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Can someone tell me who is responsible

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In December, I took my van to M and R Service Center, a small town shop, and was told that my transmission needed to be rebuilt. I had the work done, and picked up my van on Dec 14. I was told that there was a 6 month warranty on the work. The next week, I found out that the computer that controls the transmission had to be replace, so M and R did that as well, for an additional $120.

Well, last Friday, the transmission went out on my way home, at night, on an unpopulated back road, with my 4 children in the car! On Saturday morning I called the M and R shop, and found out that they were no longer in business, the shop had closed permanently.

I managed to find the owner’s home number, and he told me that he didn’t do the actual work on the transmission, he had only installed the new computer, he had turned the van over to Day’s Transmission, in another town about 20 miles away. Greg, the owner, said that I would have to get Mr. Day to make good on the warranty. (Keep in mind that there is only approx. 3 weeks left on this warranty!) Come to find out, Day’s Transmissions is some guy working out of his backyard.

I have called repeatedly, spoken with his wife, his child, and left messages on his answering machine. Mr. Day has not returned my calls. I called Greg(M and R owner) back, now he’s not available. I’ve left messages, and he hasn’t called back. I beginning to think it’s a conspiracy to let the warranty run out, or that I’ll just give up!

Can someone please tell me who is legally responsible for making good on the warranty on the transmission rebuild? The former owner of M and R, or Day’s Transmissions? Also, if it turns out to be the computer, that M and R did replace, causing the problem, what can I do about that?

If M and R service center was a sole propriatership, then the owner of M and R would be responsible; however, if it was a sub-chapter S corp, then you are probably out of luck. Odds are you could get the transmission repair paid for under warrenty, but not without taking them to court and paying as much in lawyer’s bills than just doing the repair yourself would cost you [not to mention saving you some heartache]. I wish I could say something more optimistic; but it looks like you got the short end of the stick.

The first thing you need to do

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The first thing you need to do is document all the dates, times of calls and messages left. Then let them know you are going to go the legal route if your call is not returned within 24 hours. If they still do not call. I would seriously consider filing a small claims against them before the warranty expiration date. I had almost this exact same thing happen to me several years ago. I even had to go as far as filing before they settled the matter with me.

We had something similar happen with a local service company. They did a diagnosis on my car and said it was the distributor, they “fixed” it and it broke down 2 days later and they wanted me to put another 2-3 hundred in it. I called the dealer and explained the problems I had been having and the “solution” the repair shop had proposed and Honda told me they were just throwing parts at it. I had Honda fix it and immediately informed the first shop they could reimburse me for what they originally charged me plus the mess Honda had to fix caused by them, plus the tow etc or I’d take them to court.

They basically told me to get out of there and they weren’t responsible etc. So, that same day I filed in small claims court. The NEXT day their insurance company called to settle. Small claims court is EASY and if you need advice please email me. We had an acquaintance put in a motor in my dh’s old truck a couple years ago. We gave him the money to buy a motor we found in a reputable shop.

Instead, he got one from a friend and it lasted all of 2 weeks. He didn’t want to return the money or out a new one in so I took him to small claims court and won. Of course he filed bankruptcy so I didn’t get my money but I sure did make him sweat.

The main thing you must do is to document everything. Make sure you have a copy of the warranty, notes about when you called, when you stopped by etc.

Theresa in INPosted in Attorney

First I would consult an attorney by phone

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First I would consult an attorney by phone and ask whom is responsible for the mess. My guess would be Day’s transmissions.

Second I would send a certified letter with a signature required letter explaining that you tried to reach them several times unsuccessfully and that the trans went out on such and such date…etc and that you also called the repair shop that is now out of business and they made it clear that this is the party whom did the repair.

In the letter I would enclose a copy of your receipt too.

I would tell the man he has 48 hours upon reading the letter to make good on the warranty or you are going to the next step…that would be to call the better business, call the local news (sometimes they have people who check this stuff out for fraud.) to let them know about this man who is ripping off the public and I would also contact an attorney…

maybe if you put some fire under his butt he will work with you..Posted in Attorney

I don’t have much advice

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I don’t have much advice other than you need to take it easy and think of your health and your unborn baby. I too, am pregnant, 24 weeks and spent 11 days in the hospital due to pneumonia from July 1 – July 11.

I spent the 4th of July, my birthday and missed a trip that I was supposed to take (paid for already) to Texas. All I can say is it wasn’t easy (still isn’t) but, people kept telling me it was for a short time and once the baby comes I could worry about all the other stuff. I have 3 other children and DH got to see what my life is like for a change. It was really hard on him getting them presentable each evening to come visit me in the hospital.

He also had to feed them and keep up the laundry and before I came home, he got everyone to help him pick up the house for me. I was told the same thing about taking it easy, not put on bed rest thankfully, but can’t do much. This has caused problems believe me, but I have to keep telling myself that it is worth it. One thing I might suggest is to rely on friends and your church family if you have one.

They cooked dinner for us for an entire week and I have to say that was a miracle in itself. I wish I were close to you so I could help, but I have piles of laundry waiting on me anyway. Take a deep breath and remember that this too will pass and until then try to relax.

