Meryl Streep’s Hidden Heartbreak: A Six-Year Secret Separation with Husband Don Gummer

Hollywood legends Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have, reportedly, been living separate lives for six years, marking the end of their nearly 45-year marriage. This revelation has left fans and the public in shock, given the couple’s long-standing commitment to privacy.

The Secret Separation

Meryl Streep, husband Don Gummer have been separated for

Meryl Streep, the 74-year-old multi-Academy Award-winning actress, and her 76-year-old sculptor husband, Don Gummer, who have been married since 1978, have officially decided to part ways. This decision comes after the couple spent almost 45 years together, during which they shared four children.

A source close to the couple disclosed to Page Six that Meryl and Don had been leading "separate lives" for the past six years. While the two still share deep affection for each other, they have made the difficult choice to separate.

A Private Relationship

What makes this separation particularly surprising is the couple’s unwavering dedication to keeping their relationship out of the public eye. Throughout their decades together, Meryl and Don maintained an exceptionally discreet and private life.

Their last known public appearance together dates back to May 2018 when they were seen having lunch with friends in Los Angeles, making this separation even more shocking.

In addition to their four children, the couple also embraced the roles of grandparents to five lovely grandchildren, emphasizing the importance of their family ties.

A Trend Among Celebrities

This news of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s separation emerges shortly after actress Jada Pinkett Smith revealed in her memoir ‘Worthy’ that she and her husband, Will Smith, have also been living separately for seven years. In a surprising twist, both couples have chosen to remain legally married despite their separate lives.

Will Smith, during an appearance at Jada’s book event, opened up about their unique marital journey, describing it as "brutiful" – a blend of brutal and beautiful. He emphasized the strength of their bond and their shared commitment to working on their relationship.

In a world where celebrity relationships are constantly under the spotlight, the decisions of Meryl Streep, Don Gummer, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith highlight the complexities of maintaining love and privacy in the public eye.

The secret separation of Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer has undoubtedly stirred conversations about love, privacy, and the unpredictable nature of relationships among the stars.

The Hidden Struggles of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Marriage

Are Meryl Streep & Don Gummer still married?

Yes, it’s official: Meryl Streep and her husband, Don Gummer, have quietly separated after a 45-year marriage. The Hollywood power couple has been living separate lives for over six years. This revelation marks the end of a nearly five-decade-long union that remained out of the public eye, despite their high-profile careers.

In a surprising turn of events, Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have decided to part ways, yet their legal marital status remains intact. Their decision to maintain their legal union while living separate lives reflects a unique trend among celebrities who prioritize privacy and personal growth.

This discreet separation has sparked questions and conversations surrounding the complexities of modern relationships, shedding light on the delicate balance between maintaining a private life and enduring the pressures of the public eye.

Are Meryl Streep and her mother still together?

Absolutely! Meryl Streep’s whirlwind marriage may have initially strained her relationship with her mother, but these concerns turned out to be unfounded. Through almost 38 years of marriage and despite the challenges posed by their busy lives – including raising four children (Henry, 36, and actresses Mamie, 32, and Grace, 29, and Louisa, 24) and accumulating an astonishing 17 Academy Award nominations – Gummer and Streep have maintained a strong and enduring bond. Their commitment to one another has stood the test of time, exemplifying the strength of their family despite the demands of their illustrious careers.

When did Meryl Streep & Don Gummer first meet?

It wasn’t until later that they realized it was love at first sight for both of them. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s initial encounter happened in 1978, shortly after Meryl’s partner, John Cazale, tragically passed away from bone cancer. Ricky, as Don is known, vividly remembers the moment when he "lost his breath" upon laying eyes on Meryl. This chance meeting marked the beginning of a remarkable love story that would stand the test of time.

How long have Meryl & Don been together?

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have shared a remarkable journey of nearly half a century. As Don expressed to his followers, Meryl has been his "truest love" and the source of immense happiness. He celebrated their enduring love by stating, "out of nowhere, you made 45 hands down the greatest year of my life." Don’s heartfelt words underscore the profound connection they’ve nurtured during their 45 years together. Their love story continues to be an inspiring testament to their unwavering commitment to each other.

How long has Meryl Streep been married to Don Gummer?

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s marital journey has spanned over four decades. The renowned actress and the talented sculptor became husband and wife on September 30, 1978. Over the course of their enduring union, they have welcomed four children into their family: musician Henry Wolfe, and actresses Mamie, Grace, and Louisa. Their lasting commitment stands as a testament to the strength of their love and partnership, solidifying their place as one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples.

How many children does Mamie Gummer have?

Mamie Gummer, the accomplished actress known for her roles in films like "The Lifeguard" (2013), "Ricki and the Flash" (2015), and "The Ward" (2010), has two children. While details about her family life remain private, her commitment to both her career and her family is evident in her versatile and successful acting career.

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