Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

Parkfield is a lovely town on California’s central coast. 25 miles northeast of Paso Robles, surrounded by California’s greatest natural beauty. The pure air, warm evenings, and gorgeous surroundings of Parkfield blend seamlessly with authentic American music: bluegrass.

Every Mother’s Day weekend, the population of this sleepy village explodes from 18 to over a thousand bluegrass pickers, pluckers, and fun-loving fans. For than two decades, music enthusiasts have enjoyed the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival’s natural beauty and quiet environment. Nature’s relaxing sights and sounds merge with the deep, high lonesome sound of bluegrass music to create a one-of-a-kind experience.
At the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, live musicians perform all day on a tiny stage, and late night gigs are available at the Parkfield Cafe.

Meanwhile, back in the tents, jam sessions abound. The festival also offers several workshops on a variety of instruments as well as a music camp for kids.
This Mother’s Day weekend will find Parkfield once more transformed into bluegrass nirvana. We look forward to seeing you there!

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