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Ulla Johnson’s West Hollywood Garden Dinner: A Night of Fashion and Celebrities

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, Ulla Johnson’s new L.A. store opens its doors with a splendid garden-style dinner event.

Los Angeles, CALast night, the City of Angels witnessed a remarkable event as Ulla Johnson celebrated the grand opening of her very first Los Angeles store with a unique garden-style dinner. The evening, aptly dubbed a "housewarming," was not hosted at anyone’s residence, but rather at the newly minted Ulla Johnson boutique in West Hollywood. This store, opened in August, gives off a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy home rather than a traditional retail space.

A Dream Realized

Ulla Johnson Toasts L.A. Opening With Dakota Fanning, Rachel Bilson – WWD

The journey to bring Ulla Johnson’s New York brand to the sunny streets of Los Angeles was a two-year endeavor, in collaboration with renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler. The result is a store that immerses visitors in the essence of the Ulla Johnson brand. With its neutral hues, cozy decor, stone tables, and rattan seating, it captures the quintessential Californian aesthetic.

The West Coast Connection

Ulla Johnson, an East Coast native, spoke to the guests at the dinner about the allure of the West Coast. She shared, "I get asked all the time if I’m from L.A., and I’m such a ride-or-die New Yorker. But I guess, I don’t wear black all the time, and I think there’s something about the work that I do—the color, the light, the sense of ease, and the free-spirited energy—that people associate with the West Coast. So I think it was a long time coming for us to open our storefront here."

A Visual Feast

Guests at the garden dinner were treated to a feast for the eyes. Unexpected details abounded, from the beautifully adorned fitting rooms to the stylishly designed bathrooms. The attention to detail and ambiance created an unforgettable shopping experience for all.

Hollywood’s Presence

The star-studded evening was graced by the presence of Hollywood’s finest, including Gabrielle Union, Dakota Fanning, Cynthia Erivo, Jessica Williams, and Melanie Winskey. They joined a table for 40, celebrating the fusion of fashion and entertainment.

Culinary Delights

The culinary director behind Hulu’s hit restaurant drama, The Bear, chef Courtney Storer, crafted a delectable menu for the event. Guests indulged in an assortment of dishes, from chioggia beets to wild mushrooms and cod. The evening concluded on a sweet note with a passion fruit curd for dessert, leaving everyone reluctant to bid their farewells.

Feeling Right at Home

The "housewarming" event truly made guests feel right at home. The Ulla Johnson store and the enchanting garden dinner created an ambiance that resonated with the warmth and spirit of Los Angeles.

Ulla Johnson’s new L.A. store, born from a dream of bringing East Coast style to the West, is set to become an iconic destination in the heart of West Hollywood.

So, if you’re looking for a slice of New York style with a Californian twist, make sure to stop by Ulla Johnson’s new L.A. store in West Hollywood.

Last Night in West Hollywood, a Garden Dinner for Ulla Johnson’s New L.A. Store was a memorable evening that fused fashion, design, and celebrity, offering a glimpse into a thriving collaboration between the East and West Coasts.

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Unveiling the Themes at Ulla Johnson’s Garden Dinner in L.A.

Did Yara Shahidi wear Ulla Johnson?

Yara Shahidi made a fashion statement when she donned Ulla Johnson’s sheer green Theodora sweater, adorned with delicate frills. The same brand’s highly sought-after Aveline dress, crafted in black silk and featuring an eye-catching graphic print along with enchanting ruffles, has also been recently spotted on actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Ulla Johnson’s designs continue to capture the essence of modern elegance and style.

Who is Ulla Johnson?

Ulla Johnson, a name synonymous with effortless style and timeless fashion, is a designer celebrated for her creations that combine modern aesthetics with a touch of bohemian elegance. Her designs have gained such acclaim that they’ve become a quick go-to choice for those in need of a last-minute, fashionable outfit. With a boutique on Bleecker Street, Ulla Johnson has made a mark in the world of fashion, known for her unique and versatile pieces.

Where to eat in Los Angeles?

Looking for exceptional dining in Los Angeles? Consider the Sunset Tower Bar in West Hollywood. For those seeking classic small plates in LA, Norah is a top choice. The restaurant’s welcoming ambiance, bathed in warm sunlight, offers a delightful array of dishes. From tantalizing crudos, comforting cornbread, and refreshing salads to housemade pasta, and flavorful mains like roasted chicken and succulent braised short rib, Norah promises a diverse and satisfying culinary experience.

Where to eat in West Hollywood 2022?

In 2022, West Hollywood offers a vibrant culinary scene, and one standout option is Saltie Girl. This Boston-import restaurant, having made its West Hollywood debut at the end of the year, has quickly become a local favorite. The lively wraparound dining room, adorned with hot pink accents and subtle nautical-inspired decor, adds to the already lively atmosphere of the Sunset Strip. Don’t miss the delectable caviar with blinis from Petrossian in West Hollywood, a truly exquisite dining experience.

What celebrities were present at the West Hollywood dinner for Ulla Johnson’s new store?

The star-studded West Hollywood dinner celebrating the opening of Ulla Johnson’s new store saw the presence of some notable celebrities. The guest list included Samantha McMillen, Dakota Fanning, the designer herself, Ulla Johnson, Rachel Bilson, and Nicole Chavez. It was an evening where fashion and entertainment luminaries came together to commemorate this exciting addition to West Hollywood’s fashion scene.

What are Ulla Johnson’s new arrivals?

Ulla Johnson has unveiled a stunning array of new arrivals that cater to diverse fashion tastes. The collection encompasses exquisitely crafted ready-to-wear pieces, romantic occasion dresses, luxurious handbags, stylish shoes, and a range of captivating accessories. Discover the latest additions to Ulla Johnson’s fashion line, designed to elevate your style and make a statement.

When is Ulla Johnson’s New York Fashion Week?

Ulla Johnson’s fashion show is a highlight of New York Fashion Week. In September 2022, the Ulla Johnson fashion show took place on September 11th. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Ulla Johnson’s runway appearances during this prestigious fashion event.

What are Ulla Johnson’s tops?

Ulla Johnson offers a captivating range of tops that strike a balance between refinement and comfort. The collection features an array of options, including blouses with an elegant yet relaxed appeal, shirts in both long and short-sleeved styles, sleeveless tops, and knitted tops adorned with Ulla Johnson’s signature ruffles, peplum waists, and flutter sleeves. These tops are available in a wide selection of exquisite prints and luxurious textures, making them a statement piece for any occasion.

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