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Striding into Style: Berluti’s Fall 2024 Menswear Collection Unveiled

In a spectacular showcase, Berluti unveiled its highly anticipated Fall 2024 Menswear Collection, featuring a fusion of innovative footwear, heritage nods, and eccentric yet highly sophisticated designs. Let’s delve into the key highlights that make this collection a distinctive ensemble.

Trail-Ready Sneakers: A Glimpse of the Future


Berluti showcased an array of exquisite footwear, with the Sky Running trail-style sneaker stealing the spotlight. Boasting a specially produced Vibram sole, stitched leather mudguards, and a blend of suede leather and mesh uppers in various tonal colorways, this sneaker embodies both style and functionality. Notably, it is set to grace the feet of over 800 French athletes at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony, hinting at its potential to become a sought-after icon.

Berluti Editions: A Heritage Revival


A significant revelation in this collection is the introduction of Berluti Editions, featuring a revival of the Rapiecé Reprisé (patched darned) collection originally crafted by Olga Berluti in 1985. Drawing inspiration from historical fashion practices, where garments were mended as acts of bravery, this series pays homage to the brand’s rich heritage. The stitched patched shoes and bags, offered in a range of fancifully named and richly burnished colors, serve as a beautiful nod to Berluti’s legacy.

Eccentric Innovation: Unstitched Pairs and Mix-and-Match

SUSTAINABILITY: Shoes made from paper.

Berluti took an eccentric approach by not just selling pairs of the stitched patched shoes but offering trios. Harold Israel, the creative mind behind the collection, shared the genius idea of providing customers with one unstitched shoe alongside a stitched pair. This unconventional move allows wearers to mix and match their shoes, offering a distinctive and personalized touch to their style.

Emphasis on Footwear: Clothes as Accessories

The presentation opened with a display of classic house shoe styles, emphasizing that Berluti’s footwear and bags are the true stars of the collection. From the Alessandro to the Andy, the colorways of the season captivate, with patina work on Venezia leather that rivals even the artistry of Rothko. While new grained square toe styles make their debut, the collection also includes a selection of accompanying apparel, ranging from slubby Japanese denim to an oxblood mink-lined perfecto and a leather "corduroy" trucker jacket.

Berluti’s Fall 2024 Menswear Collection strikes a harmonious balance between timeless elegance and eccentric innovation. From trail-ready sneakers to heritage-inspired editions and the emphasis on mix-and-match footwear, this collection is a testament to Berluti’s commitment to pushing fashion boundaries.

For those who appreciate the intersection of tradition and avant-garde, Berluti’s Fall 2024 Menswear Collection offers a captivating journey through the world of high-end fashion.

Diving Deeper: Themed Questions Surrounding Berluti’s Latest Menswear Lineup

What’s New at Berluti?

Discover the latest offerings at Berluti, where simplicity meets perfection. The blue garment-dyed linen button-up effortlessly combines understated elegance with impeccable craftsmanship. Dive into the world of camp collar shirts adorned with prints showcasing Berluti’s iconic products, a subtle nod recognized by house cognoscenti. The collection extends beyond apparel to include bags and shoes, each showcasing innovative new hardware. Immerse yourself in the timeless sophistication and refined details that define what’s new at Berluti.

Does Berluti Wear a Scritto T-shirt?

Explore the distinctive style of Berluti, a shoe maison turned menswear powerhouse since its establishment in 1895. Known for its recognizable Scritto relief signature, the brand’s identity is both literal and iconic. In a recent update, Harold Israel, Berluti’s Vice President of Marketing and Image, sported a Scritto T-shirt, seamlessly blending the brand’s heritage with contemporary fashion. Stay tuned for the latest insights into Berluti’s evolving style landscape.

Explore the top trends witnessed at Pitti Uomo for Fall 2023, where fashion enthusiasts gathered to kick off the winter circuit. Standout styles included the resurgence of corduroy dressing, the chic appeal of winter whites, and the nostalgic return of preppy fashion. Among the highlights was Amaranto’s mohair cardigan and pants, capturing the essence of the evolving menswear landscape. Witness the peacocks of fashion reconvene, making a bold statement within the historic Fortezza da Basso courtyards.

Who Makes Berluti Shoes?

Delve into the legacy of Berluti, a brand synonymous with style, elegance, and unmatched craftsmanship. Founded by Alessandro Berluti in 1895, the French brand has consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of footwear mastery. Renowned for producing beautiful shoes, Berluti has become the go-to for well-shod gentlemen seeking a blend of tradition and contemporary sophistication. Uncover the artistry behind Berluti’s iconic shoes, where every pair reflects a rich heritage of craftsmanship.

When Does the 2024 Men’s Fashion Season Start?

Mark your calendars as the Autumn/Winter 2024 men’s fashion season commences next Wednesday with the opening of the renowned Italian trade show, Pitti Uomo. With the arrival of a new year, a shift in the mood of menswear is anticipated. Explore the upcoming trends, from emerging sports style icons to the resurgence of luxury heirlooms, and the noteworthy supersizing of silhouettes and accessories. Stay tuned for a fresh perspective on men’s fashion as the new season unfolds.

What Is a Jellyfish Fashion Trend in 2024?

Dive into the fashion landscape of 2024, where the jellyfish aesthetic is making waves across home décor, couture, and beauty concepts. Embrace puffed-up silhouettes and accessories, adorned with the mesmerizing palette of lilac and blue tones. The trend extends to iridescent fabrics and fluid lines, capturing the ethereal essence of jellyfish-inspired style. Discover how this trend is shaping the fashion narrative, bringing a sense of fluidity and vibrancy to both mens and womenswear.

Will Menswear Move Away from Minimalism in 2024?

Following a robust embrace of minimalism in 2023, menswear is set to pivot away from this trend in 2024. Influential style icons within the category are championing a shift towards bolder dressing, exerting their influence on the broader landscape of men’s fashion. Explore how this departure from minimalism is reshaping the choices of the mainstream male shopper, as the fashion horizon takes on a more vibrant and expressive direction.

Will Men Supersize Their Accessories in 2024?

Prepare for a shift in the men’s fashion landscape as 2024 welcomes the trend of supersizing accessories. Reflecting the influence of the women’s "It girl tote" phenomenon, where brands like 16Arlington and Loewe have enlarged shoulder bags into voluminous totes, this trend is set to make its mark in menswear. The flourishing market for men’s luxury handbags further emphasizes the growing appeal of this bold and statement-making approach to accessorizing.

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