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The RealReal’s Sustainable Fashion Soirée: A Très Cool Union in the Name of Cyclical Style

A Stylish Celebration of The RealReal’s Commitment to Sustainable Luxury Fashion

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In the world of fashion, it’s no secret that The RealReal holds a special place for enthusiasts. This sentiment was overwhelmingly evident at a recent dinner event hosted by the company, where industry insiders and a chic cadre of New York City’s creative minds gathered at the Holiday Bar. The occasion? The launch of The RealReal’s "Consign Commitment" and a star-studded closet sale that coincided with National Consignment Month, spotlighting the brand’s unwavering dedication to sustainable luxury fashion.

An Exclusive Gathering

The event drew a bevy of tastemakers who have long supported and frequented The RealReal. Among the notable guests were the ever-elegant Helena Christensen, who sported an outfit directly sourced from The RealReal’s celebrity sale. Joining her were luminaries like Rebecca Hall, Angelica Hicks, Jenna Lyons, and Sarah Clary, the latter two resplendent in matching crimson ensembles. The guest list extended to include Eny Lee Parker, fashion critic Lynn Yaeger, Marina Testino, and Pat Cleveland, creating an illustrious evening filled with style and substance.

A Thoughtful Shift Towards Sustainability

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As the evening progressed, guests took their seats for dinner, setting the stage for thought-provoking speeches from Rati Sahi Levesque, the President and COO of The RealReal, and Dr. Sebastian Troëng, VP of Conservation Partnerships at Conservation International. Dr. Troëng, drawing from his background as a marine biologist, emphasized the pressing need for a change in fashion consumption. He highlighted the pivotal role the fashion industry plays in environmental preservation, underscoring alarming statistics: "The fashion sector actually has a bigger climate footprint than all shipping and air travel put together, and is the second-largest consumer of freshwater in the world."

A Sustainable Partnership

Dr. Troëng’s partnership with The RealReal, a champion of the consignment model, was hailed as a significant stride towards creating a more sustainable fashion sector. Levesque reiterated the company’s commitment, stating, "We really wanted to start changing people’s behavior and changing consumer behavior for the better." The RealReal, over its impressive 13-year journey, has successfully guided consumers toward more responsible fashion choices, rescuing countless items from their destiny in landfills. Levesque urged everyone to "pledge to consign one in five items," highlighting the considerable impact such an action could have on reducing waste and promoting cyclical fashion.

Embracing the Consignment Revolution

What Is a Consignment Shop?

With a newfound sense of purpose, guests eagerly made plans to embrace consignment as part of their fashion routine. Actor AnnaSophia Robb shared, "I did a drop-off today!" – offering tangible proof that The RealReal is fast becoming an integral component in the lives of those with a keen sense of fashion consciousness.

In the name of cyclical fashion, The RealReal has brought together a ‘très cool’ group, uniting industry leaders, creatives, and sustainability advocates to make the fashion world a more environmentally conscious and stylish place.

With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on consignment, The RealReal is making a significant impact in the fashion industry and influencing how consumers approach fashion choices. This gathering was not just a celebration but a step toward a more eco-friendly and cyclical fashion future.

Noteworthy Discoveries for Fashion Enthusiasts

What is The RealReal’s Consign Commitment?

The RealReal’s Consign Commitment: Pledging for a Greener Fashion Future

The RealReal, a leading secondhand sustainable luxury resale platform, has introduced its groundbreaking "Consign Commitment" initiative. This innovative program invites fashion-conscious consumers to make a commitment: consign at least 20 percent of their closet items. By taking this pledge, individuals play a vital role in forging a path towards a more eco-friendly fashion landscape. The Consign Commitment is a powerful way for consumers to embrace cyclical fashion and reduce waste, all while promoting sustainable luxury choices.

Is The RealReal sustainable?

The RealReal: Championing Sustainability in Luxury

The RealReal stands at the forefront of sustainable luxury practices, actively advocating for the re-circulation of products throughout the wider retail landscape.

  • With a commitment to eco-conscious consignment, The RealReal encourages a cyclical fashion mindset.
  • Their efforts go beyond reselling, emphasizing the importance of reducing fashion waste and making responsible luxury choices.
  • The RealReal’s sustainability initiatives are driving positive change within the industry.

What is special about The RealReal?

Discovering What Sets The RealReal Apart

The RealReal, based in San Francisco, is not your ordinary online luxury consignment platform. Here’s what makes it truly special:

  • Selling and Shopping: The RealReal offers a dual experience, enabling users to sell their items for cash or merchandise credit, as well as providing a shopping platform.

  • User-Friendly App: Adding to its appeal, The RealReal provides a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for both sellers and shoppers.

This combination of features sets The RealReal apart as a versatile and user-focused destination in the world of luxury resale.

What is the mission of The RealReal?

The RealReal’s Noble Mission

The mission of The RealReal is succinct and impactful:

  • Empowering Consignors and Buyers: The company is dedicated to empowering individuals who consign and those who shop to participate in a sustainable, cyclical fashion movement.

  • Extending the Luxury Life Cycle: The RealReal seeks to extend the life cycle of luxury goods, all while paying homage to the brands that define luxury.

In essence, The RealReal’s mission centers on fostering sustainability, ensuring that luxury fashion finds new life and appreciation, and continues to make a positive mark on the fashion world.

What is The RealReal strategy?

The RealReal’s Strategic Approach

The RealReal employs a well-defined strategy:

  • Aggregated Luxury Consignments: The platform sources a continuous flow of luxury consignments from sellers across the nation.

  • Stringent Authentication: Each item is meticulously authenticated to ensure quality and brand authenticity before listing it on their website.

  • Revenue Sharing: The RealReal operates on a commission-based model, with the proceeds from sales being divided equitably between the seller and the platform.

In essence, The RealReal’s strategy is centered around aggregating authentic luxury items and ensuring fair compensation for both sellers and the platform itself.

Which is the most sustainable brand?

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When it comes to sustainable brands, Patagonia consistently tops the list. This outdoor apparel company is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable companies globally, and it’s not without reason. Patagonia stands out as a progressive and innovative leader in the fashion industry, guided by a business model that prioritizes creating durable, long-lasting items, thus reducing waste and environmental impact.

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