Top 22 Beautiful Places to Visit in Panchgani

Bordered by five hills of Sahyadri, Panchgani is a calm hill town in the Satara district. Its balmy weather and soothing silence make it an ideal place to lose yourself in the wonderful wilderness. Probably the best thing you’ll love about this serene place is the view of the Krishna river flowing through little farms and hamlets. From the refreshing Mapro Garden and scenic Sydney Point to mysterious Rajpuri Caves and Devrai Art Village that celebrates creativity, there are plenty of awesome places to visit in Panchgani. They will quickly make you fall in love with the hill station and completely fulfill your trip cravings.

22 Gorgeous Places To Visit In Panchgani

So you’re seeking for fun weekend getaways around Mumbai. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest sites to see in Panchgani, a captivating hill station with something for everyone. When you visit these amazing sites mentioned below, you can be sure to spend a lot of quality time with your friends or family:

1. Table Land Viewpoint


Perched at a dizzying height of 4,550 ft above sea level, Table Land Viewpoint is the highest point in Panchgani. Also, this entire volcanic plateau is Asia’s second longest mountain plateau after Tibetan plateau. It’s a 6 km of flat laterite rock enclosed by lush hills. The viewpoint offers mesmerizing aerial view of the scenic valleys of Panchgani. Done with sightseeing? You can also find most awesome restaurants in Panchgani here.

Things to do: Take a horse-riding trip in the evening, take a quick tour of the Pandava’s feet and caves, and head back to the lake before nightfall to watch the sunset.
Best Time To Visit : Daytime
Duration Of Visit: 1-2 hours
Entry Fee: No charges

2. Sydney Point


One of the most popular places to visit in Panchgani, Sydney Point is known for offering breathtaking views of the wonderful Krishna Valley, Kamalgad Fort, Dhom Dam, and also the city of Wai. It is basically a hillock which is popular as a viewpoint overlooking the lush green Krishna Valley. The point is named after the then Commander in Chief and senior member of he council, Sir Sidney Beckwarth.

Things to do: Take photographs of the unique terrace farms, explore the strawberry gardens and enjoy the landscaping view from one of the visitor points.
Best Time To Visit: Sunset
Duration Of Visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

3. Dhom Dam


If your Panchgani sightseeing doesn’t include Dhom Dam, you’re certainly missing something important on your trip. A gorgeous spot, located at a distance of 21 km from the main town, it is known all across Mahabaleshwar for its water sports. You can hire a scooter boat or speed boat at the dam area and go sailing on the waters. The dam was built in 1982 to supply water for agricultural and industrial use. This is one of the best places to visit in Panchgani, by far.

Things to do: Take a boat ride and explore the dam, have an afternoon tea overlooking the water and watch the sun go down behind the hills.
Best Time To Visit:  Daytime and evening
Duration Of Visit: 1-2 hours
Entry Fee: No charges

4. Parsi Point

A Serene View of a Lake

Panchgani is all about views from different points and spots, and Parsi Point is one such place. Offering panoramic view of the Dhom Dam backwaters and the green rolling valleys, this is among the best places to visit in Panchgani in one day. If you’re visiting Panchgani with family, this also make a perfect picnic spot.

Things to do: Photograph the lofty green mountains from this point and take a camel ride to tour the surrounding places.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime and sunset
Duration Of Visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

5. Devrai Art Village


If you’re an art lover and love collecting or seeing the process of making beautiful handcrafted pieces, Devrai Art Village is one of the best places to visit in hill station Panchgani for you. A non-profit community of artists, the art village connects nature and art. Devrai Art Village also provides a livelihood  to a group of skilled Adivas artists from the naxalite affected areas of Gadchiroli & Chattisgarh. You can choose from a wide range of products made of brass, iron, wood, bamboo, tone, and fabric. This is amoung the best places to see in Panchgani .

Things to do: Buy yourself a souvenir and participate in workshops to learn the craft.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime
Duration Of Visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

6. Kate’s Point


Just like other view points in Panchgani, Kate’s Point or Echo Point also offers stunning view of Dhom Dam and Krishna Valley down below. Situated at a distance of 5 km, the point is named after Kate, the daughter of Sir Sohn Malcom, the man who founded Mahabaleshwar.  The site is called the best sunset point in Panchgani . One of the most scenic places to visit in Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, it is perfect for a day dedicated to landscape photography. Visit Kate’s point can be one of the best things to do in Panchgani.

