to meticulously chronicle and contextualize the invaluable contributions made by artists, curators, and critics rooted in Los Angeles to the annals of contemporary art history. By delving into the rich artistic tapestry of the city between 1945 and 1980, Pacific Standard Time Art in Los Angeles stands as a testament to the cultural legacy and creative ingenuity of the artists and visionaries of this vibrant city.

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