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Richa Moorjani’s Inaugural Diwali Bash Shines in Los Angeles

Actress Richa Moorjani, known for her role in "Never Have I Ever," recently brought the spirit of Diwali to Los Angeles in a spectacular fashion, hosting her very first Diwali party in the city of angels. In an exclusive interview with Vogue, Moorjani shared her childhood memories of Diwali and how she’s now reimagining the traditional festival in a contemporary setting.

A Musical Legacy

Richa Moorjani Brings Light to L.A. with Her First-Ever Diwali Party | Vogue

Moorjani’s connection to Diwali runs deep. Her parents, members of the Geetanjali Bollywood cover band in the Bay Area, would often perform at Diwali melas, bringing the magic of Indian music and culture to hundreds of attendees. Young Richa would fondly reminisce about being their "little backstage kid," enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and captivating performances.

"I think Diwali helped me fall in love with my culture as a young child," she reflects. "The whole family would get together, dress up in new traditional Indian clothes, and eat so much food."

Diwali in Los Angeles

Now living in Los Angeles, Moorjani is creating new traditions while honoring the old. Her approach to Diwali might look different from the grand celebrations of her childhood, but it’s equally filled with love and cultural significance.

For her first-ever Diwali party in L.A., Moorjani partnered with Fable & Mane, an Ayurveda-inspired hair brand, to host the event at Baar Baar in downtown Los Angeles. This modern twist on a classic festival showcases the evolving Indian-American experience.

A Glowing Transformation

Before the big event, Moorjani underwent a transformation that perfectly complemented the Diwali spirit. Using the Fable & Mane haircare line, her hair dazzles with a radiant shine. Hairstylist Joseph Chase crafted an elegant half-up half-down style, while makeup artist Lilly Keys Westbrook created a smoky eye with rose gold tones that capture the essence of South Asian beauty.

"The gold tones in my look even resemble diyas," Moorjani remarks, tying her festive appearance together.

Fashion and Values

Richa Moorjani’s attire for the occasion was equally noteworthy. She donned a custom two-piece gold fishtail lehenga and diaphanous dupatta by Papa Don’t Preach. The metallic tones in her outfit harmonize with the Diwali theme and capture the essence of the festival of lights.

Shared Values

Moorjani’s connection with Fable & Mane goes beyond their partnership. Both the brand and the actress debuted in April 2020, sharing a common South Asian heritage, as the founders, Akash and Nikita Mehta, are siblings of Indian descent. Additionally, they all share a strong commitment to animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

Moorjani also attributes her healthy, lustrous hair to the HoliRoots Hair Oil, a product from Fable & Mane. By incorporating this into her weekly routine, her color-treated hair has regained its vitality.

In conclusion, Richa Moorjani’s first-ever Diwali party in Los Angeles is a testament to her deep-rooted connection to her culture and the evolving face of Diwali celebrations in the United States. Her partnership with Fable & Mane and her commitment to preserving wildlife demonstrate her dedication to her heritage and the world we share.

Richa Moorjani Brings Light to L.A. with Her First-Ever Diwali Party, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary flair.

Thematic Inspirations Behind Richa Moorjani’s Debut Diwali Party

Who is Richa Moorjani?

Richa Moorjani, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, embarked on a unique journey in her career by relocating to India to pursue acting. Her path parallels that of her character Kamala in "Never Have I Ever," who is portrayed as a biology PhD student at Caltech. When questioned about her connection to the role, Moorjani expressed, “There’s so much that I feel like I have in common with Kamala, more than not." Her transition from the Bay Area to India and her portrayal of Kamala highlight her versatility and dedication in the world of entertainment.

Did Richa Moorjani Feel More Confident on ‘Never Have I Ever’?

At the age of 34, Richa Moorjani found herself in a new level of confidence during her time on ‘Never Have I Ever.’ The actress acknowledges the show’s impact, not only for enhancing her self-assurance but also for creating an environment where she felt genuinely embraced and valued.

What TV Shows Did Sara Moorjani Play?

In her early acting career, Sara Moorjani made notable appearances in various television shows. These included guest roles in popular series like The Mindy Project, directed by Mindy Kaling, as well as appearances in NCIS: Los Angeles and 9-1-1. Additionally, she showcased her versatility as a voice actor in the 2018 online action role-playing video game, Fallout 76, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

What Did Richa Moorjani Wear?

Richa Moorjani, styled by Ambika Sanjana, donned a captivating ensemble by Amit Aggarwal. Her attire featured a stunning lehenga, adorned with glistening gem-like details that showcased sleek, geometric patterns. The lehenga skirt boasted an embossed air wave pattern with holographic accents, elegantly paired with a metallic emerald hand-embroidered blouse.

What Inspired Richa Moorjani to Host Her First Diwali Party in Los Angeles?

Richa Moorjani’s decision to host her inaugural Diwali party in Los Angeles is deeply rooted in her childhood memories. She reflects, “I think Diwali helped me fall in love with my culture as a young child." Recalling the cherished traditions of her family, she fondly describes how the entire family would come together, adorning themselves in new, traditional Indian attire and indulging in an abundance of delectable food.

How Did Richa Moorjani Celebrate Diwali in Her Childhood?

During her childhood, Richa Moorjani’s Diwali celebrations were a testament to the love for her culture. When her family wasn’t performing, they either hosted or attended large Diwali gatherings with friends, family, and those who were considered like family. She fondly recalls, “I think Diwali helped me fall in love with my culture as a young child." These festive occasions included dressing in traditional Indian attire and relishing an abundance of delicious food.

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