Marcello Hernandez Steals the Spotlight in Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’ Episode

The anticipation was palpable as fans eagerly tuned in to watch Bad Bunny take the stage on "Saturday Night Live." While the Latin trapper was undoubtedly the headliner of the night, it was Marcello Hernández, the show’s only Latino cast member, who emerged as a shining star.

A Night to Remember

In Bad Bunny

Marcello Hernández’s presence on the ‘SNL’ stage was undeniable. Throughout the episode, he took on various roles, leaving a lasting impression on both the audience and his co-star, Bad Bunny.

Spanish-Laden Skits

Hernández’s versatility as a comedian was on full display, particularly in the three Spanish-laden skits that stole the show.

"The Age of Discovery"

In "The Age of Discovery," Hernández and Bad Bunny portrayed a king and prince, respectively, unimpressed by explorers returning from the new world. Hernández’s comedic timing and command of the Spanish language made this skit a memorable highlight.

"Telenovela" with Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, Bad Bunny Portray Nuns In

In another skit titled "Telenovela," Hernández surprised the audience with a cameo from none other than Mick Jagger, who played the patriarch of two feuding brothers. Hernández’s Spanish skills were put to the test as he navigated the complexities of this telenovela, earning laughter and applause.

Overbearing Latina Mom

The most talked-about skit featuring Hernández marked the return of Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of the quintessential overbearing Latina mom. In this sketch, Hernández introduced his non-Latina girlfriend to his mother and tía (Bad Bunny). The señoras expressed their disapproval in Spanish, maintaining an air of secrecy while subtly throwing shade in English.

Real-Life Inspiration

Hernández’s portrayal of a character inspired by his own mother resonated with authenticity. During an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," he shared that the idea for the sketch was born out of personal experiences. Moreover, the opportunity to write and perform a sketch in Spanish was granted to Hernández by Pedro Pascal, a gesture for which he remains deeply appreciative.

As Hernández expressed his gratitude to Pascal, he playfully referred to him as "my second mom," acknowledging the bond they share and the artistic collaboration that brought this memorable sketch to life.

In a night filled with laughter and cultural celebration, Marcello Hernández’s standout performances proved that on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ diversity and talent go hand in hand. His ability to seamlessly transition between roles, while infusing humor with his Spanish language skills, undoubtedly made him the unexpected star of the evening.

In Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’ episode, Marcello Hernandez shines, not only as a talented comedian but also as a representative of the Latinx community on a prominent national stage.

Marcello Hernandez’s Standout Performances

Was Mick Jagger on SNL with Bad Bunny?

In an episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Bad Bunny, the star-studded lineup featured not only the Latin trapper but also surprise appearances by Mick Jagger and Pedro Pascal. This unforgettable episode showcased the diverse talents of these iconic figures and left the audience with a memorable experience.

Who Guest Starred with Bad Bunny on SNL?

In the episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Bad Bunny, the audience was in for a star-studded treat as unexpected appearances were made by none other than Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, and Pedro Pascal. These surprise guest stars added an extra layer of excitement to the already highly anticipated show, leaving viewers with an unforgettable SNL experience.

Who Introduced Bad Bunny in SNL?

Before his electrifying performance of “Un Preview” on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Bad Bunny received an exciting surprise introduction from none other than Lady Gaga. With the words, “Nueva York! Puerto Rico y todo el corillo, Bad Bunny!” Gaga set the stage for an unforgettable SNL experience, where music and entertainment came together in an epic way.

When Did Bad Bunny Host SNL?

Bad Bunny showcased his acting and comedy talents on Saturday Night Live on October 21. The Puerto Rican sensation took on the dual roles of host and musical guest in this episode of NBC’s beloved sketch comedy show. He delighted the audience with his humor, making appearances in various comical skits, and even shared the stage with surprise guests Mick Jagger and Pedro Pascal.

Is Bad Bunny More Famous than The Weeknd?

Bad Bunny’s recent feat is making waves in the music industry. After securing the title of Spotify’s most-streamed artist for two consecutive years, he has now achieved an even more significant milestone – becoming the most-streamed artist on all platforms globally, surpassing The Weeknd. This accomplishment is a testament to Bad Bunny’s soaring popularity in the world of music.

Who was in the Dream Guy Skit on SNL?

In Saturday Night Live’s "The Dream Guy" sketch, Kim Kardashian West, portraying Rochelle, takes on the role of a Bachelorette searching for love on a reality show. Her impressive lineup of suitors includes a star-studded cast featuring Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Jesse Williams, John Cena, Tyler Cameron, Chace Crawford, Blake Griffin, and Zeke, played by SNL’s own Mikey Day.

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