Mumtaz Remembers Her Special Bond with Dev Anand: ‘Mumzee’ Moments

In a nostalgic tribute to the legendary actor Dev Anand, veteran actress Mumtaz shares intimate memories of her time working with him. The actress, known for her roles in iconic films like Tere Mere Sapne (1971) and Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), fondly recalls her bond with Dev Anand and the special nickname he had for her.

What was Mumtaz’s Relationship with Dev Anand?

Mumtaz: I was very close to Dev saab and he would call me Mumzee | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Mumtaz speaks of her profound connection with Dev Anand, emphasizing the uniqueness of his style and charisma. She describes him as a trendsetter whose distinct mannerisms and acting prowess are unmatched even today. "Dev saab introduced a style, which nobody could and can match up to,” says Mumtaz.

"Mumzee" – A Special Nickname

During her time working with Dev Anand, he affectionately called Mumtaz "Mumzee." This endearing moniker exemplifies the close bond they shared. Mumtaz reminisces how Dev Anand would call her to help select his scarves for the film. She fondly recalls, "On set, he used to always call me to select his scarf. He would say, ‘Mumzee, come here.’ I would go to his make-up room where there would be six-seven scarves laid out, and he would ask me to pick one for the scene. I would feel a sense of pride seeing Dev saab give importance to my choice.”

Choosing Roles in Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Haré Rama Haré Krishna (1971) - IMDb

When Dev Anand approached Mumtaz for their second film together, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, he initially wanted her to play his sister. However, Mumtaz had some reservations due to their previous roles as a married couple in Tere Mere Sapne. She expressed her concerns, explaining, "I thought after playing a married couple, if we play brother-sister in our second film, won’t it look odd? So, I refused to play his sister and offered to play his heroine instead. He insisted that the sister had a bigger role, and that I can’t miss it. I was hell-bent because Tere Mere Sapne mein logon ne hamari jodi ko, hamare scenes aur songs ko kaafi pasand kiya tha. He got my point and was very grateful to let me choose the part that I wanted to play in the film.”

Dev Anand’s Influence on Mumtaz

Mumtaz on Dev Anand, “I learnt not to eat after 6 pm from him” 6 : Bollywood News - Bollywood Hungama

Mumtaz attributes her ageless beauty and fitness to Dev Anand’s advice. She recounts how he encouraged her to care for herself, saying, "He would always say, age is just a number and that one should look after themselves… apna khayal rakho aur achche lago, yeh mujhe Dev saab ne sikhaya hai.”

A Heartfelt Goodbye

When Dev Anand passed away in London on December 3, 2011, Mumtaz, who resides in Mayfair, London, chose not to see him one last time. She couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him in that state. She wanted to remember him as the evergreen Dev saab. Mumtaz shares, "Unhe waisa dekhna mujhse nahi bardasht hota.”

In closing, Mumtaz’s cherished memories of her time working with Dev Anand, and his affectionate nickname "Mumzee," highlight the profound bond between two legendary actors. Their connection remains an enduring testament to the magic of Indian cinema.

Remembering Dev Anand through the lens of Mumtaz, it’s clear that the legendary actor left an indelible mark not only on the silver screen but also in the hearts of those fortunate enough to work alongside him.

Mumtaz and Dev Anand’s Enduring Legacy

Mumtaz: I was very close to Dev saab and he would call me Mumzee …

In a cherished glimpse into her relationship with the iconic actor Dev Anand, veteran actress Mumtaz shares her close connection. Recalling her collaboration with Dev Anand, Mumtaz describes how he affectionately referred to her as "Mumzee." She fondly remembers how, while on set, Dev Anand would often call upon her to choose his scarves for filming scenes, saying, ‘Mumzee, come here.’ During their time together, a mutual understanding and respect developed, allowing Mumtaz to select the roles she preferred in their films, a decision that Dev Anand graciously accepted with gratitude.

Why did Dev call Mumtaz ‘mumzee’?

Mumtaz affectionately remembers why Dev Anand lovingly referred to her as ‘Mumzee.’ During their collaborative moments on set, Dev Anand would frequently summon her to his makeup room where an array of scarves awaited. He would entrust her with the task of selecting the perfect scarf for the day’s shooting, all while affectionately calling her ‘Mumzee.’ This endearing term reflected the warmth and camaraderie they shared during their time working together.

Who is Dev Saab?

Mumtaz fondly recalls Dev Saab, the iconic figure in Bollywood, particularly in the wake of his centenary celebration. She pays tribute to the legendary actor who, through his distinct style and performances, set an indelible standard in the industry. As her co-star in memorable films like ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ (1971) and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ (1971), Mumtaz cherishes her moments working alongside this cinematic legend.

What happened to Mumtaz?

Mumtaz recently faced a health setback, being hospitalized due to a stomach infection. The veteran actress shared her diagnosis and hospitalization, indicating that she has been discharged and is on the path to recovery, albeit still experiencing some weakness. Mumtaz’s hospital stay lasted a week. Her illustrious career in the late 1960s and 70s has left an enduring mark on the world of cinema.

Did Ruslaan Mumtaz have a baby?

Ruslaan Mumtaz and his wife, Nirali Mehta, joyfully celebrated the arrival of their first child, a baby boy, born on Thursday, March 26, at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. In a heartwarming gesture during the challenging times of the coronavirus lockdown, the actor shared images of his newborn son on Instagram, aiming to bring a ray of sunshine into people’s lives.

Why did Mumtaz choose not to see Dev Anand before he passed away?

In a poignant recollection, Mumtaz reveals why she chose not to visit Dev Anand before his passing. Even though he was merely a short distance from her London residence when he passed away, she couldn’t bear to see him lifeless. To Mumtaz, Dev Anand remained eternally youthful, and the thought of him in that state was too heart-wrenching to fathom, even to this day.

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