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Seville’s Spectacular Wedding: The Bride’s Ostrich-Feather Skirt and Corset Elegance

Love stories often begin in the most unexpected places, and for Alexandra Dorda and Stefan Marcu, their journey from a sterile business meeting to a vibrant, three-day wedding in Seville is nothing short of enchanting.

A Business Meeting Turned Romance

The Bride Wore an Ostrich-Feather Skirt and a Corset for Her Colorful Three-Day Wedding in Seville | Vogue

In 2018, Alexandra, then working at a private equity fund in Warsaw, crossed paths with Stefan when their firms explored a potential business collaboration. What initially started as a professional connection blossomed into a personal one, leading to a unique love story.

The Proposal Under the Stars

Stefan’s proposal under the Moroccan stars at Amanjena in Marrakech in 2022 marked a significant chapter in their love story. Alexandra, now known for her role as the founder of Kasama Rum and the C.M.O of her family’s vodka brand Chopin, couldn’t have been more thrilled. The proposal was perfectly timed during one of their meticulously planned trips, leaving no room for surprise.

The Spectacular Three-Day Wedding in Seville

Destination Wedding in Seville: Hacienda wedding venues in seville

The grand celebration of their love took place over three days in Seville, Spain, in June 2023. Designed and planned by Matthew Robbins and Luis Otoya of Robbins Otoya, it was an event to remember.

Day 1: Welcome Drinks and Dinner

  • The festivities commenced with welcome drinks at Bar Garlochí, an establishment designed to resemble the interior of a Catholic Church.
  • A welcome dinner was held at Palacio de Las Dueñas, a 15th-century palace with Renaissance, Gothic, and Moorish influences. Alexandra wore an exquisite ivory Emilia Wickstead dress for the occasion.

Day 2: A Unique Filipino Dinner

  • A cocktail hour in the lush gardens with flamenco dancers handing out carnations set the stage for a remarkable Filipino dinner.
  • Chef Jordy Navarra from Manila’s Toyo Eatery, the best restaurant in the Philippines, crafted a Kamayan-inspired dinner, served on banana leaves.
  • The evening concluded with mango desserts by Cédric Grolet from Le Meurice in Paris, adding a special touch, as mangos are a staple in Alexandra’s mother’s native Philippines.

Day 3: The Wedding Ceremony

  • The wedding took place at Casa De Pilatos, a 16th-century Andalusian palace, which perfectly aligned with the couple’s vision of a ‘crumbly’ aesthetic.
  • Alexandra donned a striking Monique Lhullier ostrich-feather ball skirt paired with a rhinestone-and-pearl veil, making a statement with her attire.
  • The ceremony was graced by Reverend Jim Rooney, who encouraged guests to mingle, setting a warm and convivial tone.

A Unique Ceremony

  • Instead of traditional vows, Reverend Jim shared the couple’s love story.
  • The emotional highlight was when Stefan’s daughter, Lara, joined the couple at the altar, marking the moment when the three officially became a family.

Day 3: Cocktail Hour, Dinner, and After-Party

  • Following the ceremony, a cocktail hour in the garden featured creative libations, with 20 signature cocktails created for the occasion.
  • Dinner in the main courtyard showcased a delectable menu, including a watermelon gazpacho with idiazabal cheese ice cream, lobster salad, and wild sea bass.
  • The couple’s six-foot, two-flavor cake, adorned with vodka-infused strawberries, added a sweet touch to the evening.
  • The after-party was nothing short of spectacular, with a jungle cathedral, a bar resembling a church altar, and a carnival-like market.

A Memorable Farewell

  • On the final day, the couple bid farewell with a brunch at the Hotel Palacio de Villapanés. The courtyard was adorned with 300 styrofoam oranges, as a tribute to Alexandra’s vision of an orange grove.
  • Guests left their signatures on two six-liter bottles of Chopin Potato Vodka, creating a unique guest book.

A Truly Unique Wedding

Alexandra and Stefan’s three-day wedding in Seville was nothing short of spectacular. From the "crumbly" aesthetic of Casa De Pilatos to the creative cocktails, memorable ceremonies, and vibrant after-party, it was an event that celebrated their love and created lasting memories.

This love story reminds us that the most extraordinary journeys often begin in the most ordinary places, and love can bloom in the unlikeliest of settings.

Photos and details courtesy of Vogue

A Colorful Seville Celebration

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