Things to do: Take a panorama picture of the valley, spot elephants, and undertake a short hike to the nearby points for picturesque views.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime
Duration Of Visit: Less than 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

7. Kamalgad Fort

Kamalgad fort on the top of the mountain

If you want to spend your Panchagni vacation exploring the history and experience the glorious past of the region, you must go to one of the best places to visit in Panchgani hill station: Kamalgad Fort. Holding centuries old secrets, griefs, and stories, the fort attracts many tourists during peak season. Surrounded by steep rocks, this square shaped fort was built during Maratha rule.

Things to do: On your way to the site, explore the Red Ochre cave, climb to the highest point of the fort for a spectacular view, and look for the entrance to Balekilla.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime
Duration Of Visit: 2 hours
Entry Fee: No charges

8. Mapro Gardens

Strawberry plantation under gazebo at Mapro Gardens which is one of the best places  to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Want to try some organic edibles in Panchgani? Do pay a visit to Mapro Garden. Mapro Garden is not really a garden, but a place where you can get fruit-based products. Surrounded by absolute greenery, the garden has a chocolate factory, a restaurant, a tony nursery, children’s play area, and an outlet selling Mapro products. This is one of the most amazing places to visit in Panchgani in summer.

Things to do: Try the firewood pizza and fresh strawberry cream, buy yourself some organic eatables and if possible, visit this place during the Strawberry Festival.
Best Time To Visit: Noon and evening
Duration Of visit: 1-2 hours
Entry Fee: No charges

9. Harrison’s Folly

Blue Skies and People in Mountains

A flat barren piece of land, Harrison’s Folly is one of the many view points in Panchgani. This place offers dramatic view of Panchgani one side and Wai on the other side. Also, you get to witness a grand view of Krishna Valley from three sides. What else do you get? The most awesome homestays in Panchgani are located here for all your affordable stays.

Things to do: Indulge yourself in some home-made ice cream by the local vendors, take a go-cart ride, and take a road trip to the top of the folly.
Best Time To Visit : Daytime and sunset
Duration Of visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

10. Rajpuri Caves


Rajpuri Caves is not only one of the most exciting places to visit in Panchgani, but also a religious place. The people of Panchgani and nearby town believe that the ancient caves were used for religious rituals by Lord Kartikeya. According to the stories, these caves surrounded by small ponds once provided shelter to Pandvas during their exile. It is also believed that the holy Ganges flows into these ponds, and that’s why people take bath in these water bodies.

Things to do: Take a short hike around the caves to observe the indigenous flora and fauna.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime and sunset
Duration Of Visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

11. Lingmala Falls


Enjoy a refreshing bath in Lingmala Falls, falling from  500 feet. It is one of the best sightseeing places in Panchgani which will act as a great weekend getaway. You can get picturesque views of the Dhobi and Chinaman’s waterfall located nearby. An ideal place for friends or family, you can click some great pictures to create perfect memories. And if you like rain, then do visit Lingmala during the monsoons. You can also find the most awesome villas in Panchgani near Lingmala Falls where you can plan for a luxury stay.

Things to do: Take a detour to the Dhobi and Chinaman’s waterfalls nearby, take a small trek into the woods surrounding the fall, and if you are a photography buff, try some long-exposure shots at the scene.
Best Time To Visit: Monsoon
Duration Of Visit: 1 hour
Entry Fee: No charges

12. Wai


Wai is an awesome getaway situated in Panchgani, housing popular temples in Panchgani that hold immense mythological significance. Also known as  “Dakshin Kashi” since the town has more than 100 temples. Known to be a perfect place for devotees, and general public, alike, you get some unpolluted air and lush greenery to explore.

