Tiger 3 Diwali Spectacle: Salman Khan’s Countdown & Record-Breaking Advance Bookings

In anticipation of the highly awaited release of ‘Tiger 3’, the latest installment in the YRF Spy Universe, Salman Khan’s fans are flocking to theaters in droves. The film’s advance bookings have soared to unprecedented heights, marking a groundbreaking Diwali success for the Bollywood superstar.

Record-Breaking Advance Bookings

advance: Ahead of Diwali release,

A mere week before its official theatrical debut, ‘Tiger 3’ opened its advance bookings, setting the stage for what promises to be one of the most lucrative Diwali runs in cinematic history. Within just two days, the Maneesh Sharma directorial raked in a staggering Rs 8.01 crores, showcasing the immense anticipation among the audience.

The bulk of these bookings came from the Hindi sector, where the film grossed an estimated Rs 7.44 crore from 2D ticket sales. Additional revenue streams poured in from IMAX screens (Rs 40 lakh), 4DX screens (Rs 8.2 lakh), and the ICE format (Rs 54K). Even the Telugu dubbed version contributed significantly, collecting an estimated Rs 6.67 lakh.

Unveiling Action-Packed Surprises

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan

As the countdown to the film’s release commenced, the makers treated fans to a thrilling new IMAX poster, intensifying the buzz around ‘Tiger 3’. Director Maneesh Sharma revealed exciting details about the film, stating, "Salman and Katrina are Tiger and Zoya – India’s biggest action duo. This is their story, evolving with every challenge they face. The stakes are higher, and so is the action, reminiscent of Hollywood’s grandeur."

‘Tiger 3’ is slated to feature the highest number of action sequences ever seen in a YRF Spy Universe film. Sharma emphasized the relentless pace and immediate peril faced by the protagonists, promising an adrenaline-pumping experience for the audience. He proudly declared, "We have 12 amazing action sequences, each crafted to captivate our viewers. On IMAX, they look absolutely world-class, resonating with a global audience."

Countdown to Cinematic Triumph

‘Tiger 3’ is all set to roar into theaters on November 12, captivating audiences in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The film’s astounding advance bookings reflect the unwavering excitement among fans, making it one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

As Salman Khan begins the countdown to ‘Tiger 3’ release, the film’s advance bookings record climbs to an all-time high on Diwali, reaffirming the superstar’s status as the reigning king of the Bollywood box office. With action sequences rivalling international standards and a narrative that promises unparalleled thrills, ‘Tiger 3’ is poised to become a cinematic spectacle that fans will cherish for years to come.

Diwali Delights: Record-Breaking Advance Bookings for ‘Tiger 3’

When is Tiger 3 Releasing in Theaters?

Salman Khan’s highly anticipated film, Tiger 3, is set to hit theaters on 12 November 2023, aligning with the festive occasion of Diwali. Fans can experience the action-packed extravaganza in various formats, including standard, IMAX, and 4DX, ensuring a cinematic adventure tailored to diverse preferences. Mark your calendars and gear up for an unforgettable cinematic experience as Tiger 3 roars onto screens nationwide this Diwali.

Is Tiger 3 Releasing in IMAX?

Indeed, Salman Khan’s much-anticipated film, Tiger 3, is set to storm theaters worldwide on November 11, followed by its grand release across India on November 12. Fans can rejoice as the film will be screening in both standard and IMAX formats, offering an immersive cinematic experience. Tiger 3 will be available in multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, ensuring audiences of diverse backgrounds can enjoy the thrilling action spectacle on the big screen.

Will Hrithik Roshan Appear in Tiger 3?

Certainly! Tiger 3 promises an exciting lineup, featuring a special appearance by Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan and the inclusion of Hrithik Roshan, who will portray the spy Kabir from the hit movie War. Fans can anticipate an electrifying on-screen collaboration as these Bollywood stalwarts join forces in this high-octane espionage thriller.

Is Kabir in Tiger 3?

Absolutely! Tiger 3 is set to bring together an ensemble of super spies from producer Aditya Chopra’s spy universe. While fans were already excited about Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan cameo, a delightful surprise awaits them. Recently revealed on Saturday (Nov 4), the film will also feature Hrithik Roshan reprising his role as Kabir from War, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Tiger world. Get ready for an epic convergence of iconic characters in this action-packed cinematic spectacle.

How Much Did the Movie Tiger 3 Cost?

Delving into the financial aspect, Tiger 3, a cinematic endeavor that commenced its principal photography in March 2021 in Delhi, was crafted with precision and creativity. The film boasts a compelling soundtrack by Pritam and an immersive background score composed by Tanuj Tiku. The ambitious project was brought to life with an estimated budget of ₹300 crore, marking it as the most expensive venture undertaken by Yash Raj Films. This significant investment underscores the scale and grandeur that audiences can expect from this highly anticipated cinematic masterpiece.

Is IMAX 3D Better Than IMAX?

Absolutely, IMAX 3D stands out as a remarkably distinct format when compared to IMAX 2D. While several 2D formats have approached IMAX in terms of size and resolution, IMAX 3D remains unparalleled in the realm of large-format 3D. Its superiority shines through in aspects such as size, brightness, and overall quality control, making it a preferred choice for viewers seeking an immersive and visually stunning cinematic experience. IMAX 3D continues to set a high standard, ensuring audiences enjoy a cutting-edge and unparalleled visual spectacle.

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