Social Media Misstep: Meghan Markle’s Ex-Co-Star Faces Backlash for Sharing Throwback Photos

Los Angeles, CA – Patrick J. Adams, best known for his role as Mike Ross on the popular USA Network series Suits, found himself in a social media storm recently after he decided to reminisce about the good old days on set. However, what seemed like a harmless trip down memory lane turned into a public relations disaster.

A Nostalgic Trip Back to Suits Universe


Suits, a legal drama, concluded in 2019, just a year after Meghan Markle, who played Rachel Zane on the show, left to embark on her royal journey as the Duchess of Sussex in London. The show’s revival on Netflix this summer brought back fond memories for fans worldwide. Patrick J. Adams, who portrayed the iconic character of Mike Ross, attempted to ride this wave of nostalgia by sharing behind-the-scenes photographs from the Suits universe.

Adams posted several images on his Instagram, including "previously unseen" pictures of Meghan Markle. His captions reflected the sentiment, with one reading, "This well is deeeep," and another stating, "Let’s get serious. Seriously." These posts quickly caught the attention of fans and followers, creating a buzz in the Suits fan community.

Deleting the Nostalgia

Meghan Markle Suits Costar Patrick J. Adams Deletes Instagram Photos

However, the excitement was short-lived. Adams hastily removed the photos from his Instagram account, realizing that he had inadvertently violated the rules of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike. This strike had imposed strict guidelines on actors, prohibiting them from promoting any "struck work or struck companies on social media."

In a now-expired Instagram story, Adams confessed that he was "gently and swiftly course corrected" by his followers regarding the strike regulations. Acknowledging his mistake, he posted a formal apology, expressing regret for his actions.

A Change of Heart

Patrick J. Adams Apologized For Sharing "Suits" Photos During The Actors Strike

"The last couple of days I foolishly and thoughtlessly let a trip down Suits memory lane distract me from the very real and ongoing fight everyone in @sagaftra continues to wage in its effort to win our membership realistic 21st-century compensation and protections," Adams wrote in his apology post. "It was an embarrassing oversight for which I’m incredibly sorry. I look forward to continuing the fight in the days and weeks ahead."

Lessons Learned

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by actors during labor disputes like the SAG-AFTRA strike. Even unintentional actions can have consequences in such sensitive times. While fans of Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams may have enjoyed the brief reunion through the throwback photos, it’s evident that both actors are committed to supporting their fellow performers in their fight for fair compensation and protections.

In the age of social media, every post has the potential to impact not only an individual’s image but also larger movements, like the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. As Meghan Markle’s former co-star finds himself in hot water for his nostalgic posts, it’s clear that even the most well-intentioned actions can have unintended consequences in the world of entertainment.

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