Soul-Stirring Natural Beauty: Serene Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir for Nature Enthusiasts



Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir has been characterized as a paradise so many times that it seems like the utmost compliment you could give to it. However, there is a haziness about it that does not do credit to this region of the nation.

What really is paradise in Jammu and Kashmir? It is its alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes, fall amber colours of the trees, boathouses, gondolas, apple orchards, and everything else that makes up its scenery.

Its beauty has a timeless quality to it, as if nature chose to use all of her inventiveness to create it. This article will highlight the top 12 tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir that will show you the timeless beauty of the state.

List of 12 Best Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir
  • Yusmarg
  • Gulmarg
  • Sonmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Gurez Valley
  • Srinagar
  • Vaishno Devi
  • Patnitop
  • Doda
  • Kishtwar
  • Sanasar
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Yusmarg Jammu Kashmir

Yusmarg is a hill station in the western section of Kashmir’s valley. The Ahmadiyya Muslim sect believes it was originally home to Jesus. The scenery here is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

There are several opportunities for sightseeing and trying out hobbies like as hiking and horseback riding.

Sightseeing Attractions in Yusmarg
  • Pakherpora Shrine
  • Charar-e-Sharif
  • Doodhganga
  • Nilnag Lake
  • Sang-e-Safed
Top Things to Do in Yusmarg
  • Trekking
  • Horse riding
  • Trout fishing



Gulmarg offers it all: snow-capped mountains, lush vegetation, lakes, pine and fir woods, and a variety of flowers. It is tucked away in a valley in the Pir Panjal Range. Its name translates to “flower meadows,” as there are several meadows covered with daisies. Gulmarg, above all, is the greatest skiing destination in Asia, with the highest green golf course in the world and the tallest cable car project.

Top Sightseeing Attractions in Gulmarg
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Baba Reshi Shrine
  • Maharani Temple/Shiva Temple
Popular Things to Do in Gulmarg
  • Play golf at the highest golf course in the world
  • Enjoy a gongola cable car ride
  • Ski at Shark Fin, Gulmarg’s greatest skiing slope.



Sonmarg means a “meadow of gold”, is one of the best tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir for sightseeing & adventure. Its landscape is marked by a glacier, forests and snow capped mountains.

From here, you may reach the three Great Lakes of Kashmir: Kishansar, Vishansar, and Gadsar. Camping and trout fishing are two popular adventurous sports. Sonmarg also serves as the starting point for the walk to Amarnath Cave, a popular Hindu pilgrimage site.

Top Sightseeing Attractions in Sonmarg
  • Thajiwas Glacier
  • Baltal Valley (close to Sonmarg)
  • Amarnath Cave
  • Naranag
  • Kishansar Lake
  • Vishansar Lake
  • Gadsar Lake
Best Things to Do in Sonmarg
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Trout fishing



Pahalgam is constantly on every tourist’s list of the top ten locations to visit in Jammu & Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of the River Lidder in the Anantnag district.

With its meadows, woodlands, and pure surroundings, it is a beautiful pleasure. Pahalgam is the ideal spot in Kashmir for a sightseeing trip because of attractions like Aru Valley, Betab Valley, and Baisaran.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Aru Valley
  • Betaab Valley
  • Baisaran
  • Sheikhpora
Best Things to Do
  • Trout fishing
  • Pony ride
  • Enjoy a picnic

Gurez Valley


The Gurez Valley is shut off from the rest of the world for six months, which adds to its attraction as a popular tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir. The people that reside here are from the Dard Shin Tribe, one of Kashmir’s oldest tribes, and they speak a language called Shina.

The gorgeous valley is bordered by snow-capped mountains, linden, walnut, and willow tree meadows, and the flowing river Kishan Ganga.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Peer Baba Shrine
  • Habba Khatoon Peak
Best Things to Do
  • Trekking
  • Trout fishing
  • Mountain climbing



Verinag is a town in the Anantnag area, and the Verinag Spring is a must-see sight. Jahangir created the stone basin and arcade encircling it, while Shah Jahan erected the lovely garden adjacent to it.

The spring is the principal source of the Jhelum River. This spring is also surrounded by a Mughal Garden.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Verinag Spring
  • Mughal Gardens


Srinagar Jammu Kashmir

Srinagar is included on this list because it is a popular tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir, as well as a prominent honeymoon location.

