MLB Stars Unite: Jewish Players ‘Stand with Israel’ Against Hamas Attack

Baseball Players Make a Powerful Statement in Support of Israel

In a surprising departure from their usual stance on political matters, several Jewish Major League Baseball (MLB) players have come together to voice their unwavering support for Israel. Their collective message, "Jewish MLB players ‘stand with Israel’ in video condemning Hamas attack," has captured the attention of both sports enthusiasts and those concerned with global events.

A Notable Gesture on the Field

Jewish MLB players

Former MLB infielder and current Texas Rangers executive, Ian Kinsler, made a significant statement by wearing the jersey of the Israeli national team during the ceremonial first pitch before Game 3 of the American League Championship Series. Kinsler’s involvement is particularly relevant as he recently managed the Israel national team during the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

A Video Message Against Antisemitism

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On the heels of Kinsler’s public gesture, Israel Baseball posted a powerful video on X (formerly known as Twitter), featuring 19 current and former MLB players. These individuals, all of Jewish heritage, called upon viewers to "stand up against antisemitism" and "support Israel." Among these athletes, Houston Astros All-Star third baseman, Alex Bregman, played a prominent role in the one-minute video.

Bregman, addressing the audience with unwavering determination, stated, "For years, you have supported us on the field, but now it’s time to support all of us and stand up against antisemitism." This message underscores the gravity of the situation and the players’ commitment to their cause.

A Connection to Southern California

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Nine of the players in the video have strong ties to Southern California. These include former Dodgers slugger and Tustin High product, Shawn Green, Granada Hills High product and longtime Milwaukee Brewers slugger, Ryan Braun, and former Angels manager and Dodgers and Astros catcher, Brad Ausmus.

Others hailing from Southern California are Andrew Lorraine, Garrett Stubbs, Jon Moskot, and Ian Kinsler. These individuals have not only made significant contributions to MLB but are now using their platform to advocate for their heritage and support a cause dear to them.

A United Stand Against Antisemitism

In the video, several players, including Braun, Green, and Ausmus, follow Bregman’s lead with equally powerful statements. The video concludes with all 19 players declaring in unison, "I am a Jew!" This collective statement reaffirms their identity and their commitment to addressing the issue of antisemitism.

The video closes with an impactful group shout-out: "Stand up against antisemitism. Stand with Israel." This rallying cry carries a powerful message, resonating with both Jewish communities and MLB fans around the world.

The Players Who Stood Up

The 19 players featured in the video, along with Ian Kinsler and Alex Bregman, include Kevin Youkilis, Zack Gelof, Spencer Horwitz, Rob Kaminsky, Danny Valencia, Robbie Ross, Josh Zaid, Ty Kelly, Jake Fishman, and Ryan Lavarnway.

Ryan Lavarnway, a Woodland Hills El Camino Real High alumnus, has recently captained the Israeli national team for the European Baseball Championships held in the Czech Republic.

Final Thoughts

The video and the players’ statements serve as a powerful testament to the impact sports figures can have when they choose to take a stance on important issues. The message, "Jewish MLB players ‘stand with Israel’ in video condemning Hamas attack," resonates with individuals worldwide, emphasizing the need to stand up against antisemitism and support the state of Israel. While MLB players often remain neutral on political matters, this collective statement highlights the gravity of the situation and their dedication to making a difference.

The video is a testament to the unity of the Jewish MLB players in the face of adversity. It sends a resounding message that transcends the baseball diamond and reinforces the importance of standing together against hatred and prejudice.

Reactions and Impact of the Video

Who are the Jews in MLB?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) has seen a notable presence of Jewish players throughout its history. Some of the prominent Jewish MLB players include:

  1. Cal Abrams
  2. Lloyd Allen
  3. Rubén Amaro Jr.
  4. Morrie Arnovich
  5. Brad Ausmus

These individuals have made significant contributions to the sport and have been part of the diverse tapestry of talent that MLB celebrates.

How many Jewish baseball players are in the Hall of Fame?

In an effort to bring baseball enthusiasts a virtual "taste of the Hall of Fame," Mark Rosenberg, inspired by the Hall’s four Jewish members, including legends like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax, reached out to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s new president, Josh Rawitch. This contact sparked discussions about a virtual tour, shedding light on the significant presence of Jewish players in the Hall of Fame.

Who is the Jewish pitcher for the Mets?

Bubby Rossman, a relief pitcher, has recently joined the New York Mets after making his debut with the Phillies last year, though it was not without its challenges. Rossman, known for his Yiddish-sounding name, is an intriguing addition to the Mets’ roster, and he’s only 30 years old. His journey from Team Israel to the Mets system highlights his determination in the world of professional baseball.

How many MLB teams are owned by Jews?

Currently, seven out of the 30 major league teams are owned by individuals of Jewish heritage. This notable presence underscores the diverse ownership landscape within Major League Baseball. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that some of the most highly respected general managers in the league also share this heritage, further highlighting the significant contributions of Jewish individuals to the sport.

How many Asians are in the MLB?

As of 2022, the Major League Baseball (MLB) boasts a total of 24 Asian American players. Additionally, 12 players have immigrated from Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Collectively, this accounts for approximately 1.9% of the league’s total player population. Notably, this level of representation surpasses the 0.9% of Asian players in NCAA Baseball, underscoring the growing presence of Asian athletes in professional baseball.

What percent of MLB players make the Hall of Fame?

Throughout the rich 150-year history of professional baseball, over 23,000 players have graced the major league diamond. However, only a select group of 270 individuals has achieved the prestigious honor of being elected to the Hall of Fame. This represents a remarkable accomplishment, with the induction rate standing at approximately one percent of all major leaguers. The Hall of Fame remains an exclusive recognition, reserved for the game’s most exceptional talents.

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