Quick Mother’s Day Ideas

What should I buy Mom? If those four simple words have made you realize you’re still empty-handed with just a few days till Mother’s Day, know that we’re here to assist. Despite your best efforts to prepare ahead, choose the ideal present, and shower her with all of the love and admiration a Mom could ever dream for, things don’t always go as planned. Even so, it’s never too late to acquire or create a gift for your mother.

Browse our top last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to thrill and surprise her. We offer recipes for cupcakes, snacks, and chocolate-dipped strawberries that explode with flavor in a single bite for the culinary-minded parent with a discerning taste. We offer pop-up cards with paper flowers and patterns that go beyond typical school-day handprints for the creative parent. We have packaging and presentation options for flowers that can motivate the parent with a green thumb to go back into her garden. Learn how to transform all of her favorite images, souvenirs, and more into gift-worthy treasures for the sentimental mom.

In brief, we offer suggestions for anything from quick handcrafted presents to simple recipes that will wow her right away, as well as templates for creating bespoke cards and more. She taught you to be resourceful and quick-thinking, so we’re sure she won’t object if you put those abilities to use. Simply simply, if Mother’s Day slipped by you this year, don’t panic! Continue reading to learn about all the important ways you can honor Mom.

Flower Soaks

Combine dried roses, calendula, and blue cornflowers with essential oils and mineral-rich Epsom and pink Himalayan salts to make this lovely bath. Glass flutes with cork tops and a personalised label make these bath essentials ideal for gifting.

Charm Necklackes

Transform sturdy ribbon or antique chains with a few new jewels or charms that relate to a theme important to Mom, such as her birth stone or zodiac sign.

Painted Terra-Cotta Pot

Paint in between the lines after tracing a design on a terra-cotta pot using painters tape. For good measure, give her a new houseplant of your design.

Paper Tulips

Flowers are an easy way to make Mom happy on her special day. Download our templates, print them on card paper, and then cut out each design with scissors to create this activity. Lightly trace petals onto pink cover stock or strong paper for each tulip. Cut out with scissors and make the slits as shown. Interlock the two forms by slipping one’s bottom slit into the top slit of the other. For a stem, cut an 18-inch piece of 16-gauge green cloth-wrapped floral wire. Apply adhesive to one end of the wire and fasten it to the bottom of the petals. Allow to dry. Make a leaf out of green vellum by tracing it and cutting it out with sharp scissors. Attach the leaf to the stem towards the bottom using double-sided tape, then wrap the floral wire around the base of the leaf. Insert the stem into the potted tulip bulb’s leaves and press only the tip of it into the bulb to secure it.

Balloon Bouquet

With this stunning bouquet, you may give her the ultimate surprise on Mother’s Day morning. Print our template on cardstock, cut them out, and then punch a hole at the top of each. Using baker’s twine, tie the letters to three helium-filled balloons. Finally, attach the balloons to Mom’s chair or bed, spreading them slightly apart. Wishing her a happy birthday has never looked so brilliant. The upbeat performance will have her soaring on air.

Bedroom Service

Let’s be honest: Even a cup of cereal tastes better when it’s cooked with love or by someone else. You just need a steady hand to pour her milk. (but if you wish to go a more elaborate route, we can offer a few suggestions). Tell Mom you love her in a unique manner by writing it out on toast with cinnamon sugar. For a delightful side dish, serve it with a fruit-on-the-bottom, hearts-on-top yogurt parfait.

DIY Beauty

She seldom treats herself, so buy Mom a present that guarantees she prioritizes self-care on her special day. This scrub should get the job done. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave the kitchen to acquire your materials and supplies. Green tea contains antioxidant capabilities that eliminate pollutants and help treat dry skin, so it’s not only for drinking. Other natural components in this soothing exfoliator include sugar, coconut oil, and dried rose petals, all of which carry a strong punch.

New-School Heirloom

Is Mom more interested in producing than in consuming? Then, instead of actual flowers, give her a present that will last a lifetime. Make time at home for a mother-daughter pin-making session using her favorite materials. More than just an inheritance, the floral beauties may assist Mom spruce up an outfit for a particular event or just decorate a portion of the house as décor all year.

