Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ Roars: Box Office Triumph with Rs 500 Crore Global Milestone!

The cinematic juggernaut, Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor and directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, continues to dominate the box office with an unprecedented performance. Even as it enters its sixth day since release, the movie has proven to be a box office tsunami, shattering records and earning both critical acclaim and audience applause.

Record-Breaking Day 6 Collection

Animal box office collection day 5: Ranbir Kapoor

Despite the regular weekday trend of lower box office numbers, Animal has maintained a remarkable stronghold at cinemas. Early estimates suggest that the Ranbir Kapoor starrer is set to rake in a staggering Rs 27 crore for its Hindi version alone on day 6. When accounting for dubbed versions, the total collection is expected to reach Rs 30-31 crore on Wednesday.

Consistent Success: Crossing the Rs 300 Crore Mark in India

Shah Rukh Khan

The movie has etched its name in the annals of Bollywood history by achieving a remarkable feat – registering six consecutive days of Rs 30 crore collections. This milestone, coupled with a swift climb, has propelled Animal beyond the Rs 300 crore mark within India in just six days.

Global Triumph: Rs 500 Crore Worldwide Gross

Q1 Comeback - Third Pandemic March Generates $1.8bn Global Box Office; Q1 Hits $6.6bn - Gower Street Analytics

The triumph of Animal extends beyond national borders, as the film has crossed the Rs 500 crore gross mark worldwide within the same time frame. This remarkable global success underscores the universal appeal and resonance of Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal and the compelling narrative crafted by Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Career Pinnacle

Animal has not only set new benchmarks for box office performance but has also emerged as Ranbir Kapoor’s career biggest opener. The movie delves into the intricacies of a father-son relationship, with Ranbir’s character displaying a protective and obsessive demeanor towards his on-screen father, played by the veteran Anil Kapoor.

Multilingual Release and Extended Runtime

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Released in five languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam – the 3-hour and 21-minute-long cinematic experience has transcended linguistic barriers, contributing to its widespread appeal and success.

In Conclusion

Animal‘s unstoppable momentum at the box office underscores its resonance with audiences across the globe. As it continues to break records and set new standards, the film stands as a testament to the compelling storytelling and stellar performances by the cast. Ranbir Kapoor’s magnetic portrayal and the engaging narrative have undoubtedly propelled Animal to the zenith of cinematic success.

In just six days, Animal box office collection day 6: Ranbir Kapoor starrer earns Rs 30 crore, crosses Rs 300 crore mark in India, and Rs 500 crore worldwide has become a rallying cry for the cinematic triumph that the movie embodies.

Beyond Borders: Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Hits Rs 500 Crore Worldwide in Just 6 Days

How much is Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor worth?

Anticipation is high for the opening day collection of Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor, with expectations soaring beyond Rs 20 crore. The film’s advance collections are already making waves, totaling an impressive Rs 19.7 crore. Notably, the Hindi version takes the lead with Rs 17.16 crore, while the Telugu version contributes Rs 2.44 crore to the growing worth of the movie.

How much money has ‘Animal’ made in 6 days?

Animal has set a remarkable record by achieving six consecutive days of Rs 30 crore collections, catapulting the film beyond the Rs 300 crore mark in India and crossing the Rs 500 crore gross milestone worldwide within just six days of its release. This unprecedented success is a testament to the movie’s widespread appeal and box office prowess, solidifying its position as a blockbuster. Additionally, Triptii Dimri’s candid interview sheds light on the film’s dynamics, adding an intriguing layer to the overall narrative.

How much money has ‘Animal’ collected in India?

The advance collections for Animal have surged to an impressive Rs 19.7 crore, with the Hindi version leading the charge at Rs 17.16 crore. The Telugu version has contributed an additional Rs 2.44 crore to the overall earnings. Noteworthy state-wise contributions include Delhi, generating over Rs 3.75 crore, and Telangana, contributing Rs 2.97 crore. It’s worth noting that despite its ‘A’ rating, Animal has defied expectations, achieving significant financial success in various regions of India.

Is Animal a ‘Box Office Record’?

T-Series, the production house behind Animal, proudly announced the film’s outstanding performance on X. With a caption that exclaimed, "He is the Box Office #Animal #AnimalHuntBegins," the post revealed that the movie has indeed shattered ‘box office records’ with a staggering 5-day worldwide gross, amassing an impressive Rs 481 crore. This proclamation solidifies Animal‘s status as a monumental success, setting new benchmarks in the realm of box office achievements.

What is the Worldwide Collection of Animal Movie?

Animal has taken the global box office by storm, garnering an astounding Rs 481 crore in gross worldwide collections within a mere five days of its release. This remarkable feat, confirming the film’s immense popularity among audiences, was officially announced by the movie’s makers in a post on X, previously known as Twitter. The movie’s impressive international earnings underscore its widespread acclaim and solidify its position as a cinematic phenomenon.

What is the Total Earning of Animal Movie?

In the realm of trending phenomena, #RanbirKapoor’s Animal is emerging as a distinct beast. The movie recently surpassed the formidable ₹400 crore mark at the global box office, solidifying its status as a cinematic powerhouse. According to the latest reports, the film has amassed a grand total of ₹425 crore worldwide. The official X account for Animal triumphantly declared ‘Animal conquers Monday!’—a testament to the film’s resounding success and widespread acclaim.

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