I had to be in bed for almost 7 months with a pregnancy. One thing that helped was having things handy I could do with the other kids. There were three at the time. The youngest, 4, wanted to spend time with me so we kept books, flashcards and other quiet activities within my reach. Keep your mind busy too so you dont think too much. Make to do lists, journal, write to friends etc…

A good friend of mine makes homeade bread, very hearty and healthy. I kept some of that and stuff to drink in my room so I could avoid getting up for a snack.

best of luck, Lisa Il

I just went thru this a couple of months ago

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I was placed on strict bedrest at just 23 weeks into my pregnancy. I was on bedrest 7 weeks at home and 2weeks in the hospital, unfortunately I delivered at 32 weeks,Thankfully he is fine with no problems and just turned 4 mths.

This is what I did and how I managed. Had a cooler with lunch meat,cheese.fresh fruit,milk and other “cravings” by my bed that DH would fill before he left for work.Had plastic storage box that contained snacks(crackers,peanuts,chocolate,etc). kept in drawer of nitestand. planned lots of simple crockpot recipes so that dh could dump ingredients in crock nite before or in am before work and turn it on and go.

Lucky enough to have sister and mom close by where they helped out with household chores and laundry. They also would surprise us with casseroles and other cooked items. I shopped for clothing using catalogs (jcpenny) and online. I filled my time watching videos,reading the Left Behind book series (fabulous), planning for when baby arrived, and of course online!! there is a bedrest discussion board on parentsplace in which helped me out a lot.

take care of yourself and the little one,my prayers are with you. Feel free to email me privately if wish .Posted in Bedrest, Pregnancy

I was on bedrest from 7 weeks until my son was born

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I spent the last two months in the hospital. Matty was 6 weeks early.

My mother and friends cooked up some meals for the freezer. My ex was not able to handle the fact that our son was going to have a birth defect and basically was of no help at all. My friend moved in and she would leave my meals in a cooler by the couch (we had a two story house so I slept down stairs) before she would go to work in the morning. I planned meals and clipped coupons during the day.

The most important thing is having a healthy baby and keeping your little one inside as long as possible. Don’t worry about housework, errands etc.

Everything will work out in the long run.

I was an bedrest for months before each of my children were born. I could ONLY get up to go to the bathroom! To pay all our bills (we had quite a lot as I was not able to work) we even applied for a couple of no credit check installment loans from an online company.

With pregnancy #1, my husband would make me a sandwich and put it in the fridge (I would get it on my way back from the bathroom). We also bought canned drinks so I could just grab one when I got my sandwich. He did all the cleaning and cooking when he got home in the evenings.

With pregnancy #2, I had my daughter (then age 2). I would read books to her during the day and watch some T.V. with her. When I was thirsty, she would get me a canned drink from the fridge. My husband would make us breakfast before he left in the morning, come home during his lunchbreak and make us lunch, and come home and make us supper and clean up. He was such a sweetie pie.

That was alot of sacrifice on his part that I appreciated sooo much!

Good Luck!Posted in Bedrest, Pregnancy

I haven’t been through this

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…but I have a few ideas for helping your husband in the kitchen through your bed rest:

1. One no-brainer recipe for BEEF STEW:

Open up 4-6 cans (1 or 2 of canned beef stew, 1 or 2 of canned potatoes, 1 can corn, 1 can green beans). Heat and serve.

Eat in bowls with crackers (he might want to add a cup of water and a beef bouillon cube), or serve over bread for open-faced sandwiches. It’s very hearty and good!!

2. A few VERY simple recipes. Each takes just 1 pound of ground beef, plus just 1 or 2 other ingredients:

  • Sloppy Joes (add 1 envelope of Sloppy Joe mix and put into hamburger buns)
  • Tacos – (add 1 envelope of taco seasoning mix and put into tortillas)
  • Spaghetti Sauce – (add bottled spaghetti sauce and put onto pasta)
  • Chili (add chili seasoning mix) and serve.

* Some of these may require a can of tomato paste, I can’t remember.

3. A few more simple dinners:

  • chili dogs – heat weiners, stick in buns, pour channed chili over the top.
  • fish sticks or fried fish portions and tater tots – throw in oven, pass the ketchup.
  • bbq chicken – 1-2 cans chicken pieces heated with 1 bottle bbq sauce (dilute with water if nec). Serve over pasta or rice.
  • frozen pizza
  • frozen chicken nuggets or fried chicken pieces
  • boxed dinners like Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, etc.
  • pork chops – fry them, throw on cream of mushroom soup and simmer a bit, S&P, and serve on rice.

These are probably not what you would make, but cheaper than take-out, take no skill, no chopping or fussing, do not even require reading recipes, and all are very fast so can be made after dh gets home from work. Also, from a working man’s perspective, these ideas may be more tolerable than measuring out spices and sticking hands in meatloaf goo or raw chicken, for instance.

Just have him round out each dinner with a canned veg heated up, maybe bread&butter, or canned fruit.