Candy Flower Cupcakes

If Mom has a sweet tooth, she’ll be blown away by the flavor and style of these exquisite candy-topped cupcakes. Each one is designed to resemble a different flower, such as a dahlia, daisy, garden rose, or geranium. What makes these delectable delicacies so unique? They’re as easy to create as they are to consume. To prepare these scrumptious sweets, just chop up gummies and lay them on top of frosted cupcakes in an artistic design.

Screen (and Face) Time

You had all the time in the world to spend with Mom when you were a kid. From little to large, you two were most likely side by side as you created unforgettable experiences. You may still show her how much you care by organizing a romantic night in for the two of you. For a Mother’s Day to remember, snuggle up with a favorite movie and a bowl of handmade popcorn.

Crafternoon Tea

Fill sachets with a blend of her favorite loose teas, or write sweet comments on custom tea tags. She’ll be reminded of how much you care when she goes to prepare her daily tea. Select loose teas and then make your favorite blends. Place two tablespoons along the top edge of a square of cheesecloth. Roll the cheesecloth up. Gather the ends of the bundle to form a bag and fasten with cotton string. Next, using craft punches and paper, create a tag for each taste. Each tag should have a hole punched in the middle. Tea-bag threads should be threaded through each tag and knotted. Cut two cardstock rectangles to fit within the top and bottom of the present box. To make flaps, snip the corners. Glue the bottom rectangle to the interior of the box, and then glue tags to the top cardstock rectangle and label. Glue to the inside of the box’s lid.

“I Love You, Mom” Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate semisweet indulgence—and not something she’d cook for herself on a daily basis. Give Mom a gift she may not have realized she desired—one that is simple to prepare in the kitchen. Simply have melted chocolate on available as well as a pipe to write “I love you” on the fresh fruit. Mom will adore these, as will the emotion they express in delectable letters.

Hoop Earrings

Only a few minutes till your meeting with Mom? Handmade jewelry is always a safe bet, and we believe a set of striking earrings that she can wear again and over is the way to go. A length of gold wire, a few household tools, and any cylindrical item will do—a spice jar, shot glass, or spool of thread would do.

Put It on Paper

Nothing says “I love you” like a card that says “I love you” when preparing a handcrafted present. We promise she won’t want anything else if you write from the heart. Fill a plastic container with six inches of hot water, then whisk in the dye to produce a tie-dye card. Allow the solution to settle so that there are no bubbles on the surface. Holding your paper straight, dip it into the dye solution until you reach the desired line. Keep the paper in the dye until it reaches the desired color.

Garden Cloches

Fresh flowers, a teacup, a plate, and a glass dome are all you need to create a show-stopping floral arrangement. Put a handful of vibrant flowers in a cup and place it behind a bell-shaped cover. To fix a flower-pin frog within a compact, strong cup, place flowery clay on the bottom. Fill the cup three-quarters of the way up with water. Cut flowers and foliage and adhere them to the pins. Cover the cup with the cloche and place it on a dish.

Pop-Up Card

This lovely greeting card makes a lovely flower delivery for Moms near and far. A flat card blossoms into a three-dimensional arrangement that is much more unusual than a vase of roses. It seems complicated, yet it is made with merely bits of paper and neatly placed tape. To show your Mom how much you appreciate her, make the present out of her favorite color paper. Finish with heartfelt remarks to make this card more memorable.

Heart-Embroidered Photo

Make a present that will last a lifetime on Mom’s special day. Even though it is a day devoted to thanking her for all she does for you, she will most likely want you to be a part of it as well. You may do this by framing a favorite picture of the two of you. To make it even more special, add a heart embroidery to genuinely convey your love and create a gift she will remember for years to come.

Sleeping Mask

While Mom would enjoy whatever you create, a gift that helps her rest is sure to be loved even more, so why not give her to a personalised sleep mask? Print the sleep-mask clip image onto paper to make this project. Write a message on the reverse and embellish with glitter on the eyelashes and pipe cleaners around the border if wanted. Make a hole on each side and attach ribbon ties.

Fabric-Punched Mother’s Day Card

Make a card with a fabric touch for Mom. Begin by punching fabric flowers as follows: In a shallow tray, place a piece of cloth. Apply enough fabric stiffener with a paintbrush to saturate, but not soak, the fabric. Allow it to dry for approximately an hour. Rep with the rest of the cloth. Punch out flowers and leaves as close together as possible on the cloth using craft punches. Glue just the cores of the leaves and flowers to a card, allowing the tips to curl upward. Hand-draw stems and a message.

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