Things to do: Take a walk to the Wai Caves, view the Dholya Ganpati Mandir, and take a refreshing swim in the Krishna river.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime
Duration Of Visit: 3 hours
Entry Fee: Free

13. Wilson Point


Also called Sunrise point, it is the highest point situated in the region at 4,710 ft. above the sea level. You can watch from 3 major towers which give you a bird’s eye view of the whole region. This place is an absolute delight for nature lovers. Photography enthusiasts can take extremely amazing shots of the region. Due to its mesmerizing views, Wilson Point is one of the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra.

Things to do: Take out your best gear and do some landscape photography, try and observe both the sunrise and sunset (as it is the only point where you can do so), and do some bird-watching activities.
Best Time To Visit: Monsoon
Duration Of Visit: 2 hours
Entry Fee: Free

14. Bhilar Falls


If you haven’t visited Bhilar Falls, then you are yet to complete your trip to Panchgani. It is truly an offbeat destination, hence, acts as a perfect spot which is unexplored. Located at an altitude of 4500 ft., you can get some picture-perfect shots of the region. Get immersed in the serenity and tranquility by spending a nice evening near the falls. What’s even better is that you get to enjoy a range of activities including rappelling.

Things to do: Take part in some rappelling and enjoy a view from the telescope (INR 30) on the opposite mountain for a complete view of the falls.
Best Time To Visit: Evening
Duration Of Visit: 5 hours
Entry Fee: Free

15. Sherbaug


A great location to unwind and enjoy the beauties of the area. This attraction is a theme park with many gorgeous resorts where you may spend your precious time. Many people enjoy the nature stroll, and the park also has the biggest man-made waterfall with rain dance and water cannons. You may also have a campfire with your friends and eat great local cuisine.

Things to do: Enjoy a bonfire night, order a bed-in-breakfast buffet and enjoy a rain dance show under the largest man-made waterfall.
Best Time To Visit: Anytime of the day
Duration Of Visit: 1 day
Entry Fee: Free

16. Panchgani Bazaar


When you want to go shopping in Panchgani, this is the place to go. A popular site draws residents and provides some fantastic things, including fashion, lifestyle, home décor, and more! This is the place to go if you want to purchase locally produced items at reasonable costs. Find fruits including litchi and strawberry, as well as a variety of juices and preserves. You may also get the well-known Kolhapuri chappals, which are reasonably priced. This is one of the greatest shopping destinations in Panchgani.

Things to do: Splurge on some fruit crushes and marmalades, get some hand-crafted decor for your home, and indulge in street-side delicacies for the evening.
Best Time To Visit: Day and Evening
Duration Of Visit: 1 day
Entry Fee: Free

17. Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgardh fort

A visit to Pratapgad fort in Satara is recommended for those who like trekking and enjoying nature’s splendor. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Panchgani, which is known for its rich history. This fort is 22 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar and is at a height of 1,080 meters above sea level. The fort’s objective was to link the settlements of Par and Kinesvar. This fort, surrounded by beautiful foliage, is a work of architectural beauty.

Things to do: Relish in the architectural history of the fort, take a detour for a local experience into the villages of Par and Kinesvar, and climb to the highest point for a view of the area.
Location: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806 Poladpur Mahabaleshwar Road
Timings: 6AM-6PM

18. Kaas Plateau


The Kaas Plateau, also known as the Valley of Flowers, is a must-see destination in Maharashtra. This is a nature lover’s delight that takes at least 3 hours to explore. This valley has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its natural beauty and features. The Kaas Plateau is home to over 850 different flower species. The location is also great for hiking and visiting the surrounding districts. There are also more tourist sites such as Kaas Lake, Bamnoli, and Thoseghar waterfalls.

Things to do: Hike around the garden to discover the many different types of flora and fauna, swim in Kaas Lake, and bring a gift (maybe a flower) as a memento of your visit.
Location: 25 Kms away from Satara district, Maharashtra
Timings: 9AM-7PM
Entry Fee: INR 100

19. Chinaman’s Waterfall


This is one of the famous waterfalls to visit while visiting Panchgani and enjoy a great time away from the hustle bustle. The gushing water falls from a height of 500m which is surrounded by surreal green beauty of the valley. The best sight of this place is to see the water coming out from two points and meet at a single stream. The Chinaman’s waterfall is situated at a tip of the Venna Valley which is surrounded by the serene ambiance. Alongside the waterfall there are few gardens which were once looked after by the Chinese, hence the name of the waterfall.

