Suhana Khan’s Heartfelt Premiere Night: Missing Agastya Nanda at ‘The Archies’ Screening – Instagram Exclusive

In the buzz-filled world of Bollywood, the anticipation for Suhana Khan’s grand entrance into the film industry with ‘The Archies’ has reached a fever pitch. The Zoya Akhtar directorial, featuring a star-studded cast including Agastya Nanda and Khushi Kapoor, has created quite a stir ahead of its release.

The Grand Premiere

Suhana Khan: Suhana Khan misses rumoured boyfriend Agastya Nanda as she shares photo from

As the movie gears up for its much-awaited release, the glitterati of B-town recently gathered for a special screening of ‘The Archies.’ The premiere showcased a dazzling group photo on Suhana Khan’s Instagram, capturing the who’s who of Bollywood in attendance. However, a notable absence weighed on Suhana’s heart.

Suhana’s Instagram Revelation

Sharing the captivating snapshot, Suhana captioned it with a heartfelt message, expressing her sentiment, "Premiere night. Missing Archie, Dilly, and Moose :)" The intriguing part is the reference to ‘Archie,’ a character played by none other than Agastya Nanda in the film.

Agastya Nanda’s Role and Suhana’s Bollywood Debut

No truth to rumours regarding Agastya Nanda

The 23-year-old starlet, poised for her Bollywood debut under Zoya Akhtar’s guidance, shared insights about her journey during the India Today Conclave session titled ‘New Kids on the Block: Meet the Gen Z of Bollywood aka The Archies Gang.’ She credited her family, especially her parents, as her primary sources of guidance.

Bollywood’s Big Night

‘The Archies’ is not just another film; it’s an Indian live-action musical inspired by the iconic American comics. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, the film marks the debut of Khushi Kapoor as ‘Betty’ and Agastya Nanda as ‘Archie.’ The star-studded premiere was a testament to the industry’s excitement for the new faces entering Bollywood’s vibrant landscape.

Release Date and OTT Platform

For eager fans, the wait is nearly over. ‘The Archies’ is set to premiere on an OTT platform on December 7, 2023. The film promises a unique cinematic experience, blending musical elements with the charm of beloved comic characters.

In summary, Suhana Khan’s Instagram post not only provided a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of ‘The Archies’ premiere but also subtly hinted at a special connection with Agastya Nanda. As the countdown to the release date begins, Bollywood enthusiasts can’t help but wonder about the on-screen and off-screen chemistry that this talented ensemble cast will bring to the silver screen.

Suhana Khan misses rumoured boyfriend Agastya Nanda as she shares photo from ‘The Archies’ premiere – See post.

Rumored Romance: Suhana Khan’s Cryptic Message at ‘The Archies’ Premiere – Missing Agastya Nanda

Suhana Khan Agastya Nanda Relationship Confirmation

While there’s no official confirmation from either Suhana Khan or Agastya Nanda, a recent Pinkvilla report suggests that the two have been romantically involved since the production of their upcoming film. According to a source close to the pair, the dating rumors are indeed accurate. Notably, Agastya Nanda’s mother, Shweta, is reportedly supportive and pleased with the news, adding a positive note to the unfolding romance.

Agastya Nanda Role in The Archies

In ‘The Archies,’ Agastya Nanda takes on the pivotal role of Archie. Zoya Akhtar, the film’s director, revealed that Agastya’s casting was somewhat unexpected. When initially offered the role, Agastya, cast as the last member, believed it to be a prank. Zoya further mentioned that they conducted several rounds of auditions, retesting Agastya before ultimately selecting him for this significant character.

Is Suhana Khan Dating Agastya Nanda? | Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Despite no official confirmation from either Suhana Khan or Agastya Nanda, recent reports, including one from Pinkvilla, suggest a romantic connection between the two, dating back to the production of their upcoming film. A source close to the pair reportedly confirmed the relationship. Notably, Agastya Nanda’s mother, Shweta, is said to be supportive and pleased with the unfolding romance, adding an intriguing dimension to the speculation.

Are Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda in a Relationship?

The latest buzz in town surrounds the speculated romance between Suhana Khan, daughter of Shah Rukh Khan, and Agastya Nanda, son of Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Persistent rumors have circulated about their alleged relationship, gaining traction with insights from the sets of Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies.’ According to a reliable source, actors Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda are indeed in a relationship, adding a touch of glamour to the ongoing speculation.

Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter Dating Amitabh Bachchan’s Grandson Agastya Nanda?

Recent reports suggest a captivating romantic connection between two prominent Bollywood families. Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, is reportedly dating Agastya Nanda, who happens to be the grandson of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. As the buzz around their alleged relationship intensifies, Suhana Khan continues to captivate hearts with her stunning looks and fashion choices, becoming the latest crush in town and an inspiration to millennials.

Are Shweta Naveli Nanda & Suhana Agastya Dating?

Amidst social media interactions, the question of a romantic involvement between Shweta Naveli Nanda and Suhana Agastya has surfaced. Their frequent comments on each other’s Instagram posts have sparked speculation. Notably, Agastya’s sister, Navya Naveli Nanda, rumored to be dating Siddhant Chaturvedi, shares a close bond with Suhana. Their companionship is evident in their shared moments, often captured at Bollywood gatherings and parties.

Are Suhana & Agastya a Couple?

According to information from the sets of the film ‘The Archies,’ as reported by the Hindustan Times, there are strong indications that Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda are indeed a couple. Notably, the source suggests that the duo isn’t keeping their relationship under wraps and seems to be quite open about it.

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