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Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry Shines at Exclusive Neiman Marcus Boutique Opening

In a dazzling affair, Schiaparelli’s Creative Director, Daniel Roseberry, celebrated the grand opening of the brand’s exclusive boutique within Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. With a star-studded guest list that included Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, Olivia Wilde, Demi Moore, and more, the event marked a pivotal moment for Schiaparelli’s expansion in North America.

A Rare Encounter: Schiaparelli in the United States

Schiaparelli and Neiman Marcus Party Draws Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore – The Hollywood Reporter

Schiaparelli, known for its rich history in couture, only ventured into ready-to-wear fashion in 2018. Until recently, finding their pieces in-store in the United States was a near-impossible feat. Even now, Neiman Marcus Group stands as the sole North American retailer to offer Schiaparelli’s surreal and artistic designs. According to Daniel Roseberry, this exclusivity is by design: "It’s so hard to find—on purpose, kind of. I like that about it."

A Threefold Collaboration with Neiman Marcus Group

The Beverly Hills boutique opening marked the third Schiaparelli store location unveiled in partnership with Neiman Marcus Group. Prior to this event, the brand celebrated openings at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City and Neiman Marcus in Dallas, which holds special significance for Roseberry, as it is his hometown.

Roseberry expressed his gratitude for the ongoing relationship with Neiman Marcus Group, saying, "Being a Dallas, Texas boy, Neiman Marcus was always sort of this storied iconic pinnacle, and so it is amazing to be able to have this national sprawling relationship with them."

A Night of Glamour and Artistry

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True to Schiaparelli’s reputation for glamour and artistry, the event pulled out all the stops. The ambiance was set aglow with magenta lighting, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere around the outdoor pool where the fashionable crowd gathered. The Parisian brand’s artistic touches were scattered throughout the venue.

Among the highlights was a larger-than-life gold keyhole, one of the brand’s most recognizable motifs. Mannequins displayed select garments while a table of edible arrangements and a tower of grapes perched on a gold fixture resembling female hips and thighs offered a feast for the eyes.

The event also showcased Schiaparelli’s accessories, including top-handle bags adorned with gold facial features, encased in a glass display. Ryan Ross, President of Neiman Marcus and Head of NMG Customer Insights, emphasized the brand’s appeal in LA: "Everyone in LA wants to have that piece that no one else has, and that’s exactly what this brand is all about."

Designing Elegance and Luxury

Delphine Bellini, CEO of Schiaparelli, described the boutique’s design as a reflection of two key elements: "Both the elegance of a décor inspired by Schiaparelli’s great artist friends, such as Giacometti, Jean-Michel Franck, and Dali, and the hushed luxury of a Parisian salon where you feel at home, a little out of time."

The exclusive boutique opening at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills not only introduced Schiaparelli’s artful designs to the American audience but also established a lavish, timeless space that complements the brand’s unique identity.

With a most glamorous party, Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry celebrated an exclusive boutique opening with Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, leaving a lasting impression of elegance, artistry, and exclusivity.

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The Fascinating Journey of Daniel Roseberry: From Texas to Couture

Who is Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli?

Daniel Roseberry: The Man Behind Schiaparelli’s Extraordinary Couture

Meet Daniel Roseberry, the creative genius at the helm of the illustrious Parisian couture house, Schiaparelli. While his designs may be some of the most unconventional in the fashion world, Roseberry himself is refreshingly down-to-earth and strikingly handsome, resembling a Hollywood movie star. His fashion vision is characterized by its sweeping grandeur, yet it remains refreshingly uncomplicated and even carries a touch of whimsy, akin to bubblegum. Daniel Roseberry is the driving force behind Schiaparelli’s avant-garde creations, making him a figure of fascination in the world of haute couture.

What makes Schiaparelli’s designs unique and artistic?

Schiaparelli’s Distinctive Design Aesthetic: Where Tradition Meets Subversion

Schiaparelli’s designs are a marriage of tradition and subversion. While rooted in the principles of traditional tailoring and classic silhouettes, the brand’s uniqueness lies in the infusion of subversive elements. This includes the incorporation of bold prints, intricate embroidery, lavish embellishments, and the use of unconventional materials. These daring choices transform Schiaparelli’s garments into extraordinary fashion statements that challenge the norms of the industry. The result is a style that defies convention and continues to captivate the fashion world.

What is Daniel Roseberry known for?

Daniel Roseberry: Crafting Surreal Fashion Statements

Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of the renowned Parisian couture house Schiaparelli, is celebrated for his unique approach to fashion. While he may appear unassuming and reminiscent of a Hollywood star, Roseberry is the visionary behind some of the most extraordinary and unconventional garments in contemporary fashion. His designs are characterized by a surreal and uncomplicated aesthetic, often described as akin to a world of whimsical fantasy. In the fashion industry, Roseberry is renowned for his ability to craft clothing that challenges norms, making a bold statement with every piece he creates.

How long has Daniel Roseberry been with Schiaparelli?

Daniel Roseberry’s Tenure at Schiaparelli: A Journey Since 2019

Daniel Roseberry assumed the role of artistic director at the esteemed Parisian couture house, Schiaparelli, in 2019. Since then, he has been at the helm of the brand, steering its creative direction and contributing to the legacy of this storied fashion house. Roseberry’s journey with Schiaparelli began in 2019, marking a pivotal moment in the brand’s history.

Where is Daniel Roseberry from?

Plano, Texas

Daniel Roseberry’s Roots: Plano, Texas

Daniel Roseberry, the acclaimed creative director of Schiaparelli, hails from Plano, Texas, where he was born in 1985. Raised in a religious household with his father serving as an Anglican minister, Roseberry’s early years were shaped by a spiritual upbringing. He attended Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas, marking the foundations of his remarkable journey in the world of fashion.

What did Daniel Roseberry study?

Daniel Roseberry’s Educational and Career Path

Daniel Roseberry embarked on his fashion journey by studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. His career kicked off in 2008 at Thom Browne, where he began his professional odyssey. Over the past five years, Roseberry has played a pivotal role as the design director for both men’s and women’s collections, contributing to the brand’s innovative and distinctive fashion landscape.

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