Things to do: Explore the nearby Koyna Valley, take a hike into the forests for a temporary camp, and enjoy the day walking down the waterfall for an adventurous getaway.
Location: 2.5 kms from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand
Timings: Throughout the day

20. Venna Lake


Visit this gorgeous lake in Panchgani for a calm escape surrounded by lush foliage and bizarre sights. Sitting beside the lake, one may take in the scenery and the stillness. This is a man-made lake that was established in 1942 by Sri Appasaheb Maharaj. The major goal of building this lake was to meet the requirements of the locals while also providing a location for relaxation and enjoyment. There are different adventurous activities available around this lake, such as boat rides and visits to the amusement park situated just across the lake. Aside from that, one may go horseback riding.

Things to do: Take a boat trip to the lake’s center and then make a diversion to the Mahabaleshwar market to relax from the day’s events by shopping and eating sweets.
Location: Satara, Maharashtra
Timings: 7AM-7PM

21. Babington Point


Addition to every person’s bucket list, Babington Point is one of the best places to visit in Panchgani for nature lovers. Located at the Krishna Valley and close to the Dom Dam backwaters, this is a place which is blessed with nature’s beauty. While here one can visit the Parsi point which is a popular picnic spot and offers a beautiful view to enjoy.

Things to do: Enjoy a picnic in the jungle, take an evening stroll to the nearby villages and take photographs on your way back to the bazaar for a cultural view of the locale.
Location: Ganeshpeth, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805
Timings: 8AM-6PM

22. Panchganga Mandir


The Panchganga mandir is one of the famous places in Panchgani It is revered for its spiritual significance. This location is very important to the devotees who travel here from all over the world to worship. This mandir was established in the 13th century by the Yadavas and Raja Singhandeo. This temple is around 18 kilometers from the city and about 40 minutes from Panchgani.

Things to do: Participate in daily prayers at the temple, wait in line with other believers to touch the hallowed water, and learn about the temple’s 13th-century construction.
Location: Old Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
Timings: 5AM-12PM, 4PM-9PM

Best Time To Visit Panchgani

Hill Stations

Panchgani has the most pleasant weather and it doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the year. The temperature ranges between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. The hill station receives heavy rainfall between June to September. The best time to visit Panchgani is from September to May when cool wind blows, flowers bloom, and the weather is just right for sightseeing.

While you’re in Panchgani, you can shop for leather goods, wood handicrafts, honey, jams, chikkis etc. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to Roach and Sons, which is Panchgani’s oldest bakery, founded in 1901.

Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit in Panchgani

What are the best outdoor activities in Panchgani?

1. Discover the fascinating tribal culture in Devrai Art Village.
2. Take pleasure in boating on Venna Lake’s tranquil waters.
3. Go for a jeep safari tour
4. Have a fun-filled day at Wheelz Amusement Park

What are the best spots to visit at night in Panchgani?

Some of the greatest spots to visit at night in Panchgani are Arthur’s Seat, Pratap Singh Park, Town Bazaar, The Electrique Mist, and others.

Can I go to Panchgani with the present Covid crisis?

Yes, you may visit Panchgani amid the present Covid crisis. However, make sure you are fully vaccinated and have your vaccination certificate with you at all times. Aside from that, you must observe government rules such as wearing a mask in public, cleaning your hands at regular intervals, and keeping social distance.

What is the best time to visit Panchgani?

Winter and fall are the finest times to visit Panchgani. The weather stays warm and suitable for sightseeing. As a result, the optimum months to visit the location are September through May.

How to visit Panchgani?

Trains are the most convenient way to go to Panchgani. Satara, 45 kilometers distant, is the nearest station. Pune Satabdi, Mumbai Express, CSTM Latur Express, Mumbai Mail, and Udyan Express are among the most popular trains.

How far is Panchgani from Mumbai?

Panchgani is around 250 kilometers from Mumbai and is ideal for a weekend vacation from there. While Satara railway station is the nearest to the city, the Pune station is very well linked to many routes.

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