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Mumbai is the country’s dream capital and a financial powerhouse. This is the home of Bollywood. Mumbai is a one-stop shop for everything from nightlife to cultural events. Apart from tourism and business, Mumbai is home to a large number of billionaires. With all of this knowledge, it’s not surprising that Mumbai International Airport is one of the busiest in the country. The airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) located 12 kilometers from the city center. . This does not preclude you from visiting tourist destinations. There are various significant locations to see around the international airport.

1. Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Bhaja Caves Distance from International Airport : 3.8 km

Type of Attraction : Heritage Sightseeing

Kanheri caverns is a group of rock-cut caverns featuring Buddhist sculptures, inscriptions, carvings, paintings, and other artifacts from the first to tenth centuries BC. There are around 109 caverns in this area, however just a few include notable sculptures and cultural items. If you want to admire Mumbai’s ancient splendor, this is an important historical site.

2. Juhu beach

Juhu Beach Distance from International Airport : 6 km

Type of Attraction :> Beach Activities

Juhu beach is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere. You may see individuals jogging, riding, and doing other things. If you go in the evening, the path to the beach will be lined with food sellers serving Mumbai street cuisine. This is the ideal location for some peaceful quiet. Walk down the coastline to see statues of the country’s most notable liberation warriors.

3. Snow World

Distance from International Airport : 6.8 km

Type of Attraction : Snow Theme Park

If you’re searching for a snow-themed park, this is the place to go. If you’re travelling in the summer, this is a great location to unwind and get away from the hot heat. It is situated inside Phoenix Market City and offers a variety of snow and ice sports such as snowball tossing, ice sledding, snow sliding, ice skating, and even snowfall. This park has a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and a variety of themed activities. If you are traveling with children, you should go to this theme park.

4. Mahakali caves

Distance from International Airport : 7.4 km

Type of Attraction : Heritage Sightseeing

This is a group of 19 rock-cut caverns filled with monuments that were created between the 1st and 6th centuries BC. The Buddhist community owns the monuments inside these caverns. There are two groups of caverns here, and the majority of them are said to be resting places for monks and Buddhist pilgrims. There are several sculptures, reliefs, inscriptions, and cisterns in the caverns to the south-east. Numerous sculptures may be seen in Cave 9, the biggest of this group.

5. ISKCON Temple Juhu (Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji temple)

Distance from International Airport : 7.8 km

Type of Attraction : Pilgrimage Site

If you’re going to Juhu Beach, you should stop by this temple as well. This is one of the country’s most gorgeous and contemporary Krishna temples. This seven-story complex, built in the 1970s, had a marble temple, restaurant, auditorium, guest house, and other amenities. Later, a bakery, library, meditation rooms, and other facilities were built. Inside the complex, you may participate in Vedic education, yoga, and other spiritual courses. There is a big portion dedicated to Swami Prabhupada’s artifacts. You may also purchase spiritual mementos at the temple’s store. Visit at any religious festival to experience various unique traditions.

6. Powai Lake

Distance from International Airport : 9 km

Type of Attraction : Birdwatching

The British constructed this artificial lake near the end of the 18th century. This lake is ideal for photography, a peaceful romantic vacation, and one of the greatest places to watch the sunset. The birdlife is the biggest attraction in this area. During the winter, you may see numerous unique birds such as the brahminy kite, kingfisher, purple-rumped sunbird, spotted dove, and so on. If you go after sunset, you may see the city’s bright skyline from the lake.

7. Bandstand Promenade

Distance from International Airport : 12 km

Type of Attraction : Cultural Sightseeing

This is a one-kilometer boardwalk that runs beside the Arabian Sea. This is a popular location for festivals and cultural activities. If you come on a Sunday, you may see jam sessions. The Mount Mary Church, located on a little hillside overlooking the sea, may be seen along this route. It is a popular pilgrimage site, particularly during Christian holidays. There are various additional sights, retail centers, and architectural wonders in the surrounding area.

8. Bandra Fort

Distance from International Airport : 14 km

Type of Attraction : Architectural Sightseeing

The Portuguese erected this fort as a watchtower in the 17th century. It’s also known as the Castella de Aguada. The Arabian Sea, Mahim Bay, and Mahim Island are all visible from this lookout. Today, it is a popular picnic destination for vacationers. Explore the fort’s surviving architectural aspects as you walk around it. Get to the top of the fort for a panoramic view of the sea, harbor, and island.

9. Nehru Science Center

Distance from International Airport : 15.9 km

Type of Attraction : Educational Science Center

This is the biggest interactive science facility in India. This facility is well-known for its light and sight exhibitions, scientific park, and science displays, among other things. This facility has about 500 scientific projects of various kinds. There is also a collection of scientific and technology-related artifacts.

10. Worli Sea Face

Distance from International Airport : 16 km

Type of Attraction : Architectural Sightseeing and Cultural Activities

Worli Fort, Haji Al Dargah, Siddhivinayak temple, and other notable sites make this a cultural center. The main draw of this place is driving along the lengthy road that runs next to the silky Arabian Sea. This location has been a key location for many Bollywood films, and you can see why.

Are you planning on visiting any of these sights before your flight? Plan ahead of time, keeping traffic in mind. Mumbai has a well-connected road infrastructure, although traffic is heavy, particularly during peak hours on weekdays.

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    1. Relax at Spa.
    2. Uncover JayaHe GVK Museum.
    3. Take a Shopping Trip.
    4. Unwind in the Lounge.
    5. Try Some Delicious Food.
    6. Explore the City.
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    Things to do at Mumbai Airport

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  • What are the near by airports to Mumbai?

    Mumbai’s closest airport, Mumbai (BOM), is 10.1 kilometers away. Pune (PNQ) (121.5 km) and Nashik (ISK) (165.3 km) are two more nearby airports.

  • Can I leave Mumbai Airport during a layover?

    Yes, it is possible to leave and return to the airport between connecting flights. It is, however, a bit of a risk. There are various considerations to consider before leaving the airport during a stopover.

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