Things to do in Mumbai in monsoon

The name has changed from Bombay to Mumbai, but what hasn’t changed is the city’s enduring beauty when it rains. Thank you to ‘Wake Up Sid’ and a slew of other Bollywood films for capturing the actual spirit of the event. monsoon in Mumbai. A bright horizon with as many clouds as possible visible, rains hugging your face like a soft wind, a cup of cutting chai, and your favorite tunes playing in the background will undoubtedly put you in the mood the minute you go outside. In addition, whether you’re taking a trip to Mumbai The satisfaction of sharing it with your friends, significant other, or all by oneself rainy season in Mumbai  is absolutely worth experiencing!

Onset Of Monsoon In Mumbai

Monsoon In Mumbai

While it’s difficult to predict anything about the rain in Mumbai The annual anticipation of the monsoon ends in early June. The weather remains humid as the rainfall increases gradually, and the maximum and lowest daily temperatures remain in the range of 31.9 °C to 25.8 °C.

July is recognized as the city’s wettest month, with weeks of nonstop rain and little sunlight. August is expected to go through the same thing. However, the temperature is 29.3 °C during the day and 24.5 °C at night. By September, the intensity has decreased with little rainfall, and the third week officially ends this season. M onsoon duration in Mumbai is two months from July-August.

While January is the coldest month to visit Mumbai, with temperatures dropping to 16 °C at night, if you want to experience the amazing wonder of nature, this city beckons for a visit during the monsoon!

10 Best Things To Do In Monsoon In Mumbai

This city of dreams, which is home to both the affluent and the poor, offers a plethora of tourist attractions and an infinite number of things to do, but these ten moments are definitely worth witnessing during the monsoon!

  • Cutting Chai – Marine Drive
  • Admire The Sealink
  • Bandra Bandstand
  • Ferry Ride – Gateway Of Mumbai
  • Leisure Walk – Juhu Beach
  • Rooftop Lunch – Bayview Cafe
  • Relive Bollywood
  • Long Drive – Lonavla
  • Hot Chocolate – Theobroma
  • Get Around The City

1. Cutting Chai – Marine Drive

Marine Drive

One of the nicest things to do in Mumbai during the monsoon is to catch up with close friends or family over a cup of chai. And, when it’s pouring, there’s no better place to be than Marine Drive to enjoy this moment! Allow the rhythms of ‘Ik Tara’ or your favorite song to calm your ears as you relax here and watch the clouds and waves dance while enjoying the famed cutting chai or bhel puri.

2. Admire The Sealink

Worli Seaface

If there is one thing more beautiful than the Sealink, it is the Seaface at Worli. This is also one of the greatest spots to visit in Mumbai with your loved one when it rains. Find a comfortable spot in the shade for you two and enjoy the rain. The breathtaking splendor of the location will not only make you fall in love with nature, but also with each other. Hold hands, sit close together, and allow the rains to envelop you both while you speak the wonderful words. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do in monsoon in Mumbai 2022 .

3. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand

One of the best monsoon places in Mumbai is Bandra Bandstand, where you may spend hours admiring the splendor. The countless legends about the gorgeous Mannat and how one can often sight Shah Rukh Khan have made Bandra Bandstand a popular location for everyone visiting the city. There is no reason you shouldn’t! Visit the location with your family or friends and have a mouthful of the spicy bhuttas while sitting on the rocks and admiring the landscape. It’s one of the most romantic spots to visit in Mumbai while it’s raining.

4. Ferry Ride – Gateway Of Mumbai

Gateway Of India

We’re sure you’ve heard about the Gateway about India a million times before, but maybe now is the time to go and see it for yourself. When the clouds roll in and it begins to rain, the monument looks amazing. Spend some time together by taking a boat trip while it’s lightly raining. Climb onto the deck, enjoy the cold wind, and let the rains kiss you as you stand next to each other.

5. Leisure Walk – Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

There are beaches in every nook and cranny of Mumbai, but nothing compares to the allure of Juhu Beach. The monsoon in Mumbai provides a breath of relief from the sweltering heat, and now is the time to live to the utmost! Take a stroll down the beach when it’s pouring and experience the blissful sensation of the waves kissing your feet.

6. Rooftop Lunch – Bayview Cafe

rooftop lunch at the famous Bayview Cafe

While there are several locations to explore, eateries such as Bayview Cafe in Colaba are a must-see during the festival monsoon in Mumbai. The café, which overlooks the port and the Gateway of India, allows you to take in the beautiful splendor of the city as you eat wonderful meals. This is the ideal area to listen to the rain’s murmurs, whether you’re visiting with friends, family, or your spouse.

7. Relive Bollywood

Relive Bollywood from the windows of your home

The best way to enjoy the Mumbai monsoon is undoubtedly going out and enjoying the city, but a better method is to dwell on the beautiful memories Bollywood has given us. And if you’re among those who fear the Mumbai rains.  Staying at home and watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite music while gazing out the window is a memorable experience!

8. Long Drive – Lonavla

drive to Lonavla

Thinking about the best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon ? Lonavla is the solution. The monsoon season is unquestionably the finest time to take a romantic drive with your significant other or a road trip with your closest friends. Drive via the Navi Mumbai route to see the amazing beauty of nature, and then relax at Lion’s Point for a thrill.

9. Hot Chocolate – Theobroma

enjoying rain at theobroma

Nothing soothes the spirit like the fragrance of rain and sand, combined with your favorite book. So it’s not surprising that one of the most popular things to do in Mumbai during the monsoon is relax in a quiet café and read a book. Grab your favorite book, go to Mumbai’s famed bakery, and read while sipping hot chocolate. This is the most enjoyable method to experience the Mumbai monsoon,  if you’re someone who loves having some ‘me time’.

10. Get Around The City

local taxi

If you want to experience all of the above at once, get into a kaali-peeli cab and explore the city. This is a fantastic way to tour the city and experience its beauty, particularly when it rains. Prepare your camera and record the fascinating beauty not only with your eyes, but also with the lens. Alternatively, gaze out the window and let the rains hug you!

Related Questions

  • How can I spend a rainy day in Mumbai?

    1. • Scenic Drives. Marine Drive.
    2. Bandra-Worli Sea Link.
    3.  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
    4. KidZania Mumbai.
    5. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum.
    6. Nariman Point.
    7. Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple.
    8. Mount Mary Basilica.
  • How to enjoy monsoon in Mumbai?

    As the rain wipes the city clean, here is a list of ten locations to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon season:

    1. Marine Drive – Synonymous with Mumbai rains.
    2. Bandra Bandstand – Fantastic view of the sea.
    3. Carter Road – Ideal walk in the rains.
    4. Juhu Beach – Warm food in the rains.
    5. Worli Seaface – For the solitude seekers.
  • Is it good to visit Mumbai in monsoon?

    Marine Drive is one of the greatest spots to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon. While the location is well-known among both residents and visitors, it is especially beautiful during the monsoon season. During the monsoon season, the waves become bigger and the atmosphere gets more lively.

  • Where we can go in rainy season in Mumbai?

    Best Places to Visit in Mumbai During the Monsoon for Two Days

    1. Kolad. River Rafting at Kolad (source) …
    2. The waterfall in Vihigaon. Vihigaon Waterfall Adventure Sports…
    3. Igatpuri. Igatpuri’s breathtaking beauty (source)…
    4. Ghat Malshej. The spectacular ascent up Malshej Ghat (source)…
    5. Mulshi Dam. …
    6. Randha Falls. …
    7. Lavasa.
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