Navigating the Controversial Confluence: Trump, Christian Nationalism, and QAnon on ReAwaken America Tour

The ReAwaken America Tour has gained notoriety for its potent blend of Trump fervor, Christian nationalism, and QAnon conspiracy theories. This far-right religious roadshow, now in its third year, attracts thousands of attendees who unite in their unwavering support for Donald Trump and their belief in a divine mission.

A Melding of Movements

Trump, Christian nationalism, QAnon mix on ReAwaken America Tour - Los Angeles Times

The ReAwaken America Tour, spearheaded by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and entrepreneur Clay Clark, has become a platform where the MAGA movement, election denial, and QAnon conspiracy theories converge. At its core, this two-day church revival, held just outside Las Vegas in August, features nearly 70 speakers who preach controversial ideas.

  • Vaccine Fears: Some speakers claim that vaccines are poisonous and will bring about the end of the world.

  • Child Sex Trafficking Allegations: A cabal of global leaders is alleged to be engaged in child sex trafficking.

  • Election Theft Claims: Persistent allegations that the 2020 election was stolen.

The Apocalyptic Drumbeat

Throughout the event, a pervasive apocalyptic drumbeat resonates – the belief that the country’s fate hinges on Trump’s return to power in 2024. Speakers proclaim that God has chosen Trump to win, and it is the Christian duty of the attendees to ensure his victory.

Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, underscores this sentiment by stating, “God is a part of this race. I’m telling you guys this. I feel it deep down inside.”

A High-Profile Lineup

The ReAwaken America Tour boasts a lineup that reads like a who’s who of Trump’s inner circle. Notable figures, including Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Trump lawyer Alina Habba, address the fervent crowds. This speaks to the tour’s growing importance in Trump’s potential 2024 election bid.

Violent Rhetoric and Divine Justice

Trump ramps up violent rhetoric ahead of 2024 election

The rhetoric at the ReAwaken America Tour can take a disturbing turn, with speakers occasionally invoking violence and divine justice. For instance, far-right radio personality Stew Peters called for the deaths of President Biden’s son, Hunter, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. This kind of rhetoric would have been career-ending in the past, but it now finds acceptance in certain political circles.

Safe Haven for Attendees

For many attendees, the ReAwaken America Tour represents a safe space where like-minded individuals gather to share their faith and support for Trump. This sense of community is what drives people like Linda Hoy, who describes it as a place to be with "patriotic, God-fearing, Jesus Christ-loving people."

The Marketplace of Ideas

Aside from the speeches, attendees can explore a marketplace with an eclectic array of merchandise. From dietary supplements to water purification systems and books on conspiracy theories, there’s something for everyone.

Opposition and Controversy

The tour has faced opposition from groups like Faithful America, which seeks to prevent local officials from issuing permits and urges businesses not to host the event. Critics argue that Christian nationalism poses a threat to American democracy and the church.

Trump as a Savior

Trump’s image as a savior is embraced by some within the religious far-right, despite his actions sometimes contradicting their beliefs. The narrative suggests that God may choose a strong leader, even one with personal flaws, in times of immense danger.

The ReAwaken America Tour is a manifestation of the deep-rooted and complex political and religious currents that have been amplified and intersect within the broader context of American politics.

In an era marked by divisive ideologies, it has become a rallying point for those who believe in the convergence of Trump, Christian nationalism, and QAnon on the path to a reawakened America.

Key Themes and Concerns Raised by the ReAwaken America Tour

How does Christian nationalism influence the ReAwaken America Tour?

The ReAwaken America Tour, during its recent visit to a Batavia church, significantly intertwines with Christian nationalist ideology. It manifests in multiple facets:

  • Proclaiming America’s Christian Identity: The tour ardently asserts that the United States is a Christian nation, reinforcing a core Christian nationalist tenet.

  • God’s Will in Trump’s Presidency: It promotes the belief that Donald Trump’s presidency was divinely ordained, aligning with Christian nationalist ideals of divine intervention in politics.

  • Anti-LGBTQ Stance: The tour also encompasses anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, reflecting a position often associated with Christian nationalist viewpoints.

In various ways, Christian nationalism weaves into the fabric of the ReAwaken America Tour, shaping its narrative and convictions.

Is the reawaken America Tour a blading example of Christian nationalism?

Is the ReAwaken America Tour a blazing example of Christian nationalism? According to Empsall, it is indeed one of the most conspicuous instances of Christian nationalism. He contends that the tour revolves around power and politics rather than faith, emphasizing the duty of Christians to disavow the actions of Clark and Flynn.

What is Christian nationalism?

What is Christian nationalism? Christian nationalism, as described by Tyler, is an ideology and cultural framework that aims to amalgamate American and Christian identities. This concept served as an inspiration for events such as the January 6 insurrection and continues to influence the ongoing ReAwaken America tour.

Why is reawaken America so popular?

Why is the ReAwaken America Tour so popular? Thousands of attendees have flocked to its numerous stops across the country. The tour, initiated by Clark in 2021 to protest COVID-19 public health restrictions, has gained widespread popularity with Flynn’s assistance. It is renowned for blending Christian nationalist beliefs with right-wing conspiracy theories, making it a magnet for those who resonate with these ideologies.

Does ‘reawaken America’ really ‘Jan 6 goes to church’?

Does ‘ReAwaken America’ truly mirror ‘Jan 6 goes to church’? According to Empsall, the reference is apt, drawing parallels to the 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol by Christian nationalist Trump supporters. However, he emphasizes the need for Christians across the country to voice their objections to the manipulation of the gospel in the pursuit of political power.

Is reawaken America a Trump tour?

Is the ReAwaken America Tour truly a Trump tour? When the tour reached New York in August, Clark declared, "At this ReAwaken America Tour, Jesus is King [and] President Donald J. Trump is our president." However, it’s worth noting that, until recently, the tour had not been hosted at any Trump properties. This is set to change as Clark and his team prepare to host the tour at Trump Doral on May 12.

What will reawaken America speakers address at Trump National Doral?

What will ReAwaken America speakers address at Trump National Doral on May 12-13? The topics on the agenda include "Jeffrey Epstein 101" and "Are COVID Vaccines Now Being Put Inside Our Food?" It’s a lineup that promises to delve into controversial and provocative subjects, generating anticipation among attendees.

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