Most of all, remember, y’all won’t starve and he will survive. He will also appreciate you all that much more, when you are back on your feet. LisePosted in Frugal recipes

We just went through exactly this with my SIL

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The bottom line is having a healthy baby. Everything WILL get done….if it doesn’t, oh well. Keeping that baby inside until it is ready is the most important. We thought my brother would never be able to handle it all……they also have an 8 year old. You know what? He did great! Ask your mom, MIL, sisters, SIL’s friends to make up some meals for you. They will want to help!! Ask them to bring a copy of the recipe so your husband can make the stuff that they like.

You can clip coupons in bed….make him a grocery list. I hope some of this helps you. Keep us posted.

I haven’t been on bedrest, but was taken off work a month early. There are some things your hubby can be trusted (LOL) to do to help stock up the freezer.

–have him brown ground beef; some plain, some with garlic & onion, etc. He can bag it in sandwich bags, then put 4 in a gallon ziploc to freeze. Then all he’ll have to do for spaghetti and such is defrost a bag for a minute or two and pop it into the sauce.

–if you were to sit by and direct traffic, could he mix up some simpler recipes, like meatloaf, to put in the freezer?

You know, this could be a great benefit to your future freezer cooking, because he’ll see how much time it saves HIM, lol.

I’ll try to think up some more, Dayna in MS

Hi all,
I just got home from a mini hospital stay due to early contractions (a little more than 2 months early) and I am hoping that someone(s) on this list can guide me. I must stay on strict bed rest-no cooking, no shopping etc for at least a few days, maybe a week or maybe the next two months. I will know more as I return to the Dr every few days or so to check for dilation. I am wondering if anyone on this list has gone though anything similar and can let me know how they have dealt with it, preferably as frugally as possible.

I was going to return to work next week part-time for a few months to help us save a little bit of money and put us in a better financial posiiton when the baby is born. Now, I am not sure if I can or should return.

I am also worried about our budget. I was going to start stocking up our freezer to help out later but now I can’t cook. The most I can do is get up and make a sandwich! YIKES! So dh is going to have to take over EVERYTHING for awhile and I am just so worried.

If anyone has been through this or has any suggestions on things I/my dh can do to ease the situation or not bust or budget I would eternally appreciate it.

That lunchbox sounds neat

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Maybe I’ll have to look around for one if the kids get tired of the stuff we normally pack. I don’t seem to get a lot of complaints. Older DS buys, DD either takes ham and cheese or cold pizza (if we have any), and younger DS either takes turkey and cheese or he likes the canned spaghettis (40 cents a can at the salvage store for the ones with meatballs) and I put those in the thermos cups and he says they’re hot enough for him at lunch. DD has taken leftover chili and I put it in the thermos cup and she says it’s still warm at lunch so that works for us. Oh well I guess I’ll see what this year brings. I’m sure something new ! LOL

Do the lost lunchboxes ever turn up Daryl ? I can’t say we’ve ever lost one for real. Younger DS has left his at school a few times but it’s always there the next day. That would get expensive replacing lunchboxes like that. I found a nice canvas type (?) lunch box for younger DS at Costco 2 years ago and it seems to be holding up great. This will be the 3rd year for it. This is the longest we’ve had a lunchbox last. The plastic/vinyl type only last a year if we’re lucky.

My oldest 2 are forever losing lunch boxes and bags so I send paper ones now. It seems like such a waste but losing the other is much more expensive. They also lose thermoses so i can’t save as much and give as much variety as I would like. I “accidentally” came up with an idea for keeping the hot foods hot longer when I stored a smaller insulated zip-up lunch tote inside another. It seemed to make sense to just keep them together and put the hot food inside and double “bag”, so to speak. I think a microwaveable hot pack would also keep the food even better. Where would one find those? I never thought about getting one, so I’ve never looked.

Most of the time the lunch boxes do eventually come back. The plastic juice boxes are another story. I have learned to write my son’s name on them with paint pens. I think he is a little embarrassed but he gets over it. The hot pack came with the lunch box but I am going to buy a few more while all of the back to school stuff is available.Posted in Hot lunches, Ideas

With all the talk of school lunches

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With all the talk of school lunches I sat down and talked to ds11 to think about lunches. He likes leftovers and “hot” food. Last year I bought the old food thermos’s mentioned in the TW gazette but the food got cold. We also tried the thermos that came in the lunchbox which was colder.

There is no microwave available.

What do you all use or suggest?

The middle school lunch is $1.50 from the cafeteria or more from the fast foodcarts the bring in (Arby’s, Pizza Hut). I think I can make him a lunch for less but he eats a lot also so I think pasta’s and such would fill him up.

Also, Savalot has a 10pk of frozen burritos for $2 something any ideas how to keep them warm?

Thanks for all the ideas. I was not filling the jars with hot water and my dh pointed out to me that they were cold food jars,They have liquid in the lid to freeze. oops!-LOL!!!

I am however going to go to WalMart and buy a Real thermos for my ds. My dh found a stainless steel one he got for being his brother best man and we tried it this am and the food is still warm. Now hubby wants to use it too. Hey this might turn him around and stop buying his daily burrito from the lunch truck.Posted in Hot lunches