The Nutcracker

Chiara Ajkun’s company continues its Face To Face Series with six performances of her own account of the holiday-ready Tchaikovsky ballet, danced in a sixth-floor studio space at New York City…

The Nutcracker
Start time: 10/12/2022 12:00:00
End time: 18/12/2022 12:00:00

Address: New York City Center - 131 W 55th St, New York, NY, United States

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The Nutcracker

What is the meaning behind a nutcracker?

According to German folklore, nutcrackers we given as keepsakes to bring luck to the family and protect the home. It is said that they represent strength and power and watches over the family keeping evil spirits and danger away.

What is the play The Nutcracker about?

The story of The Nutcracker is loosely based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann fantasy story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, about a girl who befriends a nutcracker that comes to life on Christmas Eve and wages a battle against the evil Mouse King.

Why is The Nutcracker associated with Christmas?

Then in 1892, Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, The Nutcracker, debuted. Because the ballet is set on Christmas Eve (and the hero is a nutcracker come to life), the products quickly became associated with holiday decor.

What is the moral of The Nutcracker ballet?

Clara learned that she possess the power she needs to make her dreams come true. Confidence and execution are key. Friends don’t hurt each other on purpose. There was a character that smiled and cheered on Clara the entire time until she got what she wanted.

Is The Nutcracker play about Christmas?

The origin of the Nutcracker, a classic Christmas Story, is a fairy tale ballet in two acts centered on a family’s Christmas Eve celebration. Alexandre Dumas Père’s adaptation of the story by E.T.A. Hoffmann was set to music by Tchaikovsky and originally choreographed by Marius Petipa.

Is The Nutcracker religious?

The Nutcracker does indeed have religious content. Everyone in the ballet is celebrating Christmas, a Christian holiday commemorating Christ.

What is unique about The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is based on a story by E.T.A. Hoffman called “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”. The original story is much darker than the ballet we all love, featuring a bloody battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s army. The story was written in 1816… Whoa, that’s over 200 years ago!

Who is the evil character in The Nutcracker?

The Mouse King, also known as the Rat King in some versions, is the main antagonist in the novel and ballet adaptation The Nutcracker. He is an oppressive ruler who wishes to rule over a magical kingdom where he comes from. He becomes successful as he transformed the prince into a nutcracker and overthrew him.

How does the Nutcracker end?

The ballet ends with an echo of the travel music that began Act II; and the more judicious ending shows Clara/Marie and the Nutcracker Prince leaving Candyland, together, on the next leg of the journey, to places unknown.

What is the biggest role in The Nutcracker?

The principal dancer gets the most important roles—in The Nutcracker it would be roles like the Sugar Plum Fairy, Cavalier, Marie, or the Nutcracker. Corps de ballet—This is the beginning level, and where most professional dancers start out. Most of a ballet company’s dancers are at this level.

Do the Nutcracker and Clara fall in love?

The original story ends with a marriage: Marie falls in love with the nutcracker, revealed to be Drosselmeyer’s nephew, and they live together in the doll kingdom. In the Disney version, Clara and the nutcracker are just friends.

What is the most important role in The Nutcracker ballet?

What is considered the main principal role in the ballet, the Sugarplum Fairy is Queen of the Land of the Sweets and greets Clara when she arrives. Her partner is referred to as the Cavalier. The lead ballerina in the Snow scene. Many people forget about Dewdrop, she is the lead ballerina in the Waltz of the Flowers.

Is The Nutcracker culturally insensitive?

Meanwhile, the traditional “Nutcracker” is increasingly criticized for its culturally insensitive or racist portrayals. For years, ballet companies presented non-Asian dancers in yellowface not only in “The Nutcracker” but also in many other shows.

Is The Nutcracker classical or romantic?

Coppélia of 1870 is said to mark the end of the romantic ballet, although the three ballets composed by Tchaikovsky are romantic ballets. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake of 1876 is considered a romantic ballet. Even his The Nutcracker of 1892 is a romantic ballet.

Why are nutcrackers dressed like soldiers?

However, nutcracker dolls as we know them today originate from late 17th century Germany. In German tradition, the dolls were in the shape of soldiers and are symbols of good luck and scaring away bad spirits.

Why are nutcrackers shaped like soldiers?

Why are they called wooden toy soldier nutcrackers? Because the first nutcrackers were made as replicas of soldiers and other figures of authority. The common folk took great enjoyment in having the ruling people working for them, cracking their “hard nuts of life”.

Can you actually crack nuts with a nutcracker?

The short answer to this question is of course, yes* they can crack nuts, but it is not recommended. The Nutcracker has changed from a functional nut cracker to an ornamental traditional Christmas figurine.

What is the fear of nutcrackers?

There is no specific scientific term for “fear of nutcrackers”. Gyaliaphobia is the irrational fear of nuts.

Are there female nutcrackers?

Dayton Ballet’s production, which continues through December 23, features two casts—one of which has a male Nutcracker, and one with a female Nutcracker.

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