Michelin’s Hotel Revolution: Ranking with Keys in 2024

The Michelin Guide is set to introduce a groundbreaking change in 2024 by replacing stars with keys to rank hotels. The eagerly awaited debut of Michelin keys is expected in the first half of 2024. Michelin will select from a pool of 5,300 hotels spanning 120 countries for this innovative ranking system. Notably, all these hotels, whether they attain keys or not, will be conveniently bookable through Michelin’s website. Additionally, the company will earn commissions from bookings made on its platform.

Can you be in the MICHELIN Guide without a star?

Michelin to rate hotels as well as restaurants | The Australian

In the realm of Michelin’s culinary recognition, there exists the least prestigious category known as the Michelin Plate or L’Assiette Michelin. This category encompasses restaurants that haven’t been awarded stars or the coveted "Bib Gourmand" designation. While it might seem less illustrious, it’s important to note that many restaurants never find a place in the Michelin Guide, let alone earning a star.

What is the difference between Michelin Guide and Michelin stars?

The Michelin Guide serves as a comprehensive restaurant recommendation book released for specific countries. Within its ratings, you’ll find the coveted Michelin stars, ranging from one to three stars. These stars are a distinctive rating system employed by the renowned red Michelin Guide to evaluate the quality of restaurants.

How do you get into the MICHELIN Guide?

How Michelin Stars Are Awarded to Restaurants

In the quest to earn a place in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide, restaurants face varying criteria. To attain one Michelin star, a restaurant must consistently offer "a very good restaurant in this category." For two stars, it should excel in providing "excellent cooking, worth a detour." To achieve the highest honor of three stars, a restaurant must consistently deliver "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey."

Is Michelin recommended the same as a star?

When a restaurant is labeled as "Michelin recommended," it signifies that Michelin inspectors have recognized the establishment’s food quality as above average. However, it falls just short of receiving the esteemed Michelin star or Bib Gourmand designation.

Why is it so hard to get a Michelin Star?

How to Get a Michelin Star | Lightspeed

Earning a coveted Michelin Star remains a challenging feat. Michelin maintains secrecy around its star-awarding criteria and evaluation process. However, certain crucial factors are known to play a pivotal role:

  • Quality of Products: Exceptional ingredients are a must.
  • Mastery of Flavor and Techniques: Chefs must exhibit skill and expertise.
  • Culinary Personality: The cuisine should reflect the chef’s unique touch.
  • Consistency: Maintaining high standards over time is vital.

These elements contribute to the difficulty of securing a Michelin Star.

Is it hard to get in the Michelin Guide?

How to Get a Michelin Star | Lightspeed

Gaining entry into the Michelin Guide is no small feat. To catch the eye of Michelin inspectors and secure a spot, restaurants must:

  • Distinct Culinary Style: Showcase a unique culinary identity.
  • Highlight Local Ingredients and Culture: Infuse local influences into the cuisine.
  • Strong Culinary Vision: Demonstrate a clear culinary direction.

Commitment to excellence is paramount; earning a place in the Michelin Guide demands unwavering dedication.

Embracing Innovation: Michelin’s Hotel Ranking Evolution


In 2024, the Michelin Guide is set to revolutionize its approach to ranking hotels, moving away from stars and embracing keys. This transformation promises to offer travelers a fresh perspective on hotel quality and experiences. While the details of the key system remain eagerly anticipated, Michelin’s reputation for culinary excellence suggests a rigorous and discerning evaluation process. As the world of hospitality prepares for this change, both hoteliers and travelers alike will undoubtedly be watching closely, eager to see how the Michelin Guide continues to shape the future of travel and dining.

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