Tiger 3 Day 1 Box Office Triumph: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Stellar Debut with Rs 15 Crore Collection

Anticipation Soars as Fans Flock to Cinemas

Tiger 3

The excitement is palpable as Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s much-awaited starrer, Tiger 3, gears up for its Diwali release this Sunday. The anticipation has reached a fever pitch, with fans rushing to book their tickets in advance.

Impressive Numbers in Advance Bookings

According to reports from Sacnilk, Tiger 3 has managed to sell an astounding 5,86,650 tickets for its first day, amassing an impressive Rs 15.58 crore. This remarkable figure includes tickets for Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu shows, showcasing the film’s wide appeal across different regions.

Nationwide Shows and Star-Studded Cast

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Tiger 3 is set to grace around 17,103 screens nationwide on its opening day, promising an extensive cinematic experience for audiences. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, this film marks the third installment in the action-packed franchise, with Salman Khan reprising his role as Tiger and Katrina Kaif as Zoya. Adding to the star power, Emraan Hashmi takes on the role of the antagonist.

Special Cameos to Heighten the Excitement

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Fans are in for a treat with two special cameos in Tiger 3. The dynamic duo of Shah Rukh Khan, portraying Pathaan, and Hrithik Roshan as Kabir, will share the screen with Salman Khan in this high-octane action entertainer.

Grand Scale and Iconic Entry

The film promises a grand spectacle, with Salman Khan’s entry scene alone spanning over 10 minutes. Maneesh Sharma, the director, expressed, "Salman Khan has given us countless memorable intro sequences; it’s one of those iconic moments that Salman fans and Hindi film lovers wait for." He further elaborated on the meticulous efforts behind crafting a 10-minute block that does justice to Tiger’s entry in Tiger 3.

Tiger 3 stands poised to be a blockbuster, with its record-breaking advance bookings and star-studded ensemble. As the clock ticks down to its Diwali release, the cinematic world eagerly awaits the roar of the tiger at the box office.

Remember to secure your tickets for Tiger 3 to witness the cinematic extravaganza that has already taken the nation by storm!

In Numbers: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Tiger 3 Roars with a Whopping Rs 15 Crore on Opening Day

Did Sacnilk Release Tiger 3 Opening Day Collection Based on Advance Booking?

As fans anticipate the release of Tiger 3, speculations on its box office performance flood social media. The moment of truth has arrived with Sacnilk’s recent revelation of Tiger 3’s opening day collection derived from advance bookings. According to the website’s report, Salman Khan’s starrer has surpassed Rs 10.40 crore in gross earnings on Day 1, with an impressive ticket count of approximately Rs 3.80 lakh.

Does Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Have Advance Booking Numbers?

How Much Money Has Tiger 3 Made in Advance Booking?

Early estimates from Sacnilk reveal that Tiger 3 has garnered an impressive Rs 4.2 crore in advance bookings for its opening day, with a notable sale of 140,000 tickets. The advance booking sales for ‘Tiger 3’ have commenced, and according to Sacnilk’s report, these earnings are attributed to 7,392 shows. Stay tuned for more updates on the pre-release success of Tiger 3.

How Much Money Does Tiger 3 Make Before Diwali?

Even before its Diwali release, Tiger 3 has demonstrated its box office prowess, amassing a noteworthy Rs 15 crore in advance ticket sales. While trailing behind Jawan and Pathaan, Salman Khan’s action-packed spectacle is gearing up for a grand theatrical release on November 12. Stay tuned for the unfolding success story of Tiger 3.

How Many Tickets Sold for Tiger 3?

In the eagerly awaited return of Zoya and Tiger portrayed by Katrina and Salman, the buzz around Tiger 3 is backed by staggering ticket sales. The film has already seen over 5,86,650 tickets sold, comprising 5,49,988 tickets for the Hindi 2D version and 21,049 tickets for the Telugu 2D version. Brace yourself for a cinematic spectacle as audiences flock to witness the dynamic duo in action.

How Much Advance Booking of Tiger 3?

In the buildup to its Diwali release, Tiger 3 has set the cash registers ringing with an impressive advance booking collection of ₹15 crore. Anticipations are high, with predictions hinting at a potential opening of ₹40 crore. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif fans are in for a cinematic treat as Tiger 3 gears up for a spectacular debut at the box office.

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