Prince William’s Outcry: Why ‘The Crown’s’ Ghostly Diana Sparks Controversy on Netflix

Fictional portrayals of royal families have often delved into the supernatural, featuring ghosts from historical epochs. However, a new addition to this genre has struck a nerve with Princess Diana’s family and some UK residents. The cause of their distress? Rumors that the forthcoming season of Netflix’s acclaimed series The Crown will introduce a spectral Princess Diana.

The Controversial Netflix Series: "The Crown" and Diana’s Ghost

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In a stunning twist, the next season of The Crown plans to depict Princess Diana, the People’s Princess, in spirit form. This choice, spanning events from 1997 to 2005, including the aftermath of Diana’s tragic death, has caused a stir among both royal watchers and the late Princess’s family.

The series will reportedly feature a scene in which a ghostly Diana, portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, appears to Prince Charles (Dominic West), her former husband and now King. She tells him, "You know I loved you so much. So deeply, so painfully, too. That’s over now. It will be easier for everyone with me gone."

In another scene, Diana’s ghost supposedly visits Queen Elizabeth, portrayed by Imelda Staunton, with the message: "I know it must be terrifying… As long as anyone can remember, you’ve taught us what it means to be British. Maybe it’s time to show you’re ready to learn, too."

Mixed Reactions to Diana’s Ghostly Depiction

Netflix sparks row over Princess Diana ghost scenes: Experts say William and Harry will be

While an unnamed friend of King Charles and Queen Camilla appears unfazed, stating that the couple "don’t really care" about these ghostly rumors, Prince William has expressed his discomfort with this fictional take on his family, particularly when it involves his late mother.

An unnamed intimate of Prince William’s tells The Daily Beast, "It’s incredibly hurtful to have his mother exploited over and over again in this tawdry fashion by Netflix. He won’t watch it, but he will be totally sickened by it."

Netflix’s Response to the Controversy

Netflix sparks row over Princess Diana ghost scenes: Experts say William and Harry will be

Netflix has responded to concerns with an unnamed spokesperson stating that these imagined conversations aim to "bring to life the depth of emotion that was felt after such a seismic tragedy struck at the heart of the family." The streaming platform contends that Diana appears as part of an inner dialogue in separate scenes with Prince Charles and the Queen, reflecting on their relationship with the late Princess.

In Conclusion: A Controversy Unveiled

The depiction of Princess Diana as a ghost in the upcoming season of The Crown has undoubtedly stirred controversy. While some argue that it serves as a creative attempt to explore the emotional aspects of this royal family’s history, Prince William and other critics find it "incredibly hurtful." The debate surrounding this series is a testament to the delicate nature of portraying recent history, especially when it involves a figure as beloved and mourned as Princess Diana.

As the series continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how this portrayal will be received and whether it will strike the right balance between entertainment and sensitivity.

Princess Diana’s Ghostly Presence on Netflix Is “Incredibly Hurtful”: Prince William remains a hot topic of discussion among those interested in royal history and contemporary storytelling.

Royal Family Dynamics: Impacts of Portrayals on Family Members

Why is Prince William Upset About Diana’s Portrayal on Netflix?

Prince William expresses profound discomfort with the portrayal of his late mother, Princess Diana, in a ghostly form on Netflix’s series The Crown. An unnamed source close to the Prince conveyed that he finds it "incredibly hurtful to have his mother exploited repeatedly in this tawdry fashion by Netflix." This objection stems from a sense of protectiveness towards his mother’s memory and a belief that such portrayals are insensitive and inappropriate.

How does Prince William feel about Diana?

Prince William’s Sentiments Towards Diana

Prince William holds a deep reverence for his late mother, Princess Diana, aiming to impart her legacy to his own children. He acknowledges that cherished moments spent with Diana, the warmth of her presence, and the love shared within their family are among his most treasured and significant memories. These experiences continue to shape his perspective on parenthood and family values, reflecting the enduring impact of Diana’s influence on her son.

Did Harry and William cry at Diana’s funeral?

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Emotional Struggles After Diana’s Funeral

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has opened up about the profound guilt and grief he experienced as a young boy in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death. During this difficult period, he disclosed that he shed tears only once, and both he and Prince William found it challenging to display their emotions while meeting grieving members of the public outside Kensington Palace. Their experiences reflect the immense emotional burden they carried following their mother’s funeral.

Would Harry Diana be heartbroken over William’s behavior?

Diana’s Hypothetical Feelings About William’s Actions

Regarding William’s recent actions, Prince Harry commented on how their late mother, Princess Diana, might have felt. He expressed, "She would be heartbroken about the fact that William, his office, were a part of these stories." Additionally, Harry mentioned that he and William had made a mutual commitment never to let their offices engage in conflicts, emphasizing their desire to maintain a united front despite any challenges they face.

Who cried when Diana died?

Emotional Responses to Diana’s Passing

Prince Harry, in an interview promoting his autobiography Spare, reflects on the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death. He candidly recalls that both he and Prince William struggled to display their emotions while meeting mourners in public. However, Prince Harry admitted that he did shed tears when his mother was laid to rest, acknowledging the profound grief he felt during that difficult period.

Was the prince in love with Diana?

Prince Charles and Diana’s Blossoming Love Story

The romantic connection between Prince Charles and Diana began to flourish in July 1980 when they both stayed with their mutual friend, Philip de Pass, in Sussex. During this time, the empathetic Diana played a crucial role in comforting Prince Charles, who was grieving the loss of his beloved father figure, Lord Mountbatten. Their emotional bond marked the early stages of their love story.

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