The presence of many Mughal Gardens, religious & historical sites as well as Dal & Nageen Lakes has led Srinagar to being called the “Land of Gardens and Lakes.” Among the other things that will surprise you, one is the floating vegetable market on Dal Lake. The largest Tulip gardens in Asia are also in Srinagar.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Mughal Gardens
  • Tulip Gardens
  • Hari Parbat Fort
  • Pari Mahal
  • Kahnqah Shah-i-Hamadan
  • Hazratbal Shrine
  • Shankaracharya Temple
  • Kheer Bhawani Temple
Best Things to Do
  • Take a shikhara ride on the Dal Lake
  • Enjoy a houseboat stay on Dal & Nageen Lakes
  • Visit the floating vegetable market on Dal Lake

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi

Those with a spiritual bent should not miss a trip to Vaishno Devi, a significant Hindu pilgrimage site in India. The temple is located in Jammu on the Trikuta Hills. The principal goddess, the Mother Goddess, is said to grant the requests of her worshipers.

To go to the temple, you’ll have to walk about 14 kilometers, beginning at the Ban Ganga bridge. Battery-powered autos, horses, palkies, and helicopter flights to Mata Vaishno Devi Temple are all choices.

Top Things to Do
  • Seek blessing at Mata Vaishno Devi Temple
  • Visit Ardhkuwari and Bhairo Temples



Patnitop is a renowned tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir due to its meadows, stunning vistas, and wonderful views of the Himalayan ranges. If you’re seeking for winter holidays in Jammu, look no further.

You can enjoy skiing & paragliding at Madhatop, which can be reached by a 5 kilometers from Patnitop. During your stay, don’t forget to taste Patisa, the local delicacy.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Bilo ki Powri
  • Kud Park
  • Shiva Ghar (almost 11 kilometers from Patnitop)
Popular Things to Do
  • Enjoy a picnic at Kud Park
  • Paragliding and skiing are available at Madhatop (about 5 kilometers from Patnitop).


Doda Jammu Kashmir

Doda is a district in eastern Jammu that offers several options for tourism and even adventure. Those seeking spiritual fulfillment should go to Doda, which has several temples and a magnificent mosque.

Snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and paragliding are just a few of the adventure activities available.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Vasuki Naag Temple
  • Gupt Ganga Temple
  • Jamia Masjid Bhaderwah
  • Shitla Mata Roshera
  • Ziyarat Bangla Nallah
  • Lakshmi Narayana Temple
  • Bhog Taraq
  • Devi Gol
  • Nagni Mata
Best Things to Do
  • Snow skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding
  • Trekking
  • Camping



Kishtwar is a tranquil calm town that is a prominent tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir because of its waterfalls and various hiking trails, as well as its unique blue sapphire and high quality saffron.

It has the largest mosques, a national park with diverse flora and wildlife, a historic fort, traditional Kishtwari crafts, and distinctive Kashmiri vegetarian delicacies such as Aloo (Potatoes) in yoghurt.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Shrine of Shah Asrar-ud-Din
  • Shrine of Shah Farid-ud-Din Bagdadi
  • Sarthal Devi Temple
  • Kishtwar National Park
  • Dishes like Lotus root curry



Sanasar, called after the villages of Sana and Sar, is one of the most beautiful spots in Jammu & Kashmir. It is a meadow in Jammu with the shape of a cup.

You will come across coniferous forests, meadows clothed with flowers and heart winning views of the Himalayan Ranges. It’s a good place for trekkers, with plenty of trekking trails. If you are travelling with your family, there are also opportunities for camping including lighting a bonfire.

Top Sightseeing Attractions
  • Sanasar Lake
  • Nag Temple
  • Shank Pal Temple
  • Suri Kund
  • Golf Course
Best Things to do
  • Paragliding
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Golfing
  • Rock climbing
  • Rappelling

Jammu & Kashmir’s timeless beauty, cultural richness, adventure opportunities, and much more await families and couples. Sights that make you sigh with relief! Which of these 12 sites appeals to you the most, or have you visited any of them? Please share your thoughts with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir tourism?

Jammu and Kashmir is a year-round location that may be visited all year. It depends on the kind of experience you want, since both summer and winter provide a variety of options.

Q.When can I enjoy snowfall in Kashmir?

Snowfall is possible in Kashmir from November through February.

Q. Do you need a separate visa/permit to travel to Kashmir?

When foreigners arrive at Kashmir’s airport, they must fill out a form.

Q.What are the top places in Kashmir for families with kids?

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Kishtwar in Jammu are some of the greatest spots in Kashmir for families with children.

Q.What are the top destinations in Jammu and Kashmir for a honeymoon trip?

Patnitop in Jammu area, as well as Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Budgam, and Kupwara, are the greatest spots in Jammu and Kashmir for a honeymoon journey.

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