Mysterious Disappearance: San Diego Woman Vanishes in Arizona, Leaving Her Car Abandoned

Chelsea Grimm’s family anxiously waits for her return as authorities intensify search efforts.


Missing San Diego woman last seen in Arizona; car abandoned - Los Angeles Times

Nearly two weeks have passed since Chelsea Grimm, a 32-year-old woman from San Diego, mysteriously disappeared in Arizona. The enigmatic case centers around her abandoned car and a peculiar encounter with a police officer. This article delves into the details of the case and the ongoing search for the missing San Diego woman last seen in Arizona.

The Journey and Disappearance

Chelsea Grimm had embarked on a journey from her San Diego home to attend a family wedding in Connecticut, accompanied by her pet bearded dragon, in her trusty 2019 Ford Escape. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when she informed her family that she was stopping to camp along the way.

On September 27, she was in the Phoenix area, where she last spoke to her family. The following day, she had a curious encounter with a police officer in Williams, Arizona, over 100 miles to the north.

The officer approached her car, finding Chelsea in a distressed state. She explained that her emotions had overcome her while photographing a cemetery and revealed her intention to camp in the area. The officer kindly recommended she park her car at a nearby truck stop for safety.

The Vanishing Act

Two days later, on September 30, a woodcutter encountered Chelsea in the Ash Fork area, west of Williams. She assured the woodcutter that she was fine. Tragically, this would be the last time anyone reported seeing her.

Chelsea’s family grew increasingly worried and reported her missing to the Phoenix Police Department on October 4. The following day, hunters discovered her white 2019 Ford Escape abandoned on Forest Road 6 in the Kaibab National Forest, located south of the Grand Canyon and approximately 50 miles northeast of Ash Fork.

Search-and-rescue teams and criminal investigators swiftly responded to the scene where the car was found. Their relentless efforts are ongoing, with hopes of unraveling the mystery of the missing San Diego woman last seen in Arizona.

A Father’s Hope

"We are trying our best to hold on to positive outcome scenarios and put our faith in the authorities," Chelsea’s father, Stephen Grimm, expressed to KPHO, a local news station.

Chelsea Grimm’s disappearance has left her family clinging to hope, awaiting her safe return as law enforcement continues its investigation.


The case of the "Missing San Diego woman last seen in Arizona; car abandoned" has gripped the community’s attention, leaving many questions unanswered. Chelsea Grimm’s family and authorities remain steadfast in their quest to solve the mystery and bring her back home safely.

We will continue to monitor the developments in this ongoing investigation and provide updates as more information becomes available.

Intriguing Tidbits to Pique Your Interest

What happened to Chelsea Grimm in Arizona?

The Disappearance of Chelsea Grimm in Arizona

32-year-old Chelsea Grimm’s mysterious vanishing in Williams, Arizona, remains a troubling enigma. Two weeks ago, she was last seen in this quiet town, but what unfolded afterward raises questions.

  • Her 2019 Ford Escape was discovered days later, abandoned in the woods.
  • Stephen Grimm, her father, expressed, "You wouldn’t wish it on anyone," reflecting the family’s anguish.
  • For Stephen and Janet Grimm, it has been an agonizing two weeks since they last heard from their daughter.

What ethnicity is Maya Millete?

Maya Millete’s Ethnic Background

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  • Maya’s sister, Maricris Drouaillet, fondly recalls her thriving in their new home, referring to her as "the smart one."

What does Larry Millete do?

Larry Millete’s Allegation

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Did they ever find Maya Millete?

Maya Millete’s Unresolved Disappearance

Despite extensive efforts, detectives have not been able to locate the body of Maya Millete, who mysteriously vanished in January 2021.

Was Larry Millete in the military?

Larry Millete’s Military Service

Maya met Larry Millete in high school, after he relocated to Hawaii from San Diego with his family due to a juvenile gang-related assault arrest in 1997. Subsequently, they married, and Larry served in the United States Navy for five years.

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